giving up



  • It's good you've started to eat breakfast Tommy, but you need more in the morning, especially after running. How about a toasted banana sandwich next time?
  • Going in the right direction Tommy, agree with Parky though, breakfast could be bigger.

    oooh yum toasted banana sarnie sounds lovely

    How is the cutting down the weed going?

  • Maybe next time eat two bananas and a cup of tea.

    I understand you not being a brekkie eater. I'm the same. I think a cup of tea will do.
    But having a bowl of cornflakes, a banana and a nice cuppa can make the day a
    little bit better. They always say that breakfast is the best meal of the day.

    You making good moves which takes time and patience. I think the hardest is trying to
    adapt new methods which you would never considered.

    Shimmy, toasted banana sarnie sounds lovely. But with peanut butter even better.

  • Doh ...didn't have time for breakky this morning, ran 9 miles got back just in time to grab a slice of toast off my daughter plate, jump in and out of the shower then off to work.

    I have however just eaten an appleimage

  • Not bad. Now I understand. Little time available in getting ready for work. Know that feeling.
    What you need to do is have something prepared so when you back, you have something to
    eat, drink while you getting ready. No need to sit down and have breakfast.
    Maybe make a cool banana smoothie. image 
  • Thats a good idea RM
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