Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • morning all

    might go for a run later as everyone here seems to want a lazy day playing computers! I shall insist on us all going out somewhere, but as it is cloudy I might struggle to keep them all out!

  • Went to Mont Ventoux today and rode 2 of the 3 climbs available, the other was shut due to snow.

    Feeling pretty good really
  • Morning you lot

    30mins Steady down along the beach path to get back into it

    NW: 14 rabbits, 8 swans, 3 dogs, 1 cracking sunrise

    Cracking cold sunny morning up here. Frost on car windscreens though !

    Coffee and catch up.

    Wow Gobi, forgot you were abroad.

  • Good morning all image

    8 miles this morning in the park ,had a lay in and didn't go out till 6 so missed the sun riseimage

    Nw lots of tree rats, a few dogs walking their owners and Dw 1 Magpie.

    off to Chiswick house today with Mrs V  I hope to detour at some point to the brewery thereimage one of my favourites

  • Valis: You and Mrs V enjoy Chiswick House.

    Working today from 4.30pm until 10pm and tomorrow a12.00-7.30pm shift

  • I am a SOC man - up again and ran Alpe d'Huez this morning and was done before 8am.

    Love it out here

    Have a good day
  • Quiet on here today eh !

  • afternoon all

    Gobi - sounds like you are having a fantastic time, I am a bit jealous!

    Beautiful day here though and we have been out to beaches on the Gower and for a walk. Back home tomorrow, am hoping to be up in time for a short run along the seafront before heading off in the morning

  • http://gobi70.wordpress.com/2014/04/18/eat-sleep-train-repeat/

    Here is the latest blog for a bit of easy reading
  • 50 mile bike, 3 mile run, hopefully double that tomorrow.

  • ERM... 25 mile bike done and grass cut. Maybe double the bike tomorrow! image

    Evening all. Haven't been on here much! Work. Grunt!
  • Morning

    A 30mins easy off road

    Nice sunny but cold start to the day again here.

    NW:18-20 cows in the next field, 2 squirrels, 3 dogs, 1 bird of prey sitting on a branch.

    I was out at 2.45am -3.15 am with Geordie who was needing.

  • morning all

    didn't manage to get up for a last run before having to pack up and go home. Although given that I am the only one that is up and has eaten breakfast I probably could have done! Something tells me I am doing all the packing....

  • Morning maths.

    Yeah you're probably doing all the packing.

  • Good morning all image

    8 miles including park run another nice day sun shinning despite a little chill in the breeze.

    Maths Have you done the packing yet.

  • hi valis - yes, I packed then unpacked once we got home!!

    I also went to the supermarket, did the shopping, have cooked etc

    I did get out for a short run though image

    and I have taken my bike off the turbo ready for a ride tomorrow morning

  • Valis: That's Blues blown their last League title chance in my opinionimage

  • Morning you lot

    Happy Easter

    Rest Day, but have been out walking Geordie for 45mns or so,

    NIce sunrise again up here, yesterday was a cracking sunny day, though I worked inside through 7.5 hours of it.

  • Morning all - Happy Easter. 90 miles biking and 5 mile run yesterday, off for a run and swim shortly to earn my hot cross bun. Shame you're missing the sun birky, looks like the weather has disappeared for the rest of the weekend.

  • Morning Kate.

    It was roasting in work yesterday. Mind you we'd a couple of the big doors opened which helped cool us down and we got an extra 15mins break.Ironically we all went out and sat in the sunimage

  • morning all

    woke up with a headache and sore throat and just couldn't face doing anything so best not to. Had a headache yesterday too image I will start panicking about lack of bike miles if I can't get out tomorrow

    need to start doing school work today too image

  • Morning all - nice miles Kate, I feel shabby with my 64 miles.

    11 miles run this morning and heading out for another 2-4hrs depending on the weather .

    Have a lovely day
  • Good morning allimage

    18 miles this morning overcast here  and getting darker  I think the rain is on it's way.

    NW 1 Heron, 1 Red Kite, several Ducks and a couple of moor hens.

    Birky , It ain't over till the fat lady sings.image

    Kate, Your racking up those bike miles I think with a swim and run you could push yourself to have and egg after your bun.

    Maths, Get well soon.   

  • Don't deserve an egg as I didn't swim, not a big fan of the chocolate but did have cheese, beans, mushrooms and poached egg as a pre bun warm up. Got wonderfully lost on my run and had an Alsatian guard dog and two guard sheep run out of a farm at me, not your usual attack beasts. They were all extremely soppy, first time I've patted sheep during my run. Problem with my left glute/groin so I will have wine medicate later as it's blooming painful. Chucking down and a bit of lightning on the side valis, hope you feel better MC. My ride was pretty hilly Gobi but no mountains so you're doing OK.

  • Afternoon and Happy Easter

    Waited until this evening to go out for a nice little local run along the paths and bridleways. So I missed the thunder and lightning and enjoyed some hazy sunshine.

    Saw loads of squirrels!

  • valis: I know mate, but I'm 'right scunnered'.  This is a Scottish term for being really 'cheesed off' at yesterdays defeat.

  • Morning you lot

    A cold and dry start to Easter Monday up here.

    45mins steadily done.

    NW: 2 llamas, 6 horses, 3 dogs, 2 squirrels, 1 cyclist  it was the 'Team Sky Rider' out putting in the miles.

  • morning all

    still got the headache and sore throat so nothing for me image what a waste of a bank holiday. Back to work tomorrow

  • Morning maths Hope you feel better soon.

  • Afternoon all - 6 mile run DW 1 badger, swim with a tumble turn lesson from Mr F which I failed at and a quick blast on the bicycle as the rain which was promised stayed away. After being almost unable to walk yesterday my limping back from the pub post wine medication and exercise today seems to have fixed things, so I am sticking to this as a remedy. Give it a try MC. Two weeks and another bank holiday, hooray.

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