Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Nice one Emmy - I have been jogging
  • Good luck everyone this weekend in Brighton and Paris and anywhere else anyone's racing. I'm shattered. 21 mile bike commute each way today. Glad I did it though. Nite all....
  • morning all

    got my run in last night because the smog seemed to have lifted, but I think that there were still a lot of pollutants, because I felt a bit chesty and ill the rest of the evening! However, I had a good run - ran/walk the first 2 miles then did a 1 mile 'time trial' which was 30 seconds quicker than the last time I bothered with a timed mile. image So even though I have been training run/walk almost exclusively I have still speeded up and proved to myself that I can run continuously. 

    weekend away for us, it is our 14th anniversary on the 8th so we are dropping the kids with grandparents and just going to the Peak District for a laze about, a nice lunch and evening meal and B&B

    have a great weekend and good luck to those racing

  • have a great anniversary weekend Maths... image

    We have clean air in Kent now.. in fact it's gorgeous out there.  On DIY and washing duties at the moment as Jnr is back from uni.  I've never seen so much washing!

  • Afternoon - 18 very hilly miles this morning, sun hasn't quite made it here yet. Mr F did 45 mins in the lido wetsuitless. Good luck tomorrow valis, Emmy and 5.30 happy anniversary MC and happy washing PSC.

  • the washing machine hasn't stopped all day... and there is MORE to go!

    DIY project 2/3 finished and BBQ lit.  image

    Good effort on the 18 Kate... and Mr F is a nutter!  

  • Hi new to the forum & just catching up on this thread but been running for about 10 years now - all afternoon or evenings.  I was never a morning person but I ran early morning (7am - that's practically the middle of the night to me) last week for the first time and surprisingly quite liked it. Still felt a bit 'dozy' but I did it! Luckily no smog up in Yorkshire.

    I'm lucky enough to live in the country and only a few miles from work so don't need to get up really really early (I admire those of you who go out at 5am!).  I'm hoping to log my first early sunday morning run tomorrow. I could never understand why people ran so early - maybe I'm about to....!

    My question is food or no food before running 6-7 miles or more? I went out on an empty stomach for 4 miles and seemed ok following decent dinner night before. I think no food might be best but would welcome any tips? Cheers

  • Hi cnic, most of us run without eating, I dint have anything before 18 miles this morning and nothing after. See how you feel but I'd say 6 miles is fine. Welcome along.

  • cnic... welcome to the nuthouseimage No food for anything up to a couple of hours for me, then really enjoy breakfast when I get home.  If it's hot out (ie hot as in mid summer and warm muggy nights) then I might carry a water bottle, but otherwise don't even bother with that.  Glass of water or a cup of tea before I leave is enough for a morning plod.

  • hey cnic, also new here.

    got a confession to make that i usually run around 6am before work. Do so on an empty and more often than not have stopped for a mcdonalds breakfast on the way home. Is this bad? haha

    Only a few times a month i swear.

    I find i cant eat before a long run, just feel crappy after a few miles if so.

  • a flurry of new peeps... welcome welcome! image  Or is that a Macflurry for breakfast!image


  • come on, we both know its an egg mcmuffin. image

  • LOL

    heading out in the next 20 mins, my bike is calling. Hoping to get a few hours in without getting totally soaked.
  • Me too Gobi, weather isn't looking it's best.

  • Hi all thanks for your comments. I went out at 7.30 and did 8.5 miles with no breakfast  I was amazed how well I felt.  It's a pity there is no maccy Ds near me fitnessgirl! 

  • Got soaked
  • Haven't posted here for a while..been busy and got out of the habit. But ran the Brighton Marathon today and caught a fleeting glance of Valis heading in the other direction at about 17 miles in. Hope you had a good run Valis!!

    Hi to everyone else!

  • Me too Gobi, gave up and went spinning and swimming as I was so bloody wet. How was it Chris?

  • I did over 3hrs on the end of a 21 plus hour training week

    Night all, rollers in the morning
  • Morning..

    Kate - it went as well as expected. Kept with the 3.45 pace makers up until 17/18 miles and then the painkillers wore off and my heel/achilles injury kicked in. So the pace dropped off dramatically and went from 'comfortable' to 'slow' to 'shuffle'! Finished in 4.37. No run today as I can barely walk! James knocked 20 minutes off his pb and finished in 3.37.

  • Morning all - well done on finishing Chris and a brilliant run from James. Bit of core work for me this morrning, the holy trinity of run, spin swim tonight. Wet out there again.

  • morning

    well done Chris, and a brilliant time for James

    stayed in bed today for a while just because I can. I am on project 'claim back all the missed sleep' and tapering for Sunday, starting to get a bit nervous (will I survive/make the cut off etc) The route goes past where we are staying 4 times!! I have told OH he needs to be there to cheer me on/hand me a banana etc!

    Glad I didn't do Sheffield Half this year what a farce. Shame because the local support there is great

    taking the kids for hair cuts in a bit and hoping to bike/turbo later (turbo in reality as I have to look after the kids) and swimming again tonight

  • Good morning all image

    Been finding it hard to get on here recently ,especially here in Brighton as  most of the free wifi want your email address .

    Anyway despite recent niggles all went well, as Chris says I saw him and gave him a call, I was surprised to read on here you saw and recognised me As we passed so quickly. Great time for James by the way I managed to knock 8 minutes off my Pb and finished in 3.44 . Had a great day saw and chatted to lots of my fellow black park park runners that I saw.

    Psc and 5.30 hope you both had good days too

    birky , still a slim chance image

    Hi and welcome to the mad house of early morning running fitness girl and cnic

    Kate , the knee should hold up for the Ndw 50 are you still doing it

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all! Up again at SOC for my recovery run after a late homecoming last night from paris.

    Managed 4hrs in paris (4.00.39) so a little disappointed but chuffed to be getting close.

    Did everyone have a good weekend?

  • Valis, I didn't run in the end. Being (just) injury free means I am a bit light on training. Well done to all the marathon runners. Chris, a hard run by the sounds of it. Emmy, so so close! You will smash it next time. I'm home today finishing the DIY project that I started over the weekend.

    Naafi break over though, back to it!

    Stay safe in the wet on those bikes folks (and don't fall off the turbo Maths)!
  • valis - a great time. Glad your knee is holding up

    Emmy - well done in Paris, you will get that sub-4 soon!

    kids want to play board games after a morning of shopping and hair cuts, first up is Lord of the Rings risk!


  • Well done valis, you got your pacing right. I will see about the NDW after my next marathon first weekend in May, I am being lazy with my lack of marathon and ultraing in April.

  • Well done Emmy and Valis

    Emmy - I am still buzzing from my parkrun at the weekend and need to blog :??)
  • 530am530am ✭✭✭

    Good Evening L&G


    So many injuries hurting that I had a gentle plod in 4h 32 for Brighton. Same pace throughout. Not sure I enjoyed it. Too noisy and busy for me. I'm getting old. Give me a 50 entry marathon any day of the week.

    Well done Emmy and Valis.


  • well done 5:30 image Not sure I would like one of the big races either. I like the convenience of small races, being able to park nearby, no hassle getting to the start line etc I just need to speed up a bit so I am not always running on my own in these small races! 

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