Tight Calve

I'm running the Hillingdon Half marathon next Sunday. I ran a lap of the course today and about 5.5 miles into it my right calve went really tight and a sharp pain shot up it. Has anyone any idea what this could be and any suggestions of how i can get it treated so that i can run next Sunday. I'm running for Cancer Research and have raised about £500 so i really need to complete this and from a personal point of view all the training i've done for it would be such a waste if i can't complete it.


  • I had some wierd kind of calf thing about 3 weeks before FLM. It felt awful and meant I couldn't run at all for a while but I rested and iced and after a few days (can't remember exactly how long it took) I could go back out again.

    Try the old RICE thing and fingers crossed you'll be ok.
    Good luck!
  • Cheers Meggles
    Am doing the RICE thing already, just wondered if anyone knew of any alternative ways. I'm open to any suggestions
  • Colin - there are some exercises at http://www.sportsinjurybulletin.com/archive/1019-achilles-heel-injury.htm that look interesting. I had a go at them this morning & could definitely feel that they were working my calf in unusual ways.
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