Paris-Versailles 16km on 26th Sept 2010

Are any other RW members doing the Paris to Versailles 16km this September? 

I've entered and booked Eurostar tickets, very excited about a race that can be followed by vin rouge and steak frites. It would be good to hear from any other RW Forum Members who are also planning to attend.


  • I very much want to do this with the group Mick Hall is organising. But I ideally need someone to share with, or it's £50 extra for a single person supplement.

    Maybe someone on here would like to bunk with me to keep costs down?? I'm female, but wouldn't object to sharing with a guy, as long as there was no funny business!!!!!

  • Hi all,

    Nice to hear so many others have been interested in doing this race. I'm thinking of doing it for 2013, so any tips or race reports would be most welcome please.



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