Lower back pain

I have in the last 2 weeks run 2 1/2 marathon distances in preparation for a 1/2 or full (undecided) marathon in Sept.

My biggest problem so far seems to be an ache in my lower back appearing in about the 11th mile.  I am not sure if this is caused by the road running stress or low energy levels (I am taking a barley drink round with me)

Any suggestions as it is making the last few miles of my run very uncomfortable! 


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    Yup- I got this too, at first when tackling longer runs- It went away with more training- perhpas try some core work too- might help.

    I think it will get better if you just persist.

  • If you have pain in the lower back. Get it seen to. Whether its a doctor or a physio.
    If you get ache after mile 11. That will gradually get worse each mile you run.
    I would do lower back exercises to strengthen the muscles. But its best to let a
    expert look at it, advise you what to do before it develops into something worse.

    Take it from me, I had lower back trouble which I ignored and ended up in severe pain.

  • Thanks for advice, pain goes more or less when I finish the run so I dont think its anything serious. 
  • Go and see an osteopath. My GP misdiagnosed my back problems for years. An osteopath sorted it out in 15 mins.
  • Hi Peter,

    I am suffering with lower back pain after a run last night, I didn't feel anything  when I was running unlike yourself but it came on afterwards and my lower back was and still is quite stiff.

    I am training for a marathon in September so I don't want to just leave it and wait in case its something that needs attending to and I also don't want to miss too many (if any) days training.

    I guess what I am saying in a roundabout sort of way is like people have said above get it looked at, I booked an appointment with an osteopath for tonight to get it sorted straight away, leaving it may cause more damage.

  • Having read the posts again, you may have a similar problem to what I had. About ten minutes in to my run my lower back would start to ache, It would get worse as I went on but would be gone within minutes of me stopping. It became bad enough to stop me running most times, by which time I was running like an old man at the speed of a crippled tortoise. Eventually I stopped bothering to run as I ended up walking so much.

    One day after playing football the pain wouldn't go away, so I went to hospital, and was told it was a suspected herniated vertebral disc, and to go to my GP on Monday. As I'm only 24 I was gutted. I then went to an osteopath for a second opinion. He told me that it was nothing to worry about, just that to of vertebrae were stuck togetherimage. I hobbled into his clinic like Herr Flick of the Gestapo and bounded out normallyimage, if slightly sore. A few days later I was fine and running. I'm still trying to lose the belly I acquired though.image

  • Thanks for all the advice. 

    At the moment I have embarked on a series of "core" stretching excersises too see if that helps.  Next long run planned for over a week away so have to see how I get on.

    If the problem still persists I will take the advice of my gp as I agree its not worth pushing it for fear of damaging the back. 

    I have to say the 13th mile of my run yesterday was at the speed of a crippled tortise!!

  • I went to the osteopath last night and it was worth every penny. 

    I was naturally leaning to the left slightly which he has corrected, my shoulders were very tight and my diaphragm (if thats how you spell it) was restricted aswell which he sorted out, he said it should be a great help with my breathing when out on a run.

    My lower back pain is near enough gone now apart from some very minor stiffness and I'll be back running tomorrow night, he has also given me some stretches and other things to try to help with the running so its all good.image

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