Comrades (South Africa) 56 miles

Hi Folks. I am the UK respresentative for the fantastic Comrades 56 ultra marathon, in South Africa. If you have not done it, there are around 15,000 people from across the globe (the UK has the highest representation after the South Africans), a 56 mile course that starts in the dark at 05:30 to the sound of a cockerel & Chariots of Fire, some massive hills to get over & around 90 degrees of heat to get through. There are 5 cut off points that you need to get through in the allotted time and must finish the race within 12 hours to receive a medal. There are different medals dependant on finishing time...but the most impressive thing is the is fantastic, with routes back to the 1st World War. This is also the most friendly event there is and the spectators will get you round. Finishing 10 runs (they alternate from uphill to downhill each year) will earn you a green number, which becomes yours for life

If you have already completed a Comrades or would like to...drop me an email /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]] ...would love to hear from you

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  • Is this the 2011 thread then?

    I am in for number four.
  • Just popped in to say hello (and to remember the thread). Will decide in September if number two is on the cards.
  • Hi Keith. Well done on getting around the half yesterday (which one was it) after the Comrades. The Comrades uphill is a whole 2k shorter than the downhill & a back to back medal is something to savour!
  • This is something I would love to do in the future (am not fast enough at present), so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread in order to gain some tips!
  • I would love to do this one day, Not likely to be 2011 as both kids have exams in May and June.
  • Your link doesn't work, David!
  • Hi Folks. Here is my email address for anyone wanting to get in touch about the Comrades 2011. /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]] Many thanks

     David - UK representative for The Comrades

  • Hi Folks...trying again as a smiley face link seems to get added. My email address is /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]] for anyone wanting to get in touch about Comrades 2011. It the link fails again the email address in long hand is david.marsh @ (without any spaces)

    Best wishes

    David - UK representative for The Comrades

  • I'm hoping to go back next year... got some unfinished business image

  • Ok. Count me in. Will aim towards this. Should know around september whether I am within capacity for it, in time for the registration.

    Are you just representing UK people?

  • Slow DuckSlow Duck ✭✭✭
    Planning to run in 2011 again...
  • I want image
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭
    I want to be there as well. Loving South Africa having done Two Oceans this year. I know its only the baby version but at least its a startimage
  • Well I am definitely in for next year to get my back-to-back medal. Really enjoyed the whole experience. Did it as bit of a package. Was met at the airport by Rob (done 20 Comrades) and Gail (run 1 Comrades) and they looked after us until after the run. They took us to their local (Hillcrest) running clubs Comrades pasta party and also we had a meal out with a friend of theirs who had achieved 7 Gold medals (has to be in top 10 to get Gold). They drove us to the start, met me on route and picked me up at the end. Was fantastic. They also took us to the Aches and Pains party the following day. Then we then flew up to Nelspruit and spent 5 days at the Kruger National park staying in a lodge that is owned by a guy who has also run Comrades many times.
  • Hi Fizziofinn. Yes...I'm here to help the UK Comrades runners & lobby for anything that makes your life more straightforward for the run. We have ambassadors throughout the world & want to encourage more people to take part

    Hi Marty74 - anyone who has made it up that last hill in the Two Oceans will get around the Comrades. Hats off to you

    Cannot believe what a fantastic buzz there is already for next year image

  • STFC - thanks ran the Southend Half yesterday and apparently looked worst at the end of it than I did at the end of Comrades two weeks before! Speed will take a little while to come back I guess

     Met a couple of the other Ambassadors while I was out there - Bruce was a real character and held together a lot of the international events.

  • Fizziofinn wrote (see)

    Are you just representing UK people?

    This is what I want to know image.  Even though we hang out here , not all of us are UK peopleimage
  • Hey...we are the Comrades family. Although based in the UK, happy to represent everyone. Just get in touch if you need anything

    Best wishes


  • Where are you from Fizzio?

  • Well done on that half Keith. I did a 7km run on Saturday (first since Comrades) and I felt as tired and sore as after finishing Comrades. I am doing the 5km leg of a relay race tomorrow but it will be slow. My thinking at present is to do a marathon in November hoping for sub 3:20, possibly a bit faster if all goes well.

    June will be a VERY low mileage month and July will be easy as well.
  • Thanks Davidimage

    Trinity- I am in the west of Ireland

  • Fancy seeing you here Fizz!!!! image You tempted too then?  It sounds so scary though!

    I guess this will cost a fair bit in total?  I have been to South Africa before and love the place..amazing food and people, and scenery. 

    Is it the downhill route next year?  (I am sure I read that one year it is more uphill and the next down hill).

    You all set for your Ultra Fizz?

  • Nearly all set. Feel much better about it now. There is a scenic 39M here in April and I am going to aim for this. I NEED something to scare me out the door - other wise I dont bother. Thats why I think I am verering towards ultra type things. Chopping minutes off a 4-5 hour run doesnt really seem that much of an achievement compared with the bragging rights of runing 30-50+ miles image

    Getting the time and coping with the tiredness of doing back to back long runs frightens me a bit , but I am going to start them this summer and see how I cope. If its a disaster I will reconsider Comrades, but will keep it quiet at home and just work away silently ad see how I get on. Will worry about the cost later .

    Uphill next year but this is easier on the legs apparently and times are better for the uphill leg. Why dont you conside it , and see what we could manage? 

  • Oh, you have got me going!  I nearly did this this year, but it filled up before I had a chance to do anything.

    I just worry about finding the time to do those hellish long on earth do you fit in the training?  Any advice people...what is the longest run length for training?  Are you sure it's easier on the legs running uphill?image

    I know what you are saying about bragging rights.  I will never be a fast runner, but I can do distance....slow!  OMG, so tempted!

  • Redpanda - the times for the up and down legs appear to be very similar, which even allowing for the Up being slightly shorter suggests there isn't much in it overal.

    I have only done one but the longets runs on my training program were 4 hours on a sunday which I tended to be out the door by 6 (that wa shard enough in February!) so home by 10 ready to do the family stuff! Added to this were a couple of longer sessions one I did the Compton 40 miler which was hard work and the other I tacked a few miles on to the start of the VLM. When you first look at the program it looks daunting but it is doable - tough but doable.

  • Thanks Keith.....It sounds hardcore!  I am tempted though...what an achievement.  

    Will give it do you manage for fuel and stuff?  Have taken gels on marathons, but reckon you will need a bit more than that for this!

  • Hi Redpanda. There are water & Powerade stalls every few kms, people feeding you various goodies all the way along the course, you can stop for a massage, tape up your legs and generally anything else you need to get you around...and you will not believe how friendly & encouraging the other runners are. Think you might be getting tempted image ....then you will get hooked, like the rest of us!

  • I think you are all mad personallyimage!  Lots of goodies to eat eh?  You almost have me convinced!
  • Wait until you run past the orphans school which the Comrades donatations built...they sign for you....that is bound to get you image
  • I'd love to do it image

    I need a sub-5 marathon time though image

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