Is air better than EVA

Been a big fan of NB shoes for a few years now but thinking of switching to Nike part of the reason being that the write up on airsoles seems to be getting better and better. Not being a techo junkie don't really care about compression rates etc just comfort over long distances. Can anyone help!!!


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Airsoles to you too!

    Sorry ... to answer the question ... I used to run in Mizunos and then Brooks. Currently use Nikes (Air Durham) and find they're like running on, well, air. Very soft and plush, like carpet slippers if you like that type of ride. Also, the Durhams are very durable in my experience - I've had one pair for over a year so they must have done well over the regulation 500 miles. I keep checking them for wear, but they're still fine. Mind you, a mate tried them and dismissed them as "orthopaedic boots", so you pays yer money.

    Ultimately it comes down to personal taste. I'm a satisfied customer, anyway.
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