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Asics Gel -1150 running shoes is a beauty. When I tried them on at first I was laughing image but to run in them was a different story- they  felt tight and uncomfortable.  I am not sure why image

They are the same size as my Asics Gel- 2l50 running shoes, but the fit is not the same.

Even if the fit was right I would not  dare to run a marathon in these because I would feel every lump and bump on the ground. For me personally they are too light in weight. I could probably run 6 miles maxium in a race.

To be honest I have not worn them for months because of the discomfort, but I am going to  try and wear them again.

I suppose one could easily mistake them for one of  my Saucony running shoesimage.

Apparently Asics Gel-1150 weighs 10.9 ounces and Asics Gel-2l50 weighs 11.7 ounces

(half an ounce lighter than the previous model).  You live and you learn!


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  • I'm afraid we've had a complaint regarding your language in your post on the following thread: Here at RW we do generally try to let the forums bubble along without too much interference, but we have to appreciate that some forumites have different tolerance levels to others when it comes to swearing. I'd also like to gently remind you that although differences of opinion on the forum are to be expected, we do not tolerate bullying. I've therefore deleted that particular post - please do get in touch if you have any questions.

    Come on who complained? - all I asked was for some one to translate all the waffle on this thread into English 

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  • Karen ... wjhy have you changed..............if the shoe shop had advised you that your over pronation has now reduced and therefore you needed a different type of shoe...............then why don't you go back to the shop and explain your problems to them........

    If you just changed type of shoe because you fancied a different number or colour then you can't complain if you get pain when running......carry on and you are likley to get injured...........

    If you read the articles on these things......why have you just changed??????

  • I see these are cheaper than the Asics Gel Kayano. Are they less durable?
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