Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Back to Normal with a 5am run !

    Warm. but clammy. Enjoyed it.

  • I love running early in the morning (usually out at 6am).  Too much traffic later on and too many people about. 
  • Cracking early run this morning.

    Sun breaking over hills, as I ran along the banks of the Clyde. 

    Great to be out.

  • Just 'flowed along' on my stupid o clock run today !

    No reason why that should have  happened. Sometimes it just happens and I  'go with the flow'

  • Fartek this morning,it was warm, but very overcast.

    Still, the beauty of running at this time is that nobody makes demands on you !

  • Fuck off jobbie
  • Belated morning to lfc, Vixx76 and C67.

    Jamie; Agree with your above sentiments.

  • Belated morning to lfc, Vixx76 and C67.

    Jamie; Agree with your above sentiments !

  • Oh and well done to your OH  lfc.
  • Please ignore my above comments they were meant for Long Green Thread ! oppsimage

    Still agree with yours Jamie !

  • gr8 to see my thread is still going only wish I could say i have been getting up at "stupid O Clock" to run but havent have self diagnosed myself as having hip bursitis dosing on voltarol & waiting for physio appt next week - its killing me not being able to go out on these lovely mornings but glad to see you all are enjoying them !!
  • That's a shame. Hope you get it sorted out soon and get back to enjoying the early mornings.
  • A cracking sunriseimage made my 3 mile easy run at stupid oclock more bearable today. Only 3 miles as my legs are still tight ! It was warm and dry too.
  • Today:


    6.3 miles

    In silence.


  • Same as above.  6am  and 6.3 miles.  It was cooler this morning so it was easy.  If I had, had a little more time I would have got a bit further.
  • I've joined the club too.  I am up by 5.00 a.m. and running at 5.20 a.m 4/5 times a week.   This I have been doing for the last 7 years.  And I am not thinking about giving up yet.
  • People - do you eat anything prior to your morning run?

    I read from somewhere that having even a tiniest amount of food would be better for fat burning capacity, energy, etc

    However I simply cannot eat if I run that early as it just starts off my digestion and my running will consists of nothing but loo breaks.
    I'd have to leave running at least for couple of hours after eating.

  • No, nothing to eat for me.....just a glass of water before I leave the house and a bowl of porridge when I get back.
  • That's pretty much what I do as well.
  • Up, get ready, glass of water, stretch and out  for me.
  • Enjoyed my run this morning. Quite when I was out.
  • I suffered from massive hangover yesterday and decided to tackle with 7 mile run this morning. I'm so glad I did. Was back home before 7am and feel fantastic!!!

    Loving the fresh air! 

  • I get up at 5am on two days during Mon- Fri and run 6-8 miles before work, and I'm always out by 7am on a Sunday to run 10-15 miles. Always on an empty stomach. I run on a treadmill in my work gym on the three other work week days and I have Saturdays off image

    I always take a drink with me, but I daren't have one before I go because that would defo mean a loo stop somewhere. I have some routes where having a wee is no problem, but other more urban routes where I can't.

    I always exercise in the mornings, on the odd occasion that I've run in the evening I find my legs feel much heavier.

    Also there is less traffic about in the mornings. I love running through the empty streets.

  • I prefer to run in the morning (although not always as early as some of you on here!)

    I don't eat anything before I run but I always clean my teeth before I go. This wakes me up, plus, I don't like the thought of huffing and puffing with morning breath. My OH takes the p*ss though - am I alone in this habit?

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    sometimes I run very early at weekends at 7am
  • Back to a normal 'stupid o clock' run for me today.

     It was great.

  • I tend to run my training schedule of 6 days per week so I have a reasonable amount of time for recovery from the hard sessions, so it usually goes like this:

    Monday 19:00 Track day hard 40 minutes coached intervals to exhaustion.

    Tuesday day off

    Wednesday 04:15 stupid o'clock easy session

    Thursday 04:15 stupid o'clock hard fartlek

    Friday 04:15 stupid o'clock easy session

    Saturday midday long run 12 miles plus at whatever pace I wish to do

    Sunday 07:00 easy session to make up to 40 - 45 miles for the week

    That usually gives me good recovery time and my weekend times are not too early so I run somewhere near the times when races start. Of course when there is a race my schedule is adapted to cope with it, although I tend now not to taper for anything that is 10k or less as I just treat it as a hard session.

    Oh, and early mornings are glass of water, sip of energy drink and then out the door. When I get back, hard session mornings I treat myself to choccy milk with whey protein within 10 minutes of finishing but whichever case I have my breakfast within an hour of exercise.

  • Cracking 5am run today,as sun rising over Kilpatrick Hills, lots of bright colours. No wind andit was  warm. Thats why I get up early to run.
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