Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • evening all

    not getting chance to post in the mornings - but 5 miles done today

    Emmy - I am so glad I have moved there it is so much better than the last place image

  • Morning

    45mins Steady Off road earlier

    Just to get out, darker again in the mornings.

    NW: 1 owl, 3 dogs, 2 robins on our fence singing away, 1 Kingsmill Van, 1 cat and 6 horses.

    Scots, please, please vote NO

    'You know it makes sense'.

    maths: Glad the new job is going well.

    Catch up soon

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Birky/Grendel - i'm lucky with Boyska that he doesnt really complain. Although if it's really early then he just takes a whlie to get himself moving.

    Maths - well done on the 5 miles

    Grendel - Sounds like a safe call to avoid messing up the hamstring.

    Another 10k as the sun was rising (so relative NOC). Was really nice and kept the pace nice and easy. One rave for this  morning: owners that can keep their dogs under control. Woman with 4 dogs this morning and when she said stay - they all stayed in their respective positions and let us pass.

    Was lovely to see... when normally it's the opposite.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Birky - I think this is one vote that's too close to call but will cause 1/2 of scotland to be very upset with whatever result it is.

  • Morning all, agree on the dog front Emmy - It is nice to know that an owner has their dog/s under control, not always the case.

    Well I kept to the back last night until I knew the extra strong paracetamol had kicked in and without stretching out too fast managed to get closer to the front. No real reaction to this morning - still sore but nothing I can't handle.

    Up at 5 am - a really nice morning - no cloud and the moon shining down with an early mist rolling in off the sea - a 5 mile easy recovery run - No wildlife not even a drunk this morning!!!

    Rest day tomorrow.


    Won't get into the Scotland Independent thing, have an opinion but I hope every Scott makes their vote count and they get the decision that everyone can live with. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Grendel - no drunks?! On a Thursday morning? Your area is slackingimage

  • emmy: It has been at times an election with the threat of anger in the air. Never experienced that before at any electionin my lifetime.

  • Evening all - I'm back, and straight off the flight and into work for a client do tonight, tough work and all that. I SOCed every day but one, went out with a running club on the Saturday, they had 7 or 8 different pace groups, there were hundreds of them! Couldn't count OR as every day there were so many, it's a city that takes it's fitness seriously with segregated paths and water fountains everywhere. Mr F did his swim without wetsuit so was very pleased with himself. I'll catch up with the exploits tomorrow, for now I just need to try and stay awake for the next few hours.

  • 55% of Scots have voted NO so Scotland votes no to independence

    Thank Goodness.image

  • Morning all - sensible choice rules this morning. Nothing for me, wide awake from 2 - 3am so the 4.30 alarm was snoozed instead. If I stay awake then run and pool beckons tonight.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Birky - good news!

    Kate - Sounds like a great time! Loved the pic of Mr F in his trunks! Sounds like a sensible option

    Managed to get in a little 9k this morning before work. Hamstring was complaining so did some ORODíng before this weekend's double

  • What's lined up for this weekend Emmy? Being lazy I am just doing one at the Pilgrims on Sunday.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I wanted to do pilgrims as well Kate.

    Tomorrow is a beer marathon in Belgium (i know...image I cant wait!) and sunday is the Den Haag Marathon. Although, I've just read the course description and 6k is along the BEACH. I was hoping for a nice flat road marathon! Then a few days rest before hoping over to Folkestone on Wednesday for Tolkin's run and to pick up some more English Chocolate and cookies image

    Somehow I've planned all of my marathons until Christmas to be doubles image

  • Good luck E mmy, hope you have a great weekend.

    Rest day for me - although wakened at 4 by a different cat, one that is quite vocal and we had never seen before yesterday though - I am afraid I may have thrown a mug full of water at him/her 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Grendel - *just* water? I would have thrown something much heavier!

  • Didn't want to hurt him, I just thought he was being unfair, I have two days off from early morning runs per week, one for club and one for a  rest day and still to be woken at stupid o'clock - not on. 

  • emmy: Great news re NO vote. You mentioned Christmas !image

  • Morning you lot

    Easy session today. Working from 1pm -10.15pm tonight at Glasgow Hydro.

