Writing reports

Well, here I am, supposed to be writing reports on the children in my class, and instead I'm posting on here and catching up with all the news. It's amazing what you do to put off the inevitable! I've been food shopping, cut the grass, washed the car, I've EVEN resorted to housework, just to put off the evil moment of actually having to start. The really stupid thing is - once I've started, it'll be ok, just as it always is every year. Go on - make me do them!!!


  • look if i am to be further deprived of my wife by the bloody things... you should be doing them too
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    There is a great clawed monster that swoops down on seabirds whose reports are not speedily forthcoming, shreds them and drops the sticky little bits remaining into the maelstrom.

    Will that do?

    Get writing! What am I doing! Now you'll read this and that will be another 2 mins. gone.

    I handed my marked scripts in on Friday. There, that's better, it'll make you jealous at least. Mine's done.

    And here's a candle lit for those who must sit in unwilling judgement.
  • Seabird , I thought teachers used a template and just imported the childs name into it , thats what it felt like when I was at school. could have sworn blind that some of my reports were written about my bro !
  • Right! That's it, you've made me feel guilty now so I'd better go and do some. Sorry you're feeling deprived ed, my husband can sympathise too.

    Oooooh stickless, now that's really scary. I shall type at the speed of light.

    Mercury.....as if we would!!! I try to make each report personal to that child, especially as I have some sisters/brothers of children I've taught before ;-)
  • i've often considered forming a teaching widowers group
  • Definitely sympathise with this one Seabird!! I've got as far as writing names and dates of birth, and I'm trying to kid myself I've made progress. Like you, I've even resorted to housework (then I know it's desperate!). The only thing to do now is keep one eye on the summer holidays and promise myself it will all be worth it!
  • Use mail merge. 75 reports `written' in 45 mins.

    You're right mercury. When I was at school I got a personalised report because each teacher wrote 2/3 lines. Now it's comment on progress, homework, equipment, attitude, oral contributions, targets etc. so they become very samey.
  • Plus copying and pasting is remarkably easy :)

    If a particular phrase describes two students well though, then why not? Why bother thinking up five different ways to say the same thing when one does the job?
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