Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    ooh! that looks awesome! Thanks Kate!

  • We can virtually connect Emmy, that is my new garage prancing!

  • evening all

    new job is going really well, kids are very different to the kids you get in a comprehensive! 

    hmmm, I could do with some core work, think I will take a look!

    nothing this morning because  I am shattered!

  • Morning all - fitness blender boot camp day 1 and 7 miles over the fields. I am now banjaxed, these bloody ironman things take a while to get over. Emmy, good luck for today, and tomorrow, I've upgraded my medals vase to a broomstick on hooks in the garage. Glad all is well in the new job MC.

  • LOL.. it took me about 3 months Kate!  Tried to do a half IM 2 months after a full and I was shredded.... mind you I was younger then!  Much more resilient now! hahahahaha

    Maths - good news on the job front - always a worry starting a new one, but it sounds as if all's well.

    Morning peeps - bit grey here at the moment.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Maths - great to hear that you're getting on well in your new job

    Kate - I'm going to do the core work tomorrow. My core has been getting enough work lifting boxes. I like the idea of the broomstick on hooks. That sounds good.

    Its really misty and humid here at the moment.

  • morning

    14 miles for me, took it really really slowly, and then slowed down more when I decided to follow an unknown footpath sign and the path got more and more overgrown. So not as far as I liked in the time I had, but calf/achillies area wasn't sore so I thought I would stop while I was ahead

    NW - rabbits, hawks, heron

    DW - crow

    swimming later

  • Morning all 6 miles, slowly. Not much of a NW, couple of dogs a a duck. Very painful sports massage, then yoga and maybe a swim later. Or maybe a pint of cider as this is  lazy week.

  • Morning you lot

    Back from working 12 hour shifts stewarding at NATO in South Wales last week. Enjoyed it to be honest

    Easy 30 mins mostly off road to blow the cobwebs away.

    NW: Cracking Sunrise with a burst of a blue sky and reds  pinks, yellows too 4 horses 6 cows , 1 owl, 2 cats, 3 dogs, 2 cyclists. Sky Rider was thereimage So he's not doing Tour of Britain or Vuelta thenimage

    Cold start to the day here.

    Lots to catch up on

    Back later as coffee calling

  • Morning all - welcome back birky, did you get an Obama handshake? 6 miles and garage boot camp this morning, still slow! NW 1 dog. Misty old morning out there, any chance of some sunshine when it clears I wonder.

  • Morning Kate: No but on the Thursday morning  I saw his full Presidential motor cavalcade going up through Celtic Manor.

    Very Impressive !

  • morning all

    wow, important stewarding duties there birky!

    rest day for me

    I seem to have been transported to some alternate universe where the children all have equipment and work in silenceimage bit of a shock to the system but I think I could get used to this!

  • Morning you lot

    35 mins easy off road dull, cool dry

    NW: 1 owl, 2 deer. First time in ages that I've seen any deer. 1 robin red breast singing away. 4 horses, 6 or 7 cows, 1 squirrel.1 cyclist, 1 other runner.

    Oh and 1 Kingsmill Vanimage

    Coffee, as usual is calling.

    Back later

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Birky - that's a claim to fame to have seen the presidential motor!

    Maths - are you sure they're not all on drugs?

    10k as the sun rose for me. An awful night's sleep and a twingy knee made me ease off the pace a tad.

  • Morning all - garage prance for me, track tonight. Amazing sunrise this morning, shepherd's warning it may be but beautiful nonetheless.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    KateF wrote (see)

    Morning all - garage prance for me, track tonight. Amazing sunrise this morning, shepherd's warning it may be but beautiful nonetheless.

    I was trying to work it out this morning. Red sky at night; shepherds delight? Red sky in morning, shepherds warning?

  • That's the way I know it.

  • evening all

    back to the early morning running and 4 miles under a beautiful full moon

    Emmy - yep, that's how I know it too. They may be on drugs, I don't care! They actually listen and do what they are told and work in silence!! (ok, not all of them, but I haven't needed to raise my voice or tell anyone off yet!) They hold doors open and say thank you at the end of a lesson! And not in a sarcastic tone either image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Woah - that's a real difference Mathschick. Does anyone remember "the demon headmaster"? The school kinda reminds me of that!

    Out this morning and its the first time that its still been dark when ive come back home. Felt so productive for what i managed to achieve before 6am!

  • Morning all - turbo and boot camp for me, too banjaxed after track last night for a run so will go later, the tri club swim. I know what you mean Emmy, I like a nice smug feeling to start the day. MC, keep them on the drugs if it's working. Two meow sleeps until San Fransisco for Mr F's swim, I am going to get so fat out there! Happy hump day.

  • Morning you lot

    Geordie has had a real upset stomach over the past 24 hours, so I was up and out and back with him before 5am ! Then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Think he's okay now.

    Sunny but cold start to the dayimage. Full moon when out earlierimage

    Catch up time soon.

    Back later

  • hi

    4 miles for me again under the full moon image

    birky - hope Geordies tummy is ok now

    Kate - have fun in SF - we went a few years ago and loved it, though I hated the touristy fisherman's pier bit. Alcatraz was great though ;D somehow managed not to leave the kids there!

    I never read/saw 'the demon headmaster' - I think one of my kids read the book though

  • Evenng

    maths: Yeah it seems to be thanks.

    Cracking warm day u[p here. 22 Degreesimage we'd normally be really pleased with that for early July !image

  • Morning you lot

    Cold and clear on her. going out with Geordie

    Working 11am - 6pm today at  a Leaders debate in Glasgow

    Back later

  • Morning again

    NW: 1 owl, 1 cat, 1 cyclist. 1 Kingsmill Van. 1 full moon.

    There was one field that I usually go round and it was covered in a low lying mist/fog, yet the very next field was completely clear !

  • Morning all - 5 miles and a garage prance, NW 2 foxes. Had a beautiful run in the woods last night and saw two deer bouncing away. Have you decided yes or no yet birky? If it's a no do you have to leave us?

  • Morning Kate

    NO for me next Thursday. I think anything else will be a complete and utter disaster for Scotland.image

    NO I'll be the SOC 'foreign correspondent'imageimage

  • I would love to know how to get up early to run, I love running at afternoon/night but i can barley open my eyes in the morning to get to work!! NOT a morning person at all but would love to change.

  • You lot are so lucky, 

    Out at 5 this morning, dark and horrible - 5 miles run wild life seen none!!! but two police cars.

  • evening all

    nothing for me today because I am tired, so rest day. 

    The mornings when I have been driving to work have been beautiful, low lying sun and mist over the fields and the RAF bases I now drive past!

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