Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Maths - well done on the outlaw! image

    Birky - good to see that they waved back! Agree with PSC about the long day! That must be draining.

    A SOC for me. Hated every secondimage Until I saw the sun rising over the fields and the cock's crowing. Was lovely!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning all

    kate - all I can say is that there is a massive pirate presence at outlaw which will help you get round. Only you know whether it is wise for you to do 2 so close together, but I bet if you decided to you would be able

    much as I want to do the full distance, I think I need to work on getting quicker first or I would have a slow painful day and possible DNF, so thinking about relay again next year if I find anyone that wants to join me on a relay teamimage

  • I could offer you Mr F for the swim or bike!

  • does he know that he is being offered to maths? image

    Kate, do you still need the bike box?  I'm passing your way soon on route to a stag do in Chichester/Petersfield so could easily lob it into the camper and drop it off on route.

    didn't run today.. must run tomorrow (or bike) (or swim)!

    I had forgotten about outlaw - I DNS'ed it last year.  Might be an idea for next year.... ponders.

  • PSC, that would be great, let me know when you're around, does the Petersfield area know you are coming and stagging or should I pre warn them?

  • Morning all - 6 slow miles OR 2 NW 7 geese, 8 magpies, 1 cat and 22 rabbits. Track session followed by a spin class last night removed most of my leg usage. Isn't it dark in the morning now, but looks like it's going to be another lovely day.

  • Lol... I don't think a bunch of late 40's/early 50 year olds are going to "stag" too hard, so Petersfield should survive. image

    It's lovely put there isn't it. I do believe we are having a great summer. Mind you, after last year an improvement was relatively easy.

    Morning gang
  • Morning you lot 

    Morning  psc

    Miss B loved the athletics (Mrs B enjoyed it too) and Miss B met Greg Rutherford after his jump and I believe she was on tv !image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning all

    birky - sounds like your family are really enjoying the games. Does look there is a lot of local support with the stadiums pretty busy which is great for the athletes. 

    kate - I am toying with the idea of doing both the swim and the run. You would have to warn Mr F that I am pretty slow and he would need to wait around till pretty late in the evening for me to finish!! Let me know if he is interested...I should be able to do the swim in 1:30 if I don't prat around and am hoping to get my marathon time down....

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all.... or should I say nearly afternoon.

    A NOC threshold run and am struggling a little with my breathing at the moment. Not sure if its allergies,a cold or what... but really struggling to keep an even breathe pace.

    How is everyone else getting on?

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    I seem to have moved to NOC runs this week! Nice 6 miles yesterday afternoon - have to wait till OH gets home from work as I am alone with a 10 year old during the day, and much as he tells me he is happy for me to leave him and go for a run I am not happy leaving a 10 year old alone in the house. 

    planning another run when OH gets home today too image we have been school uniform shopping in Nottingham, pain in the bum!

  • Morning

    Well done Greg Rutherfordimage

    Off soon as start work at 7.30am a long day today. At The Green we have both the men and women's cycling time trials

    Met Lee Craigie the Scottish women who was a cracking 7th in the women's mountain biking and she'd a bike worth £7 k !!!imageimage

    Also talked to a couple of Team England and Team Australia athletes.

    Have a good one.

  • You too Birky. Morning all...

    About to bike off into the mist!

    Toddle pip
  • Morning all - hour on the turbo, was supposed to be a run as well but overslept after swim training until 10 with my new tri club, get me. Good night of athletics birky, cyclists take to the roads today too. PSC, I'm sure you can still rip it up with the best of them. MC, I will consult Mr F, but planning more than a week ahead normally blows his mind!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    morning all

    well 8 miles NOC yesterday afternoon and slept in longer than I had planned this morning. Better not push it too much with the running anyway - don't want to be back on the injury bench. 

    off out on the bike with my youngest son this morning and swimming tonight

  • Ta-dar..... The end of the week is upon us! Morning peeps.
  • Morning

    Well it was Time Trial Day at the Commonwealth Games and I met all the medalists. I had a blether with Geriant Thomas. Nice guy who had had a good season so far image

    Working 10am-9.30pm today then a rest day tomorrow - Ya Beauty image

    NW: 1 Porsche, 1 Kingsmill Van, 2 cats, 1 fox, 4 snails, 1 squirrel,1 cyclist.

    Morning psc.

    Catch up time

  • morning all

    birky - I love Geraint Thomas, seems not to have the ego that some of the others have!

    I will admit to not getting up early again today, had planned a long run tomorrow but the weather looks bad so might do that on Sunday instead

    loads of housework and gardenening to do though


  • Morning all - a little later for me this morning too but 5 miles done. Birky, sounds like you're having a great time. MC, pop over and sort out my house when you're done with yours please.

  • kate - haha, don't think mine will ever be sorted!! I have managed to shift a thick layer of dust from the bits of the bathroom that never get used....

  • morning

    oh, I am the first? Haven't done anything apart eat breakfast yet! 

    Scout is coming back from camp today so a bit of a washing marathon coming up later....

  • Morning all - slightly disrupted training this morning, 4 mile run 2 OR, then got to the pool to find it's closed for 2 weeks for repair. Now call me cynical but I can't see them starting work on a Saturday. Waited for the Lido to open instead for a nice swim in the open air. Half ironman tomorrow so will start the monster packing shortly. Had 2 fillings yesterday, one was so deep it hit a nerve so felt pretty shocking yesterday afternoon, amazingly a bike ride didn't improve it so I think I will be scraping round tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend all, good luck if anyone is racing, Emmy and 5.30 must have a cheeky marathon somewhere.

  • good luck Kate, hope your fillings feel better soon

  • See you tomorrow Kate. I'll be somewhere helping out. image

    Did a couple of laps to and over box hill today. So many bike. Awesome!
  • Excellent, see you later PSC. Mr F is doing the full aqua bike so I have a lot of waiting around at the start.

  • Morning kate

    Great run in the 5000m by Jo Pavey

    Walked Geordie not long ago and he's just lay down for an after brekkie snoozeimage

    Last CG shift today. Cycling Road Races start and finish at The Green

    Have a good one

  • I will be there late as have to be "dad's tax"i first.

    What a lovely day. image
  • morning

    enjoy the last day birky

    feeling a bit lurgified so nothing today

  • Morning you lot

    Poured yesterday during the road races image. Well done to Lizzie Armistead and Geriant Thomasimage

    Walked Geordie for 30mins back to bed as had a 15 hour shift ,well an 8 and a 7 and only 5 hours of sleep last night

    Loved the Road Races yesterday and I got great views of them.

    Back later

  • Morning all - nothing for me, I'm thinking if I don't do anything until tonight that will count as a rest day. Great event yesterday, and lovely to see PSC, massive PW for me though which I can only put down to a windy bike leg. Run and swim were good so all is not lost. Catching up on some sleep for you now the CWG are over then birky. Have a good day all.

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