Bath R4L

Ran the R4L today, didn't know if I would make it to today because of the pf but I RAN all the way in a time of 25 minutes - felt so good! Youngest daughter left me to sprint through the finish and eldest daughter and friend ran the whole thing in 16 minutes!! On to Run for the children next. having a two week rest with my foot (its still niggly) but will carry on swimming etc.


  • Running Duck, we looked for you but must have missed you somewhere, hope you got round ok, shame about the congestion at the start but we wiggled our way through!

    We should have arranged to meet at a certain place. Take care I'm sure we'll meet up somewhere else.
  • Bitch (please change your name!)

    I was there - just.

    It usually takes me an hour to get to Bath, so I left at 9.15 for 11am start. Eventually got into the car park at 10.45!

    By the time I had got ready it was 10.55 and I was slightly stressed. Ended up being in the walking group but to be honest I don't think it made much difference as the congestion at and just after the start was bad.

    I don't wish to appear negative about a very worthwhile event but how were 1,500 people going to get through a narrow path that was only wide enough for 3 people?!

    I did enjoy myself however and the weather was very kind to us. I heard on the tannoy that they thought they had raised £100,000 - quite awesome.

    I finished in 29.06 - I felt that the course was short (which explains time as I am VERY slow) but maybe I have got quicker at walking. I didn't manage to run the whole thing but after 4 - 5 months off from injury and having started training about 2 months ago, but without much running I am quite happy. Still wanted to run the whole thing though!

    The Bournemouth RFL is in two weeks so will be looking to plod round that.

    Well done on your time and your daughter's - they are so good.

    Shame to have missed you, but as you say I am sure there will be others. Let me know if you are doing any other local/or other events.


  • Hi Fi, We thought maybe they should've sent the 'runners off maybe 15 minutes earlier, then the joggers followed by the walkers. I did feel like you that it felt short, I didnt see a 4k marker. I must admit I felt that I was carried by the crowd somewhat, I dont run that fast on the treadmill and was looking for a time of around 36 minutes. I am suffering with the foot a bit at the moment though.

    Yeh, the older two did run well but they started with the runners and they both run for county so I expected a good time from them.

    Are you doing the run for children? Its in Bath on 13th July at Bath Uni - maybe we'll see you there. Its only 3k though.
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