St Thomas' 7

Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭

Shhhhhhhh.......don't tell any one about this race image, why?  I want my age group finishing time to stand forever.  This was the first and only time I've ever won any thing.

Great race last year.  This race is one of my top ten must do races.  Cannot wait to do it again.


  • Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭
    Great my plan seems to be working, no one else is doing the race. image
  • I am going too, but doubt I will challenge anyone's time as I have never raced more than a 10k before.

    Good race then eh?
  • Oh yes, I like this race.
  • Sent my entry off this morning.

    Did the hilton 10k in Blackpool on Saturday, which cost me an arm and a leg, so looking forward to a local race, where no hotel needed and no piers and amusement arcades!

    If I push myself I might be able to break the hour, but will see what those hills are like, am more likely to enjoy the run and take it easy - so judging by last years results I will be propping up the field. Nevermind, will mean more people tere to cheer me at the finish!!

  • Bryan Dale has a map of the course with photo's on his website if you would like to have a look at the course before the race.

  • Wrong address again.

  • Hey Snail,  Thanks for your kind words about the race.  I am busy puting the finishing touches to all the organising.  Fingers crossed for good running weather.  I think we will have a similar size field to last year(around 100 runners).  Can accommodate 200 so tell your friends.  I dont know how we ended up with a Female V45 prize last year as I only advertised like this year a V40 and V50.  You will be in the record books forever!!

    Plodder not sure of your real name, but all entries received have had numbers sent out.  I assure you a warm and friendly welcome.  image

  • Thanks Churters.

    Not is as good a shape as I was last year, so I'm looking at coming last this year.

    See you all there.

  • Ta Churters am looking forward to a nice run with no time pressure.

     I posted off my application form on Monday of this week, I hadn't realised that could enter online. I live in Hartshill - can't be too many entered from here.


  • Entered this yesterday after doing the Ipstones race

    Looking forward to doing it again

  • Hope you enjoy it Mugpunter. Lets hope the weather is as nice as Ipstones.
  • Hi Mark,

     Well done to you and all of your helpers today mate, excellent race. (spoke to you last Sat at Ipstones by the car park about posting out the numbers.)

    Even the sun made an appearance for the only time today!

    I'm going to bug every one at Newcastle AC to do this race next year as it deserves a bigger field.

    Well done again, great stuff!

  • Great race
    Don't know if numbers were low due to the GNR
    I'll be back next year
  • Hi Mark,

    Brilliant race yet again, well organised and fantastic marshalls.  Will be back next year.

  • Thank you Mark and all your helpers for organising this super little race.  I much prefer smaller fields, I feel less intimidated.  That said, I know you would like to reach a maximum of 200 runners, who knows, perhaps next year.
    It's not a PB course, a little toughie I thought, but it's races like these that build strength and stamina when the course is as flat as a pancake and a PB is on offer.
    Also a big thank you to Walt and Bryan for providing some super photos, that I keep sharing with everyone who visits our house.  I cannot think of another race where you can pay a tenner and get 7 free top class photos.  Keep up the good work boys.
    Really was a great day and I will be back next year. 

  • Thanks B'ham Snail and Pink Lady1 for your kind, generous messages.

    Honestly, it does make all the time it takes editing and uploading race photos so worthwhile and they are really, really appreciated.

    All the best to you both in your training and future races.

    Kind regards.


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