Achilles Tendons

I fear my Achilles Tendons are screaming out in pain telling me I must ease off running for a while. First thing when I get out of bed I cannot move them until they free themselves up, some 20 minutes later. image as an alternative would anyone know if I could keep my fitness up, cycling which would give my achilles tendons some time to heal?? :- Or will this be another bd idea?


  • Maybe try it and see?

    When I had achilles tendonitis I did some cycling on the spin bike. I found that using heavy resistance or standing up aggrevated it. Sitting down with light resistance was fine, but didn't do much to get theblood pumping!

  • stretch stretch stretch - heel drops.

    Ice massage also.

  • I've a few problems with my Achilles from time to time, the exercise on this website always works wonders, I recovered from a bad strain in 3 weeks allowing me to run a marathon with no problems.

  • My personal experience is that cycling did not help my Achilles..made them worse if anything.
  • Mykey wrote (see)
    My personal experience is that cycling did not help my Achilles..made them worse if anything.
    I'd agree with that. I've read somewhere that cycling tightens and shortens the calf, to over come this cyclists should  do sufficient calf stretches. I would have thought that any exercise that tightens the calf would be bad for your Achilles.
  • hi,

    I've had bad achillies tendons lately. Took 2-3 weeks off running, and started to use the spin bike at the gym. I also went swimming a few times too. If its as bad as you say, do not run on it! The only way it can heal fast is not to run on it!

     When you start running again, take it easy - run slower, don't run as far - gradually ease into it.

  • I have had a similar problem and I have eased off for a few weeks and it seems to be getting better, although I intend on getting back on with the runnign again svery soon.

     Also, I posted the following on my thread regarding my problem, hopefully it will be helpful

    Right I went to see the quacks yesterday and was prescribed the following....

    • Diclofenac (big dose anti inflammatory, which I am currently taking anyway for a shoulder tendon issue/surgery from a couple of months ago)
    • Deep Heat on the tendon area before a run
    • Decent stretching before a run (I never really did this as I thought walking about during the day would have done this)
    • Try and run on a mixture of surfaces and not all road/pavement (difficult as I don't like running round a field 8 times....)
    • Making sure I have good footwear (when I got my trainers I was measured for running style but I did say I was mainly doing treadmill running as it was winter time, so maybe I need to get some road trainers)
    • Put ice on the affected area after a run
    • Massage the tendon (anyone with a foot fetish want to help...?)

    She did say that it should be OK to run on as it's not giving me a huge amount of discomfort or pain, and if not better to see her again in 2 weeks.  If by then it isn't better she suggested some kind of patch (can'remeber the acronym she gave it) btu a side effect is headaches......

     Anyway, all seems well (ish) on the good ship 'achilles tendon' but I will let you know how I get on in the next few weeks.

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