Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • back from London and not that bust at all!  Got some great ideas from the show... all we need now is a lottery win!


  • psc: Simple then ehimage

  • I am a little tired but a solid weekend is complete

    SOC all arranged for tomorrow :??)
  • Morning all - 4 mile recovery run and a swim this morning, 2 OR. 80 miles on the bike yesterday and my first falling off, of course it was a slow motion unclipping failure with an audience. 

  • Good morning allimage

    8 miles this morning warm and raining and really enjoyed it.

    Spent most of saturday and yesterday putting my new computer together ,first atempt didn't work due to a dodgy power supply unit so popped another new one in yesterday and spent the rest of the day downloading and loading various softwareimage . for the tech minded its got and i5 chip 8gb ram 120 ssd and two 1tb hhds in a raid 1 and gtx 660 graphics card for now which will be updated when the funds allow.   

    Kate, Sorry to hear of your mishap this morning only just read back and noticed you have pulled out of NDW50 I don't think I will be any faster without you there as there are going to be plenty of hills to slow me up.

    Birky, the season is nearly overimage but the world cup is hereimage  

    Hope you all had good long weekends

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    Kate - hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell - every time I have fallen it has been an unclipping failure and I seem to land on my hip! Must be the bit that sticks out the most

    nothing for me this morning but might get to running club tonight for parlaufs in the park image

  • A'noon you lot

    valis: Yeah love watching the classic footage shown on say bbc sport site from old World Cups


  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27290371

    Oh and today is the 60th Annivesary of the first sub four minute mile run by Sir Roger Bannister at Iffey Road Oxford.

    Some bbc footage of the 6th May 1954 race is shown above

  • 60 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Morning, justimage

    Not long back from work and have just walked Geordie.

    Off to bed now.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    soc turbo for me today image

  • Morning maths

    Got soaked earlier

  • Morning all - 3K swim this morning, it felt terrible for the first half but was quicker than normal so what do I know. Birky, if you can't sleep after your shift you could always re-read valis' IT update. Happy hump day to you all.

  • Morning kate: I could indeed do that.

    Working today from 3.30pm till 10pm then I'm on night shift tomorrow evening from 10pm till 6am Friday.

  • Morning early birds! Any of you the runners I see at 6am(ish) weekday mornings running round ferry meadows in P'boro? Seems to be a few runners out in the morning I manage to puff out a quick 'morning' too.

  • cp: Not me as I live in the West of Scotlandimage

  • Morning you lot,justimage

    Not long in from work

  • Morning Birky! Something woke me and I can't get back to sleep!

    CP.. Not me. I'm Kent based.
  • Not me me either CP Bucks based here.

    Psc , Time for a run then.

  • Good morning againimage

    10 this morning nice warm and dry here.

    Nw 1 fox 2 prowling cats and a duck.

    Psc, I hope you went for a run and didn't take Kate's advice to birky about reading my i.t post to get to sleep.


  • Morning all - 5 mile run and 1K swim, pretty grey out there. PSC, I would be extremely impressed if you were pounding the streets at 1am, and slightly concerned. Not me CP, I'm in Surrey. Tweaked the quad again last night in spin, so back to plodding again and will clamber on the foam roller later.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning all

    welcome CP - not me either, I am Notts based

    4 miles with hill reps for me this morning

  • I just rode into a bus, not a small one but a double decker. All my fault as well :??)
  • Morning you lot written as he yawnsimage

    Busy this morning then eh.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Gobi - hope you and the bike are ok.

  • Morning again

    Gobi: Hope you're okay mate.

  • Ninja bus?

  • nope, i was drafting and it stopped. My fault entirely.

    Bike fine I rode on. I am a little sore but ok.

  • Morning

    Sunny and a bit windy here this morning. Seemed quiet out with just a couple of dog walkers strolling through the woods and one other runner making his along the bridleway. Planning to go for a swim/bike/run at Frensham this evening. 

    Gobi - watch out for those buses!

  • Got up a bit early (5.30) and bashed out a 35k at av.150bpm. Felt pretty good until the last couple of k. Wind seemed to be always blowing towards me whatever direction I ran in!

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