Garmin Workout Schedules & Google Calendar

While out on today's run, I started pondering how to get a Garmin workout schedule, such as those offered by Runner's World, on to my HTC Desire.  I use my 'phone for everything these days, so it made sense to have my training schedule on ther, too.  However, it would be a PITA to load a 16 week programme.

So, I've written a web-based utility that will take the workout schedule that Garmin Training Center exports and convert it in to a CSV that can be loaded in to Google Calendar. It carries through the name of the workout, the date, and detail.

In Google Calender, I created a new calendar ("Marathon Training") and imported the data in to that so it's easy to remove or hide the schedule if I gets in the way.

I've only tested it with my own workout and calendar, and it sync'd to my phone within seconds.  Anyone interested in trying it out?  The utility doesn't save any data, nor do you need to provide any detail other than your Garmin export file (a .tcxfrom File > Export > Workouts ...).  It's simply uploads your export, convert it and then sends the CSV back to the browser.

If anyone's interested, reply here or drop me a PM.  Alternatively, if the Mods. agree, I'll post the URL here for anyone to use.

It's offered without any warranty.  The format of the source rwschedule.wkt is slightly different, so that won't import correctly at the moment.


  • Also there's no reason why this shouldn't work with other phones, such as iPhone and Blackberry if they're sync'ing with Google Calendar.
  • Hi,

    I'd like this if possible!

     Not sure how to send a PM so if you could post it here that would be great.



  • Great, can I try a copy?

  • Here you go:

    To use it...

    1. In Garmin Training Center, expand the "Running" tree.

    2.  Right-click on the workout group you want to export, and select "Export <Group Name>"

    3. You should be prompted to export scheduled workouts - click "Yes".
    4. In your browser, visit this URL:
    5. Browse to the TCX file you've just exported.
    6. Choose your preferred start time - the default is 1900.
    7. Click "Upload".
    8. After a few seconds you'll be asked to save a file called "Garmin Calendar.csv".  Save it.  This is a plain old CSV file, and you can view it in Google Docs, OpenOffice Calc, MS Excel, etc if you want to check that I've not put anything nasty in it.  It's in Google Calendar format.
    9. Visit your Google Calendar.  Click the "Settings" link in the top-right, then choose "Calendar Settings" from the pop-up menu.
    10. On the "Calendar Settings" screen, click the "Calendars" tab.
    11. I've created a calendar specifically for my workouts.  To do this, click the "Create Calendar" button just below the list of calendars.  Mine's simply called "Marathon Training".  Creating a new calendar is important because it means that you can remove all of your workouts in one easy step should something go wrong or you find they're no longer useful.
    12. Once you've created the calendar, click "Import calendar".
    13. Browse to the "Garmin Calendar.csv" file.
    14. Choose the calendar into which you want the data imported - "Marathon Training", for example.
    15. Click "Import".
    16. After a few seconds you'll be shown how many items were imported.
    17. Next time your device syncs the calendardata will be brought down.  I use Android 2.1, andthe Calendar app lets me choose which calendars to display.
    18. When you return to Google Calendar, your new calendar will be display on the left-hand of the screen.  Here you can change its display colour, sharing, and so on.  All those features are Google Calendar, and are not particularly related to my utility.
    Any feedback, specifically errors, will be gratefully received.  I've only used this on an HTC Desire running Android 2.1.
  • Cheers! I'll let you know how I get on.

  •  I've just put this on my Iphone and seems to work well, thanks  Intermanaut.
  • This seems great. I was here thinking about the best way to put my garmin schedule in my new Samsung Galaxy S... how about to write an app to do it.... bingo. You already did it.

    Not the way I had in mind but I guess this is even better.

    How come those guys at runnersworld didn't put this feature up and running in the site?

    Thanks. I'll try this later at home.

  • It works great and I now have all my marathon trains in my android. Thanks
  • Was looking for something like this, excellent tool, thanks! <img /><img />
  • The "5x1K lr" in the Sub-45 min programme is also wrong. The labels indicates that the fast intervals are 1KM, but they're actually 1 mile.
  • Brilliant! Thank you for doing this image)

  • Two people looking for this thread after three years inactive...must be January! Just used this successfully. Very simple and useful, thanks.

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