    NW: 1 owl, 12 cows, 2 dogs, 5 or 6 horses, 1 cyclist.

    Smiry rain on earlier. However it's  off now.

  • morning all

    swam on Thursday, rested yesterday (a bit shattered from the shock of being back at work and getting used to a new place etc)

    spinning then swimming this morning

    Emmy - good luck for another double weekend

    kate - good luck at pilgrims, and well done to Mr F. 

  • Morning maths: Enjoy the spinning and swimming today.

    emmy: All the best with the weekends double.

    Kate: Same to you at Pilgrims.

    Geordie wakened me today, he's my second wake up. Oh and he's snoozing away at my feet...

  • Morning all - swim, then 4 mile run, legs felt heavy but decent pace. Swim felt like I hadn't been in the water for 3 weeks, which is fair, because I haven't. Good luck this weekend Emmy, run and drink beer well. Misty morning here, but feels warm so the shorts are staying out.

  • Good luck to all those racing,

    Early start, 5am. Dark, foggy and rather eerily a thunderstorm storm out over the sea, flashes breaking through the gloom. 7 miles, including 5 miles tempo(ish).

    No wildlife or drunks.
  • Morning you lot

    Rest Day today

    Walked Geordie and it was cold and sunny when out.

    NW: 3 cats, 5 dogs, 1 owl, 2 robin red breasts, 1 fox and 2 Fire Engines which were both up at our local Secondary School !

    All the best to those racing today.

  • Morning all.

    Once again in terms of wildlife birkmyre beats me hands down!

    Up and out at 5:20. Dark windy and cold. Up the "cliff top" and through Clacton and back down along the promenade. Got to see the sun rise over the sea. 10 miles run, got to see a group in the beach dressed in white robes drumming and chanting, I waved at one of their number who turned and stared, no response. Druids I expect.
  • Oh dear, big PW for me today, 50 minutes slower than the last time I ran this race. I have finally got to admit I'm injured and go to get referred to have an op on my heel spur. Still a lovely race, and an excellent NW with 2 llamas and a ferret. Something in the air Grendel as I saw three people dressed as Pilgrims, 2 as wolves and amother as death which felt wonderfully appropriate at the time.

  • evening all

    kate - that is bad news image but get it sorted and you will get back to normal in no time. At least you can still swim - can you bike?

    I am guessing all the druids are for the equinox?

    anyway, manic day for me - up early to do a 20 miler, part way through as I was enjoying an off road run down a path I have never been down, with foxes and rabbits, my feet were getting wet from the grass and I realised we needed to buy youngest son some waterproof boots to take on camp next weekend - his old ones were too small so we chucked them at the end of the holiday. So I rushed home, took him to buy boots, dashed back, made lunch, got kids to band practice and out to finish off the run. I am now shattered, need to make more food and am going to skip swimming tonight and have an early night

  • Morning you lot

    40mins Steady to start the day. Okay run.

    NW: Mostly the usual suspects. 1 owl, 1 Kingsmill Van, 6 horses, 8 or 9 cows. 1 robin red breast, 1 cyclist

    Not a bad morning, dry, mild and no wind.

    Coffee calling, so will now catch up.

  • Grendel: I'm fortunate NW wise, in that I can be out the door and 5 mnutes later be running across fields.

  • Morning - little trot, turbo and weights this morning. Pitch black and tripped over the lawnmower Mr F had forgotten to put away last night which was an interesting surprise.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Kate - bad news re; your heel. Was 5.30 also in fancy dress again? Maybe we should change his name to the dark lord?

    Maths - what a great and productive sunday!! image

    Birky - Yep.... it's christmas planning time as I speak.

    grendel - they sound like a strange bunch to be out so early in the morning.

    A weird double for me. Saturday's beer marathon went really well. Nice even pacing, had a few beers and really enjoyed the run. Nice mix of road and trail and i just had a blast. Yesterday had a stonkingly bad one at Den Haag. 12k on soft sand in a wind force 5 headwind made me have several sense of humour failures. Finished in my slowest time for a while and was absolutely knackered.

    NOC (7am) recovery run for me. Needed the rest

    NW: 10 sheep (i counted to take my mind off things), 3 dogs, 1 kamikaze cat.

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