Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning you lot

    35mins steady off road to get out

    Dry, cold , no wind. Bit foggy again in the fields.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 robin red breast, 1 full moon, 1 snail.1 Kingsmill Van, 2 cyclists

    Off to Murrayfield to work at the Edinburgh Rugby tonight and then Proms in the Park tomorrow (long shift)

    re Scottish Political debate yesterday: It was quite funny to see George Galloway agree with the Scottish Conservative Leader on the platformimage One of the things I thought I'd never see or hearimage

  • Morning all - extra S to my SOC this morning, up at 3.30 to get on the turbo and run so I can tire myself out for the flight to San Francisco. NW 2 dogs. Birky, you are a busy man, do you get to watch any rugby or do you have to keep looking into the crowd? Grendel, you might not see any creatures but you do score 2 on PW, plod watch. Brizo, it's just a habit, but you do need to talk yourself into it the first few times.

  • Morning Kate and joakin

    Kate: It depends where you are working. Last sat I only saw 5mns of the match at Scotstoun when on my break.

  • There was a huge owl population in Vichy, and probably still is. No kittens though and Mr F is convinced that is because owls eat kittens. So birky, I'll be interested if you ever see kittens and owls in the same place.

  • Kate; Mmm good one re kittens and owls. I'll keep an eye on 'Ovett'. Thats' what I named 'our' SOC owl image

  • Rest day for me today - got to lie in until just before 6 am - nice -

    I don't talk myself into it I just get up and go - the earliest I have done is 3:25 for a 20 before the Halstead marathon - was finished in time to hand over easter eggs to the family -

    Enjoy the early starts living by the north sea on the essex coast have had some lovely mornings recently - quite dark - (some cr*p ones too) but wouldn't have it any other way. 

  • evening all

    kate - that was super early, have fun in SF

    Loads of owls round here, sometimes they keep us awake at nightimage

    4 miles for me this morning, a bit sleepy and slow and warmer than I expected

  • morning

    back to the old Saturday routine of spinning then swimming

  • Morning you lot

    Sunny start to the day here. Been out off road with Geordie.

    NW: 1 owl, 2 beer kegs, 3 dogs,  2 robin red breasts that were singing way on top of  bush and 1 Sky Cyclist

    .Working a 12 hours shift at Glasgow Green today. It's the bbc Proms in the Park.

    Catch up time soon

  • Morning maths.

  • evening birky image hope you had a good day, proms in the park sounds like fun

    better get to bed soon, need to get up far too early for a Sunday to have time to get a long run in!

  • Morning you lot

    Off out soon for 40mins Steady, to get the legs moving.

    Right must get going...

    Back later

    maths: I had a cracking view at Proms.image


  • Morning all, 

    Up and out for 5 - dark, overcast and intending to do an easy 5. Hamstring pinging away - rather strangely given that there was very little wind, the waves were crashing down on the beach - despite it being dark, my progress along the sea wall is marked by peoples security lights popping on and off as I make my rather sedate way along the top - even the beach cleaner isn't out now at this time.  5 done, a run that did speed up as it got lighter - 

    Alarm set for 4:30 tomorrow as I will have to run to where my wife works to collect her bike as she will probably get a lift home tonight!! 


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Apologies for being offline. Moving and a double marathon left me a little without internet!

    Grendel - lovely to see you back!

    *waves to everyone else*

  • Thanks Emmy, I do appear now and again! But always out running
  • Morning you lot

    Grendel: Yup good to have you back mate.

    45mins steady ,dry.coldish. no wind and good to get out

    NW: 1 owl, 4 horses, 1 dog, 2 cyclists and 1 robin redbreast which again again singing away

    Coffee and catch up time soon

    Back later

  • Morning, and thanks birkmyre.

    4:45 street lights out and thick sea mist made for an interesting start. It wad only the blinking on of a security light that announced the presence of two lads quite obviously drunk or high. Deciding I didn't want any early morning trouble I took a slight detour away. I am guessing those two were my only contribution to wild life seen. 6 miles done and because Wednesday is club night a lie in tomorrow. 6 o'clock. Happy days
  • Morning again

    Grendel:No probs mate

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Misty here as well. A colleague due to fly out from london has had her flight cancelled so my SOC was nearly for nothing. A beautiful day out there! Running around the local lake and it was amazing to feel the difference in temperatures at different areas.

    Grendel - I see a few of those on saturday or sunday mornings if i'm out running early! They normally look at me with some weird expression as if to say: what the hell? A few weeks ago the question came: what are you running from? I just replied: where am I running to is the better question!

    NW: 1 mahoosive looking bird looking for breakfast (huge wingspan, hovering pattern), 6 dogs, 4 swans, 2 geese.


  • Morning emmy

    Grendel: I hope your hamstring settles down. I pulled mine doing a track session many years ago and did a high jump p.b. went it went !imageimage

  • Thanks - birkmye - my fault really, was doing a structured session with my new club mates and was trying to stay nearer the faster runners so probably straining a bit and it went in the middle - but kept going with it - so am a bit dubious so may try to stay at the back tomorrow and not get involved in anything at the front.

  • evening all

    Emmy well done on another crazy double weekend

    yesterday - nothing. Today 4.5 miles in the mist, very warm actually. NW - 1 massive toad and 1 OR. Owls heard

  • Evening/morning all.... Been to Crete. Wow what a place. Run and swam most days at sun up (7am). Explored the rest of the time and ate loads. Fab time.

    Have I missed much/goes to read back.
  • Morning you lot

    35 mins easy as my legs are feeling a bit stiff today.

    Dry, mild, no wind.

    NW: 1 owl, 6 horses, 1 robin, 2 snails, 2 cats, 1 cyclist 1 other runner down on main road.

    Coffee calling and will catch up as usual.

    psc: Crete sounds great.image

    Back later

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    PSC -welcome back!

    Maths - hows the new job going?

    I was out last night walking the pooch and came across my first hedgehogs for the year! Quite impressive as they were so big

    this morning's run was over before the sun came up... i fear this may be a common occurence now image

    NW: 10 dogs (that time of day), 4 chickens running loose, 1 unidentified animal (possibly a sheep or a dog), 10 sheep

  • morning emmy: Good NW todayimage

  • Hi all, No early run for me today as club night, but lie in didn't happen, the problem is with pets (and children) they get into a routine and the cat especially was expecting his breakfast at normal time. Was tempted to run early and then again tonight but with hamstring didn't want to risk it and with the Wix 5 (target race in just over a month) decided against it - might dip out of the structured session (done on roads tonight) and jog around at the back. 

    Will be an early start tomorrow though (promise) alarm set for 4:50.


  • Grendel; I know what you mean re pets and routine. Our Labrador expects me to walk him before and after I work an night shift !

  • Luckily the cat doesn't expect to be walked - we had a cat flap installed last week but he hasn't got the hang of, or would rather I get up and let him in or out!

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