Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • ahhhhh..have to wait til tomorrow!

    but its a good one!imageimageimageimageimage

  • First scheduled early morning run of the week, out the door at 04:30 as usual for a slow 8 miler.

    Only come across 3 cats, and the obligatory ducks at the pond. Aslo interestingly whilst it was still dark, and on two separate occasions passed 2 prospective roadkill items in the form of youths in dark hoody type clothing peddling bikes on main roads.

    ........At least they wasn't on the pavement causing me problems.

  • gemma carter wrote (see)

    i have a surprise for tomorrow but cant tell you guys til then!!!


    Give us a clue?  Is it something of a photographic nature?
  • We wait with baited breath Gemma, it'd better be goodimage

    Tommy: It's just ignorant people out running. Don't know why they can't respond  does 'my nut in' when that happensimage

  • They did say hello but only because I said Morning to them, they didn't look like they were going to acknowledge me image. I say Morning to dog walkers Milkmen anyone I see really, being the cheery chap I am image 
  • I think Gemma's surprise is that she's being filmed for a new documentary series on people who are up and about at ridiculously early times of the day and what they get up to and why they do it!!

    Am I on the right track?
  • Is it a bare Gemma?

    Ooops spelling mistake I meant a BEAR.......... on second thoughtsimage

    I could take a photo but its dark when I get out and just starting to get light when I get back in and my phone doesn't take that good a picture.

  • Yoga tonight so I should be nicely stretched for tomorrow morning's run but I'm anticipating it's going to be a very muddy and slippery affair if this rain carries on!!
  • Nice dry, mild and windless morning up here. Full moon too ! Ran on paths/roads so no animal encounters today.

     Legs were like lead within 50m or so of starting out,so changed from my planned fartlek session. That's tomorrows session. Pity as it was a cracking morning for a fartlek session...

  • hello

    May I join you?  I'm an early morning runner.  I generally get up around 5.15.  There's a little community of people locally who are creatures of habit like me and we all greet each other every day - there are the retired men who are out getting their papers, a bloke whose wallet I found, people heading off for early trains.  It's nice! 

    Hi birkmyre!  Hi Tommy!  

  • haha....oh gosh you guys seem very eager to hear!

     DerekB- no not bare or a bear!!

    Chris- hmmm not that would be interesting..as its not a documentary, why dont we make one ourselves???..or not....

    ok it involves a famous runner.....!!! and me running with him (hopefully) today!!

    i could tell you which??? if you reaaaaaallly want????imageimageimageimage

  • sorry chris i meant 'now that would be interesting..' not 'not' just in case you thought i was being rude!image

    silly typos!

  • ps hi Mava, you are very welcome!

     dont forget to post your early run, especially anything interesting you spot on the run!!

  • Not as muddy as I expected this morning - quite pleasant in fact!!

    Saw a deer sitting in the heather. I thought it would jump up and run off as we approached but it just sat there calmly watching us. I put Jackson on the lead just in case he gave chase and as I was doing so the deer just stood up and wandered off! Magic!!
    The only other wildlife of note was a woodpecker!

  • go on jackson!!!!image

  • Don't encourage him Gemma!!
  • so if i can i'll put up a photo after my run today with the 'famous runner' see if you can guess who it is!!!!!
  • Morning

    Didn't run this morning as I had bit of a late night last night and over sleptimage

    Come on then Gemma put the piccy up image

  • up hopefully this afternoon! havent been out with him yet!

    hopefully it'll be a good'n image...in the pouring rain! im really excited though!xxx

    shame about the oversleeping...at least you got your sleep though x

  • ok Gemma have a good run.

    I think I needed a rest day anyway as I have been pushing it quite hard recently and my legs were starting to feel heavy on the last run.

    I'm doing the Beachy Head marathon at the end of october so I'm starting to ramp up the milage at the moment. I need to start putting some serious hill work to, but that will have to wait till the weekends as there are no big hills on any of my weekday early runs.

    Hi Mava <waves> see you tomorrow night image

  • yeah, sometimes we all can get used to going out each day and just doing the usual or even trying to push it further. i think we all forget the importance of days off. think of it as training too!xxxxx
  • GUTTED....this is what was my surprise!

    i was going to run with mo farah today..until.....sorry guys no photos...boohooooo


  • Oh no, bad luck for you and him

    Where was it going to be then ??

  • regents park....i was going in like half an hour!!!! image

    i was going take lots of pics too...sorry to be such an anticlimax for you guys!!! and poor mo!!

  • I've moved house and have no internet at the moment so been unable to spend all my time here in the RW forum image

    The good news is that I now live nearer to my country routes so instead of having to wait for SLR to get out in the country, I can do mid week runs there.

    And this morning, the most peaceful 8 miler, no soul around! Getting dark now. Still warm though. Beginning of autumn. Very nostalgic, for some reason.

  • Hey Gemma I didn't realise you were in London, for some reason I thought you lived up north.image

    You should come along to this RW London Social bit short notice I guessimage

  • ahhhh!!! i would have LOVED to go..but i go away for weekend tomorrow so wont be around in london! doh..shame, i love doing anything to do with running!

    so i guess youre a fellow londoner? run in london?

    so unfortunately no regents park mo farah run, instead i ran to regents via canal which was lovely, lots of runners a lunchtime as opposed to 5am!!

    spotted a cute cat on the way that seemed to want to play and some ducklings...that cheered me up about not seeing mo. took a picture, but not sure how to post it????????


  • Gemma: Oh dear, no luck. Had food poisioning many years ago and ugh !

    Funny story though. The eating place I picked it up in was closed down by environmental health, imagebut new owners took over later. Anyway a few years later we went back to eat there.

    'The waiter asked 'Have you ever been her ebefore ?  I replied:'Yes, but the last time I was here  I had food poisioning the day after ! '  He explained that that would have been under the previous owners.

    However, we got great service and the drinks, starters and puddings were 'on the house !'

  • birkmyre, nice one!!!!! ive only had F.D. once really badly when returning from malaysia- and that was bad....!!!image

    other than that ive been ok but i like the sound of your tactics!!!

    yeah shame about the run...really was looking forward to it!

  • Hi Gemma

    No not a Londoner, I live in West Kent in the country sideimage but I work in the City , i'm a commuterimage

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