Better Half - Oulton Park, Cheshire

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Any forumites going to this new event?

Traffic-free course around Oulton Park Race Circuit.  There is also a (team of 3) relay option for those who don't fancy 13.1 miles.

Entry form or online entry here

I'll be there to do the results, so for a small consideration you may get a PB...


  • 40 minutes, I'd love to support your race.  Unfortunately I will be supporting my brother in the small matter of his 40th birthday that very day.  Hope it goes well though.
  • HI 40mins, just seen your post on DT.  Maybe I'll think about it as a comeback event.  What is the surface ie is it tarmac ? and it it flat ?
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    Hi TmR
    It's the Oulton Park race track, so yes it is tarmac but no it isn't flat.
    Once I get hold of a good map of the course, I may try to do an elevation profile of the course and get it loaded on to the WRN web site.

  • i'm in image

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    dj gj
    Great!  Anyone else going to join us?

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    Online entries are now closed, but we will be taking on the day entries from 8:30am on Sunday.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Hiya,

    Do you know how many have entered for tomorrow??.. and just how hilly is it?? (afraid have not trained well past 2 weeks but still fancy giving it a go - it will be my first half so definite PB whatever!)


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