Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning you lot

    Kate: Early start today for you

    Catch up soon

  • I tend to usually get up around 6am- 6:30am to run to work every day.  Recently I have upped my distance from 7 k to around 18k so have been leaving the house around 5:30am image

  • welcome bearded, that is nearly early :??)
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    welcome bearded

    didn't run this morning as I hardly slept

    but I got the jobimage girls grammar school in Lincolnshireimage

  • maths: Well done youimage

    bearded: Welcome.

  • Maths, good on you.  Congrats. image


  • Morning you lot

    Off out now

    Back later

  • Morning!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭


    Well done Mathschick!

    PSC -I agree - its just disrespectful.

    A beautiful SOC run for me this morning. So beautiful!

  • Morning psc and emmy

    35mins mostly off road done.

    Dry, mild, sunny,NW: 1cat, 1squirrel, 1 cyclist, 4 beer kegs, lots of bluebells, a noisy morning chorus by the birds.

    Mrs B has an in - service day at home today as her school is being used for the European Elections and Miss B is off too.

  • Morning all - turbo again for me after another very late night, swim, run and in bed for 9pm planned, must not go to another party. I did meet Grayson Perry last night and avoid inadvertently bidding for some very expensive art. MC, congratulations, Emmy, you are sounding inspired this morning. You've reminded me I must go and vote tonight birky to stop Farage's smugness.

  • busy day ahead.... dentist first!  Eek.

    Party v training.  It's got to be either or really! image

    UKIP?  No way.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    slept like a baby last night and spent 10 mins lying in bed listening to the rain. Have a lurgy - really sore throat and have parents evening to get through tonight - it is going to be a long long day!

    PSc - good luck at the dentist

    voted on my way to work, there seem to be lots of crazy anti-Europe parties on my voting slip.

    We have the by-election here in 2 weeks, will be interesting to see what happens but I will be very upset if UKIP get in.

  • A'noon psc and maths

    psc; All the best at the dentist

  • Nice one Maths :??)

    Just got caught in a hail storm whereas my SOC bike ride was lovely
  • Dental visit OK... passed 6 monthly checkup.  Still got teeth (just)!

    I have hardly moved from my laptop all day!  Time to vote.  

  • Morning

    45mins Steady, mainly off road

    Warm, sunny start to the day hereimage

    NW: 2llamas, 1dog, 1 cat 4 horses, lots of bluebells, 3 snails, 2 cyclists 1 of them the 'Sky Cyclist', 1 Kingsmill Vanimage

    Back later

  • Quiet today...

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Indeed Birky! image


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    still quiet!! where did everyone go?

    I am lurgyified so have been doing very little, apart from work. Now on half term, not impressed to be feeling ill but at least I can lie around reading the books I got for Christmas!

    OH has taken kids off to visit his granny in Scotland for the weekend, so a nice relaxing few days...

  • 10 hours of sleep and I've woken to a green and sparkly land.  Oh hang on rain and sun together that's why it is sparkly!  Busy day today... deliveries of stuff then off to meet up with junior in the Big Smoke.  Looking forward to an evening of Willy Wonka in the West End.

    Maths.. make the most of an empty house!  Hope you feel better quickly.

    Belated welcome to Bearded.

    Morning peeps...

  • Morning you lot

    Slept in till 8.45 today !image

    Needed it

    Catch up soon.

  • Good morning all image

    13 miles including park run, quite happy that I have nearly recovered from last week only 32 seconds off my park run Pb.

    I needed to get some miles in today as it's a nephews birthday some off to family gathering tonight and might not get out tomorrow morning.

    An even later belated welcome to bearded.

    Birky The shame 8.45 indeed.

    Psc Have a good time.

    Maths, Get well soon.  

    Kate, Alas your vote was not enough, where do all these simpletons come from and why do people vote for them?

  • ONLY 32 seconds of a PB... that sounds like bloody good progress to me!!  That's 10 seconds a mile!

  • A'noon: Well that's what 8.45 is to 'SOCers' eh valisimage


  • Valis: To be fair Geordie slept in tooimageimage

  • Afternoon all - busy work week compounded with two jumpers - not the woollen type - on my train line last night made it even longer. Turbo again today as I'm not going to fit in a long ride. Sofa and early night tonight then lake and run tomorrow. Nice work valis, lazy birky!

  • Kate: 'Right, sorry for sleeping in'. said in my best Basil Fawlty voiceimage

  • Morning

    Rest Day today

    Off out with Geordie for his walk

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭


    still feeling grotty so nothing for me, although it is probably a good time to do some housework and sort out the paperwork for the new job!

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