Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • well done yesterday Kate. The bike time is always so dependent on conditions

    nothing for me yet, maybe later, see how I am feeling

  • Morning all.... I was shattered yesterday after one day marshalling so Birky, you must be exhausted!

    Great to see you too Kate and fab to finally meet Mr F.

    Ok, I need to get up! :/
  • Morning

    kate: Well done

    Cracking sunrise here when out 35mins steadily off road with Geordie.

    NW: One cracking sunrise, with lots of colours. 2 snails, 2 dogs,10 cows, 6 horses 1 red tent with kids camping, 1 cyclist.

    Catch up time soon

    Back later

  • Morning pscimage

  • Morning all - a good long leap around the garage this morning, track and spin tonight. PSC, Mr F still hasn't recovered from the excitement of his podium spot. Nice sunny day now birky but isn't it dark first thing.

  • morning all

    didn't realise MrF had a podium spot!! Well done to himimage


  • Lol... If he hadn't stopped for a wee he might have been on a higher step!image

    Nite all
  • Morning all!
  • Morning - late night and early start PSC, burning the candle. Turbo and run NW slugs, snails and magpies. Forget the wee, the going the wrong way twice, falling off and getting lost on the swim to do 5K didn't help! Looks like summer got packed away overnight, rainy and grey start.

  • yep... work still demanding the hours!

    Oh yeah, I forgot he did all that too!  LOL.  

    It's tiddling down here so running kit has gone into the car for a lunchtime run.  Please come back summer.... 

  • morning all

    managed to get out for a quick 2 miles when the rain stopped image NW - slugs and snails and a rabbit

    up at 3am tomorrow to head off to switzerland for a couple of weeksimage

  • Evening

    35mins easily done off road with Geordie this morning

    Yeah it is beginning to still be dark at 5amish now.

    maths: Enjoy Switzerland

  • Have a good holiday MC. Nice sweaty hot yoga session done now off to the pool.

  • Morning gang

    A cracking sunrise when out earlier, a 'burst' of colours.

    35 mins steady off road with Geordie.

    NW: 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 squirrel, 2 snails, 6 or 7 cows. 6 horses, 2 cyclists.

    Mr F: Well done re podium spotimage

    Back later

  • Morning all, morning birky - spin class for me this morning. I thought someone had left the lights on the sun was so bright this morning, unfortunately it's not a rare occurrence and I spend a lot of time switching off lights that no one else seems to see. No post at 3am from MC, very slack.

  • Belated morning kateimage

  • Morning you lot

    What: 40mins Steady and mostly off road.

    Why: Just to stretch the legs.

    NW: 2cats, 2 snails,1 squirrel, 1 Kingsmill Van,image 6 cows,  6 horses

    Back later

  • You have to love early morning runs lol

  • Welcome Northern Lass: Indeed you do.

  • In for a nosey. Nope it's quiet on here.

  • Morning

    Off out with Geordie in a few minutes.

    Back later

  • Afternoon all - 86 mile bike and 4.5 mile run, last big session before Vichy. Went to Chris' lake last night for a swim, ended up with a swimsuit full of duck/swan poo, which was then all over clothes, towels, Mr F, I won't be rushing back! Cuppa with PSC before he headed to his stag do, not sure he'll be SOCing tomorrow morning. Are you back on the shifts now birky?

  • Evening

    That swim sounds yucky Kate. 

    No runs yert for Mr but I am planning on one tomorrow

  • Morning..... God, I'm tired!

    A very successful stag weekend done and dusted.... Success being measured by the amount of fun we all had! Great to see Kate and Mr F for a cuppa and to hear the duck poo story first hand! image how did Mr F do in his swim yesterday?
  • Morning - turbo, run and beautiful swim in the lido done. Mr F had a great swim yesterday, 14K down the Thames, I didn't get a chance to run as I was on duty in case they cancelled the race, Bertha wasn't messing around. Got soaked when I got out in the afternoon, I think I spent the day wetter than he was.

  • Morning kate and psc

    I had a longer lie today. Unusual I admit.

    Catch up time

    Back later

  • You weren't out on the sauce with PSC were you birky?

  • Morning all

    Well done to Mr F on the swim. That is a long way to swim!

    We did a ridiculously hard walk yesterday up a mountain and back. Youngest son was even crying at one point. Beautiful views though.

  • MC, you are so cruel!!

  • Morning Kate: Nah I'm still recovering from the Commonwealth Games. Haven't touched a drop imageimage

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