Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning

    Mixed bag of conditions this morning - clear and mild up on the hill tops yet cold and misty down in the valleys. Pool swim later.

    And for anyone with a spare hour or so this is worth a watch...

    Adventure Show - Celt Man Tri

  • Ooh, just reminded me, I saw a mouse this morning.

  • My world has another rest day in it. Truly is StopTober. This weekend will be hard and my legs are not their best so chilling out.

    Recovery/extra sleep

    Whatever next ....
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - do you have a fever? Hope that this weekend goes well,

    I'm looking forward to seeing 5.30 tomorrow morning and ive heard that he'll be in fancy dress again image

  • LOL er NO :?? )

    Just getting old :?? )
  • Afternoon all.

    Elected to have today as a rest day - so will do that session Saturday and then something longer Sunday and then a sleep in the cinema Sunday afternoon.

    Woke up to a different world today, seems that I now live in a UKIP area. I have therefore declared our bungalow to be an independent nation.

  • Not sure if I am starting agian but I have blogged

  • Swam 2 miles this afternoon with my newly purchased waterproof mp3 player which cost just £25 on Amazon. Swimming's not boring anymore!

  • Morning

    Dry, cold morning

    NW: 1 owl, 1 cat, 1 cyclist who was going at quite a decent pace. 1 paper boy on his bike, 2 robin red breasts both singing away.

  • Grendel: Oh no, not another small area having an Independence referendum image

  • Woke up at 4am yesterday (alarm is set for 5.15 - I leave for work at 6.30) and decided to run. Saw four people, a fox and a startled cat. The moon was bright and I could see stars, which is usually difficult in London. Ran 3.8 miles in 38 minutes which is fast for this old tortoise. That's probably the chocolate I ate the night before.

  • Morning all - 7 miles done now it on the bike. Catch up later.

  • Morning all.

    5:15 start, busy day ahead.

    Mile warm up, 2x2 minutes off a minute, 2x90 seconds off a minute, 2x60 seconds off a minute, 2x45 off 45, 2x30 off 30. And then because I enjoyed it so much, dif it again. Finished off with a fast(ish) half mile, a shower, Tesco, Shoe zone for sons second pair of shoes this term. Now 60 miles to father in law for lunch.

    NW. 2 late night revellers returning home, and ADDWV. (stationery) and heard a dog barking.
  • 6.5 muddy miles this morning and now off for a swim. 

  • First ride with my new tri club, 50 miles, loved it, apart from the rainy downhills. Grendel, sounds like you've had the worst day. Out tonight for a clubmate's 50th birthday, expect the Harriers to be slow tomorrow Chris.

  • Kate: Sounds good ride.

    Grendel:A good session today

  • Morning

    Rest Day, but not long back having walked Geordie through thick fog !

    Coffee calling

    Back later

  • Morning all.

    Nearly had a rest day today too. Turned alarm off, but remembered we are off to the cinema to see Ninja Turtles this afternoon. 120 minutes, 2 hours of sleep, so ip I got and off I trot, 3.5 miles run and decided that was enough for today. So ran home again.

    NW: 3 Yorkshire Terriers, 2 spaniels, a golden retriever. A sort of staff thing and a great dane the size of a small planet. Some seagulls, and heard some chickens and a goose
  • Missed the XC race this morning due to a sudden attack of laziness! 

  • Went out for 30 miles on the bike instead. NW 2 large birds of prey, 1 deer, several Alpacas. DW 1 hedgehog, 2 squirrels, 1 rabbit.

  • Wondered where you were Chris. I always recommend a 4 mile run for a hangover, I do not recommend a 5.13 mile XC race with an uphill finish. Yoga and swimming club to follow. Hope the marathons went well MC, Emmy and 5.30, enjoy the snooze Grendel.

  • NW 2 buzzards today! Nice to see on a 14 miler. Got the best of the weather I think. Lazy afternoon followed. Lovely jubbly.

    Sounds like everyones had fun.
  • Morning all - it's filthy out there. 6 miles and puddles up to my ankles PW 1. It's going to be a beautiful day walking around the streets of London with my broken brolly. 

  • Wet out

    I hate rain

    7.5 miles

    Got a "jog on my son" call at about 0530 today : ?? )
  • Morning you lot

    Morning Gobi: Good call !image

    Cold and dry here today

    NW: 1 owl, 2 dogs, 1 white cat, 2 robin red breasts, 2 cyclists.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Hard weekend.

    Fowlmead on saturday was a tough day out. Was lovely to see 5.30 image

    Eindhoven marathon yesterday and a good even paced effort.

    Out this morning for a recovery jog and a little sore but apart from that OK.

    NW Saturday: Lots of birds of prey that I couldnt recognise

    NW Sunday: Drunk dutchmen image

    NW Today: flock of sheep, 2 dogs

  • Morning emmy

    Kate: Hope the streets of London aren't / weren't too wet.


  • The streets of Farnham have been wet all  day!

  • hi all

    no socs last week with one thing and another, but York marathon on Sunday - first 18 miles were in thick fog, then the sun came out and it felt much hotter than it was. Training hadn't been quite as good as it was for Llanelli earlier in the year so I was half an hour slower - but fun, well organised, just a shame York was so bloody difficult to get away from afterwards!! But that makes 2 marathon finishes this year which I am very happy about! Just a little bit stiff and tired today

    Just need to get quicker!image

    Emmy - well done for your marathons at the weekend

  • Morning gang! Well it's been a long time since I tumbled out of the door at 6ish. I've missed it and today confirmed that. Nothing far or fast, just enjoyed being out in the predawn darkness. Managed a decent nights sleep for a change and just feel on top of the world now. Standby workmates it's going to be a fun high energy day. image There's a mild sort of damp feeling to the Kent weather map.

    How's the rest of the UK doing?
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