eating before race.

 hi i,m raceing tonight at 7,30 how many meal should i have to day and when to have last one and how much, thinking to have 9,am 1pm 4pm somethink light,


  • Above sounds fine, but what is the distance of the race? I imagine its 5k or 5 miles - in which case just eat normally, 4 or 5 and light would be ideal.

    good luck.

  •  sorry its 10k half road and woodlands.
  •  thanks tired legs i beleave if you get someones goodwishs its very powerful thanks again.
  • SP13SP13 ✭✭✭

    Sounds sensible. I would avoid heavy foods - like proteins, fat and fibre. They can make you feel heavy and give stomach issues. Something nice and light at about four sounds like a good plan - fruit, white bread, white pasta that sort of thing. Remember to drink plenty of water up to about an hour before the race.

    Good luck!

  • I raced last night and ate toast at 3.30. Had pasta for lunch at 11.30. Raced quite well and very fast for me. Got stomach cramps in mile 5 (5 miler) but stomach upsets while running is normal. That's why one more evening race and then not going to do them any more.
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    I am running a half marathon tomorrow afternoon starting at 18:00. Makes it a bit tricky to eat properly and of course I will be more tired after a day's work than I would have been had the run been at a weekend.

    I plan to eat healthily at lunch with salat and rye bread and then a light mid afternoon snack.

  • ope the race went well Tony image

  • hi kev  the race went well mostly of road very hard did 48,15 well pleased, the winner did 37,14 who usely does 10k on road around 33,said it was hard and 6,4miles so on road think i could have been just under 45 lets see next race, but well got the bug.
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    toast & honey & optional banana 2 hours before running works for me image
  • Hi all, eating before a race or training session can be very tricky and the timing of that meal is crucial. Your bodies’ choice of fuel during exercise is carbohydrate so foods like pasta, rice, bread, potato are likely to pop into your head first. However, as you probably already know you wouldn't want to have a bowl of pasta too close to the start of you run!

    • 3-4 hours before a run foods with a low glycemic index are advised – apples, pears, carrots, peas, pasta, muesli, fruit loaf.
    • 1-2 hours before medium glycemic index food are advised – bananas, apricots, sweetcorn, muffins, crumpets, rice, cous cous, raisins.
    • Less than an hour before your run high glycemic index food are advised – bagels, weetabix, coco pops, corn flakes, jelly beans, energy bars, sports drinks.

    Glycemic index refers to how food affects our blood sugar levels, therefore how quickly the food is absorbed.

    Remember that everyone’s digestive systems are different so what works for your friends might not work for you, never try anything new before a race and practice makes perfect. The following breakfast for athlete’s factsheet will provide you with some additional information.

  • soulmate - when is you next race planned for? 

    I also noticed that SP13 mentioned drinking plenty of fluids in the build up to your run which is great advice. Ensuring that you are hydrated before your race will put you at a great advantage. If you start your race dehydrated then your heart rate and core temperature will be increased, which will cause your performance to decline. The easiest way to monitor your hydration status is through monitoring the colour of your urine:

    You should be aiming for your urine to be pale/clear during the build up to your run. I hope this isn't invading anyones privacy!

  • hi gareth thanks for this,but i,m loseing weight at the moment and find if you burn fat its a yellow colouer as well, your input would be good thanks, i do drink lots of water,
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    Great info, Gareth - thanx image
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    I only eat a banana before a race
  • ash how long before the race mate.
  • soulmate – that’s an interesting comment about the colour of your urine. I was unaware of this. How did you find that out? I have heard of certain foods can affect the colour of your urine. A high concentration of vitamin c, betacarotene or B-vitamins in your body can cause you to excrete the excess in your urine. Foods such as oranges, carrots, cantaloupe melons or asparagus can cause your urine to be yellow in colour.

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