Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning all.....
  • Morning - nothing for me this morning, osteo diagnosed a torn quad muscle last night so just had a spin and swim to take it easy, run later..... Morning PSC.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Kate - bad luck on your torn quad muscle. What's the recovery/prognosis.

  • Morning you lot

    30mins Steady off road earlier with Geordie

    NW: 18 -20 cows, I ain't counting them every morning image 

    2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 squrrels , 2 other runners and 3 cyclists. Today I noticed lots of Blubells in the hedgerows

    Was finishing cleaning my car when I got a text asking me to work yesterday.

    Kate: Oh no re your torn quad,image

  • The advice was 'don't set any world records' so I should be OK!

  • useless medics ?

    I have ridden my bike up Streatley and I got wet

    I went running, I got wet

    I live in England, I get wet a lot
  • Gobi: It's now very wet here in the West of Scotland

  • Morning you lot

    Just off out. Wet here too.

    Back later

  • Morning all - chucking it down here too birky.

  • Morning Kate

    A really dreich start to the weekend. I'm working today from 10am.

    NW: 3 dogs, 3 beer kegs, lots of bluebells in the hedgerows and fields,

  • morning all

    kate - think this is the first time I have known you to have an injury! Sounds painful, take it easy. Hope it isn't going to mess up your racing plans

    wet here too, and as I have swimming later, rather than get cold on the bike I am going to turbo before swimming club. Might get out for a run later this afternoon, rain or not!

    didn't get time to post yesterday (damn work getting in the way!) but did a gym session. Thursday was the first swim for 2 weeks, loved it but couldn't get to sleep afterwards image mind you, that could have been work hassles rather than swimming

  • Wet and wild here. Waiting fir it to pass and then out on the bike laters.

    Have fun at work Birky. Gobi, LOL but I think Maths take the wet-chick badge as she's swimming too image. Kate... Take it easy.
  • Good morning all image

    Damp under foot but the sun has been trying to shine all morning.

    10 miles this morning including Park Run

    Kate I hear Mo Farah has breathed a sigh of relief that you have been told to lay off the world recordsimage take it easy hope you recover soon.

    Gobi, You may start at the front of park runs but I bet you don't stop dead after 1/2 a mile because your tired. I have never started on the front row maybe I will if I ever get under 20 minutes but I would feel like I could be blocking a a faster runner.image


  • I'm not calling it an injury yet, just a niggle, 6 miles this morning, slow but it didn't make me cry which is an improvement on yesterday. Was supposed to being doing a duathlon tomorrow but as I'm not allowed to break the world record I'm going to leave it. Valis, it's amazing how quickly the mud has come back, I've had to get the very dirty shoes back out of the garage again. Bike or turbo and swimming this afternoon after I have finished the bliss of my domestic chores.

  • Valis - first at Newbury today in 17.10, solo TT from the start line :`)

    Kate - as someone who has spent more time since 2009 not running than running I advise MORE caution than you are exhibiting, it is not worth the damage to your long term racing.
  • +1 with Gobi...  I've struggled for years with the same injury, now that it's fixed I am enjoying going out there.

    20 miles done on the bike in cold sunshine!  Odd weather we are having at the moment!

    Tidy time there Gobi.


  • I shall try and heed the advice from the experienced here. Light cycle and even lighter swim!

  • Kate - might be worth using a pull buoy when you are swimming - or if you are OW in a wetsuit just don't use your legs - depends how good you are at using your glutes for the kick though - I know I am rubbish

  • Sunny here nowimage

    Valis: Big game tomorrow and Wed for the Blues.

    Catch up time

  • Indeed BIrky I can tell from the look on mrsV's face she is looking forward to it too or at least I pretend she isimage


  • valis:Go on Blues.

  • Valis, you poor deluded soul. MC still too cold for me OW, tried to do some speed stuff but aborted as it pulled a bit but will try the buoy.

  • Moring you lot

    Rest Day but out with Geordie

  • morning 

    didn't get up for an early enough for an early bike session (feeling lazy) but have promised the kids to take them out on MTB anyway, so off with them in a bit image which means a cafe stop....

  • Morning all - bit of a plod, which was fitting for a PW 1, OR 4 and NW a fox sitting right in the middle of the road. Swam too, have worked out that the tear has been caused by clipping in and out on my bike, so it's confined to the garage until next Monday, so of course the sun is shining today. Bit late but good luck today Emmy. Valis, I am going to be pulling out of the NDW50 so I am expecting a fast time from you without me to hold you up.

  • Good morning all image

    Sunny here now although it rained for most of my 20 miles this morning.

    NW lots of ducks and swans and a couple of rabbits.

    Maths, Enjoy your family mtb session.

    Kate, But I have soul that's got to be a good thing.Mind that injury

    Gobi Good time but you can't of stopped at every half mile mark and your never going to hold people up if win the thing Doh! image

    Must get a move on over to mother V's to do a couple of jobs and be back before the match.never any time to rest 

  • LOL Valis you are of course correct , I rarely if ever ever toe the line under prepared and over ambitious. I have raced in both states but neither really see me in the way.

    I have been the problem on out and back courses mind you :`0

    I am visiting my daughter and have a CX bike here, plan was to do 3hrs but the BB has fallen apart since I last rode it. Binned ride in 6 mins and ran for an hour instead.

    Agitated but off bowling this afternoon. A rather light weekend.

    Kate - I really don't think you are appreciating the seriousness of the injury

    PSC - it was ok for a first effort after the 10 days in the mountains, I will be disappointed if I am this slow next time out unless it is up a cliff or deliberate.

    Enjoy your day people
  • kate - not sure exactly what you are doing when you are clipping in and out to cause a tear? 

    enjoyed a nice ride with the kids to a cafe where they had a piggy breakfast and I contained myself and had a bacon cob image

    we need to get a new saddle for the youngest boy's bike though, he has been complaining about it for ages and it ruins the ride for both me and him as I have to listen to him moaning about a sore bum after 5 minutes. To be fair to him it looks like a rubbish saddle, but a trawl of the internet doesn't bring much up for kids saddles and I am sure an adult one would be ridiculous on a kids bike - he is not quite 10!

    anyway, not the 30 miles I should have been doing but a nice time nonetheless, and swimming tonight...

  • Now that was a good game ,I hope you enjoyed that BIrky it doesn't get much better than walking the ball in to the netimageimageimage


  • Morning you lot

    Just off out now for a session

    valis: Oh yes what a game/result.image

    Back later

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