Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning you lot

    Morning Gobi.

    Cold and clear morning here today. NW: 1 owl, 2 robin red breasts on our fence singing way, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 cyclist

    Still to catch up.

  • Morning all - my work do had more booze than PSC's so yesterday was a little quiet. 6 miles and fitness blendered, felt like the only person alive out there this morning. Spin tonight and a few diet days for me. First XC of the season on Sunday, must mean it's winter. Sun's shining now though, doesn't quite make up for the fact I'm watching the traffic on Piccadilly though. Right, first meeting of the day, have a good Thursday all.

  • Morning

    Run and bike yesterday mostly between showers but got caught by a brief storm at one point. Dry and mild this morning but getting quite muddy on the trails. XC for me too on Sunday - at Pamber forest. Is that the one you're doing Kate? Will need to warm up properly pre race or my achilles/heel injury will mean a slow start - it's fine once I've been running for 5 or 10 minutes.

    NW: cows and dogs and squirrels

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    PSC wrote (see)
     Emmy, back to backing after BH is going to be a tough one. 

    Yeah... im a little worried about that but shouldnt be too bad as long as i dont blast it at Beachy

    Gobi wrote (see)
    PSC - planning exit strategy now

    Emmy - I'm a runner not a power walker, I want drink stations with people ready not meal STOPS and dislike banking that are too steep to run up or down.

    In effect I didn't like the location, the surface, the course, the aid stations.


    Hi Gobi - thanks for this. I guess when you're front of the pack then it doesnt make much sense. i hope the exit strategy goes to plan.

    Had a NOC at 7.30 this morning so felt positively refreshed.I've got a new HRM that i wear on my wrist and it's a superb little piece of kit!

    NW: 5 dogs, 2 swans, 1 unidentified animal lurking in the woods that Boyska took a great interest in

  • Morning chris, emmy and kate

    jd: No only a sip of water for me too, then stretch and out the door.

  • See you in the forest Chris.

  • Quick question for you early morning runners, do you have breakfast after yor run?
  • For anything up to 17 miles, after.

  • Afternoon all,  Breakfast always after. 

    Yep we did the sprint drills and stuff last night, I know it is supposed to help but it does seem a waste of time when we could be running. 

    Recovered better than last week, but was still tempted to have a "rest day" but was still up and out just after 5, initial idea was to do a recovery 3, but felt slightly better than expected so ploughed on and did a steady 5.

    Wild Life none (what does NW mean?) but if as E mmy said I am allowed photos, saw two hippos and some otters resting in the sun at Colchester Zoo.

    I did see a man with a van, (Arnie Dawson's dad) and a tax driver that was going a lot faster than I would have liked. BUT I did hear a dog bark and a cockerel crow.

    Pizza for Tea.

    Happy Thursday. 

  • NW - nature watch. Do we need to introduce ADDVW - Arnie Dawson's Dad's van watch?

  • In future I will use NW then now I know, it has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to ask! 

    image there you go then from now on ADDVW! (unless you lot want me to stop posting the silly stuff!)   

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I love it - what is coming next on ADDVW?

    Runner Johnnie - for me; i'll always have breakfast after unless i'm doing a marathon or run longer than 15 miles. Then it'll be porridge - 2hrs before. its more a time saver thing as i cant be hanging around in the morning waiting for my brekkie to process (and i dont think that my dog would let me!)

    Grendel -  I'm scared of sprint drills image. I dont mind threshold runs or tempos but i dont like the quick start and stop of drills.

  • Thanks emmy i got 2 dogs and think early running is a good call, suppose you enjoy your breakfast 2 after a good run image
  • As a distance runner can't see the point of sprint drills either to be honest - but the club coach gives up his time to do them so it seems churlish not to take part.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Jonnie - this is my boy. We both have a good breakfast afterwards and then he sleeps for a while!



  • Breakfast for me is simply a must after a morning run.

  • Nice dog Emmy. Husky?

  • speed work - works

    It is that simple kids

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Chris - Yep. Siberian. He loves to run and loves to chase rabbits/small furries.

    Gobi - is there a specific speed workout that you'd recommend? E.g. Yasso 800's?

  • Agree Gobi, I just can't see the benefit of hopping up and down and jumping etc - I was quite happy with the 30 second reps off 30 seconds followed by a 400 metre ish blast - 

    Do you do canni cross E mmy

  • It wouldn't be Yassos they are not true speedwork

    I make runners do things like

    3 x 6 x 30 seconds off 30 seconds with 2 mins between sets

    10 x 1 min faster than 5km pace off 1 min

    Last night we did 8 x 2 mins continual progressives off 2 mins

    Idea is you start around 10km pace and run faster every rep, by the last rep I was running 4.xx mile pace
  • Thats a good session - it is all the bouncing and jumping and hopping that I don't see the benefit of.  - limited time tomorrow morning so mine will be a 10 minute jog, 2 X 2 minutes off a minute recovery, then 2 X 90 seconds off a minute, two X 60 seconds off a minute, 2 X 45 secs off 45 secs then 2 X 30 secs off 30 then 10 minute warm down. all done in 40 minutes. (of course will be watching out for Arnie Dawson's Dad's van).

  • Plyometrics also have a place but you need to be very aware of your physical condition if you plan to do these.
  • Thanks for answering my question and what a beautiful dog, i hope to be part of this early morning worm catching group next week as recovering from a bournemouth marathon image
  • Runner Jonnie: Welcome to the madhouse.

    Busy thread todayimage

  • Morning you lot

    30mins Steady through the fog/mist this morning. That's a couple of misty mornings we've had recently.

    NW:  1 owl,3 dogs and 1 cyclist.

  • Morning all - morning birky - bit misty here as well, doesn't help the head torch beam. 5 miles fastish, then garage bounce. NW 1 cat peering through my door when I was putting on my trainers. No vans of note. Emmy, looks like the Meander/Stevenage double may be on, am getting pressure from other quarters, I've been told to expect rain and underpasses, sounds glorious.

  • Morning Kate

    No I could only see the headlights on the road today.

  • rested this morning after racing last night

    will run later as I think my legs may finally be over last Sunday

    Have fun out there
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    KateF wrote (see)

     Emmy, looks like the Meander/Stevenage double may be on, am getting pressure from other quarters, I've been told to expect rain and underpasses, sounds glorious.

    Underpasses AND rain? We're being spoilt image

    ADDVW - 1 loud van

    NW: 1 unidentified bird of prey. Large wing span - very loud, could catch mice.

    10k "easy" that turned into a tempo as i was running late. Now to try and get my car sorted before leaving for the UK tomorrow.

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