Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Good morning all image

    10 miles in the drizzle although quite warm.

    Nw 1 munjac deer,1 fox Dw 2 snails (oops) 1 nija cyclist.


  • Morning you lot.

    Morning valis

    Off out now

  • Morning all - core and weights, chucking it down with rain. You shouldn't invent your own DW valis.

  • Mornng Kate

    30mins easy off road. Dull and overcast

    NW: 2 dogs, 18-20 cows, 3 squirrels

  • Sorry in a rush this morning  and the snails were well camoflaged, Just for the record I saw a ninja cyclist and he wasn't dead however if he doesn't get some lights that might change.    

  • Up at half 5 -easy 2  miler and 30 minutes yoga  before brekkie image Am training for trapeze image

  • Just in for a wee nosey.

  • Trapeze? That is a new one. Track and swim tonight, leg nearly fell off so am typing this from my foam roller.

  • Morning - no overnight cure so turbo then a 5 minute run out and walk back,off to the physio. NW 1 snail, safe on my windowsill. Lovely morning, happy hump day.

  • Morning you lot

    Happy St George's Day to my southern friends.

    30mins Steady off road.

    valis: A good 0-0 last night for Blues.

    MNW: 2cats, 1 squirrel,1 cyclist 1snail

    Dull, but dry

  • morning 

    starting to feel better so may run later

    kate - what is wrong with your leg? Hope it goes ok at the physio

  • MC, no idea, pain in my hip flexor, there is limping invovled.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kate - hope the physio goes well.

    Mathschick - did you manage a run?

  • yes, just got back from a slow 4 miles - very humid out there and don't like all the biting bugs that are around in the evenings! but it was good to be out and I am feeling loads better now. 

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    Back in the uk and up at 0500 for 2 hr ride. Life is normal then

    Need to read back
  • Grendel3Grendel3 ✭✭✭

    Can I join in? out at 5:05 this morning and did a slooooow 6 miles - was actually overtaken by a guy who looked deceptively easy decided not to try and take him as he was drawing away from me surprisingly easy and he was about 25 years my junior - was amused three quarters of a mile later to find him stopped, sweating like a pig and huffing like an old steam train.

    saw some seagulls!!!  (haven't started to attack yet, thats a month or so down the line)

  • Grendel: Welcome aboard mate.

  • Come on in Grendel. 3.8K swim tonight, hard going in a 25m pool but it is done.

  • Fresh DNA alert image

    Running, yes, I remember that! Did over 4 hours on the bike at the weekend. Couldn't sit down for the last two days. I had forgotten to break my bum in slowly! 87 miles in two weeks time us going to need more than some udderly smooth me thinks!

    Up at sparrows to get to the office uber early. Last of the big events then back to normal I hope.

    Take care of the twinges, welcome back Gobi and mind the snails.
  • Nicely put about your bum PSC! Which ride in a couple of weeks?

  • Local one. Pilgrims hospice ride. It looked pretty well organised last year, so have signed up with a couple of mate, neither of whom have done much long stuff. It could be carnage! image
  • Good morning all image

    10 miles this morning warm out. T-25 last night

    Pw 1 car went past me very slowly and 1 warburton lorry.

    Birky, Very good result indeed.

    Gobi, So after a relaxing holiday back to the grind then.

    Grendel, Always makes me laugh to see the youngsters (anyone under 45) at their first park run push past to get as near to the front as possible at the start, then  to go past them a mile in or less where they seem to stop dead huffing and puffing. 

    Kate, careful with that hip flexor hope it responds to treatment.


  • Morning you lot

    Morning valis: Good session by you again today

    Just going out for 30 mins steady

    Back later

  • Morning all - hill reps this morning, leg was slow so used it appropriately. Lots of snails and slugs out on the roads this morning.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I'm under 45 and stand at the front of parkruns :`)

    2 hrs on the bike again today, I love my life style

    Have a great one
  • Morning again

    30mins mostly off road steady on a sunny morning with blue skies.

    NW: 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 squirrels. usual 18-20 cows in the top field. Lots of birds singing away in the trees and hedges.

    Kate: I'll look out for slugs and snails nowimage

    Started reading the book 'Slaying the Badger' 'Lemond, Hinault and the greatest ever Tour de France.' by Richard Moore.

     The story of the1986 Tour  Cracking read so far

  • morning

    turbo for me today, bit warm for turbo sessions, but dark and foggy outside so didn't want to risk it

    bit upset that I'm not a youngster anymore, valis! I go to the back for parkruns anyway, I know my place image

  • Morning maths: A fair point re todays turbo session.

    MrsB is doing 'The Commonwealth Games' as her summer term school topic. Guess who is doing research ? Yupimage

  • birky - sounds like a good project for your both! image

  • maths: Yeah it is and 2 years ago the summer school term project was the  London 2012 Olympicsimage

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