Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Gobi: Glad that you're sounding upbeat mate.image

  • Birky - sometimes things happen for a reason

    I believe I have been given an opportunity to do something and I am taking it. My life has changed in more than one area lately and I like the changes

    2hr bike this morning and 6 miles of running just completed. It could just be the fact I have done 47 hrs of training THIS MONTH that has my weight down!!
  • Emmy - feeling pretty OK actually.  I think the walk really helped.

    Kate, happy birthday! Whoop whoop.

    Had physio again today on my back - second session and the improvement is immense.  Maybe I'm nearly mended - after all of these years it will be lovely to not be carrying a niggle!

  • Celebratory track session of 5 x 4 mins and 5 x 30 secs 8.5 mile total, almost entirely fuelled by cake. Gobi, that is a big scary number for the 18th of the month. Almost mended eh PSC, imagine what you'll be able to do as it has been pretty damn good whilst a little broken!

  • I hadn't thought about it like that, but thank you!!  


  • Morning all - lying down in the garage this morning, let's call it core work though, had a celebratory glass of milk last night but may move on to the red wine later. Happy hump day to you all.

  • image

    looking forward to an interesting day......

    /enigmatic comment
  • Morning, well feels like it to me

    Finished my night shift at 5am and was home by 5.45am. Saw a SOC runner on my way home.

    Gobi: Cracking training.

  • Morning all - an hour on the turbo then out for some hill reps 3 OR, 2 dogs. Come on PSC, what was interesting yesterday?

  • 530am530am ✭✭✭
    Good Morning L&G

    Day 3 today, previous two marathons 4h39 and 4h57. I can't let the pressure of a third sub 5 get to me! I would be happy with sub 15h fot the three days. Feels a bit breezy and cooler today. Oh well it is happy day!
  • morning all

    5 miles for me this morning, very windy

    yes PSC - what was interesting about yesterday?

  • Hello all, so as part of my new life yesterday I produced cakes for the office (Rach used to do the cakes). There were no complaints about the quality :`)

    Up and out for 5am today and out on the bike for a good 2hrs. Very happy with how I am riding right now

    All the best for today 530
  • 530 - missed your post, well done so far and good luck today

  • Morning from a very wet West of Scotand. It's pouring down !

    Gobi: You're going well training wise at the moment

  • Morning from a very wet West of Scotand. It's pouring down !

    Gobi: You're going well training wise  t the moment

  • Doh double post.imageimage

  • Keep it going 5.30! 

  • very well indeed but wont know how well really until I start racing
  • morning

    nothing for me this morning because I am doing a 5k swim tonightimage, doing it on a Friday night is madness as I am always exhausted!

  • Morning all - 14.5 miles done, hilly and off road, it gets light a lot later when it's not sunny so all a bit exciting through the woods in the dark. Very exotic DW 1 badger, 1 rat and 3 frogs NW 6 horses 2 cats and a squirrel. MC, I nearly always do my long swim on a Friday night as the pool is quiet, I'll be in there later before birthday drinks. Off for blood tests in a minute, thank god as I've had to fast beforehand and I'm bloody starving, stop talking about cakes! Chest X-ray afterwards then hopefully I will be mended. Happy Friday folks.

  • Morning you lot

    A showery, cold, windy and sunny Friday here !

    35mins off road in all 4 conditions listed above

    NW: 2 cats, 3 dogs 2 sets of farmers tyre tracks,1 cyclist

    Day off today, but working 9:30 till 5:30 tomorrow on a day shift

    Kate: Hope the x-ray and blood test go well.Good 14.5miler was it ?


  • ha! My "interesting day" was work related... it was a good day actually.  #lovemyjob!

    I'm slowly but surely turning into a weekend runner! image  Either that or a bone idle runner!  I've had bloods done today as part of my annual MOT - hopefully alls going to be well.  Hope yours are all clear Kate.  

    Lots of dead frogs about at the moment - I guess they had a splurge during the floods and are now being caught out by the receding water levels.  We've still got a lot of water down our way with some of the valley bottoms still full up (they are normally dry)!

    Working from home today and getting loads done! image  (loads of work that is)!  Friends round later for dinner - I shall miss the wine having given booze up for lent!  Ho hum!  I shall have to make a very strong red wine gravy in large quantities! image

    Hiya folks....

  • PSC you are very brave! Borthday drinks for me tonight - after my swim. It was a good run birky, apart from the hail shower about 2 miles before the end, not so spring like.

  • I shall toast you for afar with a glass of the finest blackcurrant squash!  Happy B-Day.

  • Kate: I got caught ina  hail shower too, when I was out walking Geordie just before dinner !

  • Morning you lot

    Off to work soon

    Cold and frosty one here today

    A last coffee before I go

    Have a good one.

  • morning

    bit shattered from the swim last night - got awful cramp in my calves with only 25 lengths left so forced myself to carry on, did a bit of breast stroke to try and ease the cramp then did the last 20 lengths slowly and without pushing off the wall at the end. 9 minutes quicker than last year image

    so nothing this morning, and not going swimming! Might get the bike out later for a spin with the kids though - although rain is forecast and they are unlikely to want to go out in the rain

  • Morning all - run done, off to the Lido now, the car was saying 5 degrees so I am not looking forward to it.

  • lie in today as parkrun was on and lie in tomorrow as I am pacing at Eastleigh parkrun.

    Another 2nd in the club TT for me so all in all I am happy
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