Farmyard Smells

I went out this morning for a 7.5 mile training run,on a route here in York, that i do on a regular basis.Settled nicely in to my customary 10 min/mile plodding pace and about two miles in i came to the first of several farms that i pass, and the stench from the Pig unit was horrendous.It threw me completely off my stride and took several minutes of wretching my stomach and a valiant attempt hang on to my breakfast, which i just managed to do.Thankfully i managed to finish my run, and hope it's just a one off.Does any one else have the same problem where they live?


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I do a lot of cart track/cross country running out west of you in Tadcaster Old Timer. I think the dung smells are a lesser evil than the fuel smells in cities.

    One of my speed sessions actually starts outside the local sewage works! The idea is that you run faster to get away from the source of the odour, so the workout becomes a fartlek (no pun intended) of sorts. The ripest farm smell of the lot is when they are using a machine to spray er, fertiliser over the open fields. Dung roamin'!

  • I fell in some cow muck as a child, riding my bike to escape a tractor! The smell was amazing! I had to be hosed down in the farmyard, the farmer was laughing so much.

    As Wardi says, it could be a lot worse with the exhaust smells if you are an inner-city runner.

    Run through it fast, and develop the 'breathing through your mouth' technique (alternately hold your breath as you pass the fields - it'll develop your anaerobic capacity)!
  • Grew up in the countryside so fairly use to the farmyards smells you mention Old Timer. Its the smell of oilseed rape which gives me a headache, so tend to avoid this if possible.
  • Why do you think i left York, OT?

    Its the silage smell that used to get me
  • York is usually okay Hippo, but this morning was something else.Other farms i passed were no problem, just the one with a Pig unit!
  • Nothing wrong with the pong of ripe piggy poo ! Its when flys have been walking in it and you inhale them , thats when yu have to worry.......always remember when my Dad walked across some sun hardened slurry, when he got to the middle the crust broke and it was shoulder deep. I've still got his wallet but its been washed since
  • The outskirts of york always smelled of silage
    or burning sugar beet
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