Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Geordie seems okay nowimage

    All the best for those doing Beachy Head.

  • Good old Geordie. image
  • Morning all

    First day as a member of the great unwashed so did nothing, ironically was up at 0500 anyway

    (insert crashed heavy on bike last night so rested and will run in daylight soon )
  • have fun today Gobi - is the bike OK by the way?image

    Morning team... rest for me today and up to the big smoke tonight for a spot of posh  nosh with some old Army buddies.  Perfect carb loading and (lack of) sleep prep for a mara on Saturday!


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - what happened on the bike?

    A rest day for me but i was up at 2 GMT to get over here to start work. A little tired and NO TEA at my parents. I may revoltimage

  • Morning

    Dry, cold and sun is out here todayimage

    35 mins Steady. NW: 4 dogs, 1 owl, 1 squirrel 2 robin red breasts1 Royal Mail Van, 1 cyclist

    Gobi: Hope you are okay

    psc: Enjoy the carb loading.


  • Got up and rode on - I clipped a tree at speed and took a fast exit image

    Bike is better than rider

    Off to see Fury with one of my brothers

    Have a lovely Friday

    ps. I have blogged for the curious oh and yes I really quit my job

    Gis a job, I could do that
  • Good luck tomorrow all, will be running on Brighton seafront at SOC so will see what wind conditions are like for BH. 

  • morning all

    good luck at Beachy

    Gobi - don't retrain as a teacher is my advice

    had a ridiculously busy week and now have the obligatory half term cold!

    was going to do Worksop half tomorrow but given the cold and the fact that we are going away for a couple of days I think I will give it a miss, recover from the cold and get back to everything when we are back

  • Morning

    Brightened up at the moment. It has been pouring and windy and the weather forecast is for more of the same later today...

    maths: Enjoy half term hols.

  • LOL Maths - ok

    Popped to Frimley parkrun today and saw a friend make it to 250, he should pass me next year.

  • A'noon Gobiimage

  • Fab day at beachy today. Saw lots of peeps I know and lovely to meet Emmy and 5:30 for the first time. Had a brilliant time running with M. So big thank you to her for a cracking birthday pressie. image
  • Evening all

    I have been racing and suffered a great deal but loved it

    Went for a run as well but my back and calves are not happy, this does not make me happy
  • Morning all - core work for me, lots of running and catching up over the weekend. Well done on Beachy, Snowdonia, Stort and any other races. Another busy week beckons.

  • Jogging and core for me

    First day as a free man and stil out before 0600
  • day off for me... well day off running anyway!

    Any leads on something new Gobi?

  • Morning gang.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Was so lovely to finally meet PSC at Beachy. He smiled at me from the across the mud sodden path and I knew... knew it had to be himimage In all seriousness - was lovely to finally meet you! But I did notice that 5.30 ran away from me (and probably stole all of the sausage rolls and mars bars at CP2!).

    A hell of a weekend for me. Really tough and yesterday I was a tired mess. Managed a 7k recovery run but was up at SOC to receive our new furniture. They said they'd be here between 7-10 and arrived at 6.30! Luckily i was just sorting out boyskas breakfast and fully dressed

  • Morning - run and spin last night so my friends at Fitness Blender and I had some quality garage time this morning, track tonight. Emmy, I'm not surprised you were tired, two massive races and travel galore! Another busy day beckons, and the sun is shining.

  • Admit I didn't really look at anything yesterday, will be checking a few leads today.

    Cold out but good clothing meant 2 good hours on the bike were done
  • 800m interval session this afternoon in an attempt to improve my speed. Was off road and on a slope which made it interesting! And finally shaken off the cold/cough that's been plaguing me for several days. NW 2 deer, 1 squirrel, 1 kestrel

  • Track session of one mile, 4 x 2 mins and another mile. So mild out there, only the darkness tells me it's autumn.

  • a few swift recovery miles done at lunchtime today - awesome!  Starting to layer up against the wind for coastal lunchtime plods.  It was pretty refreshing though, loved it.  

    Emmy - LOL.  It was great to meet you too.  it took me a bit longer to work out who 5:30 was... we had been over and undertaking each other for about 10 miles before something was said that triggered recognition!!  Lord knows how you ran a second mara the next day!  Although, that said, you were looking totally in control on the Saturday.  the checkpoints were not as well stocked as I've seen them in the past.  The first few were drinks only.  The mars bars and cakes started coming in later! I was surprised that you didn't have Boyska with you at BH.  I spotted about 8 K9X.

    Good running everyone (even if it is hamstering around a track)image

    Gobi, enjoy the freedom!!

  • morning all

    Emmy - I am not surprised you were tired after that weekend! 

    we have had a couple of days away but I got out for a run yesterday afternoon

    I need a good stretch because I can feel how tight my hamstrings are! Spinning this afternoon

  • 530am530am ✭✭✭

    Good Morning L&G

    Great t have met you PSC and of course Mrs PSC! I was recovering for several injuries so was pleased to finish without too much pain. 40 done this year.

    Emmy, it's best to be apart sometimes, I can't have too much of a good thing! This weekend Thames Meander and Stevenage with Fireworks double the following weekend. I'm sure I'll see you at some of those. I think you'll get to the 100 before me, you're a few ahead! I notice you have a tentative race in place....


  • Morning

    Just 3 miles xc this morning. NW 2 aggressive dogs, 2 'can't be bothered to train my dog properly' dog owners.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    PSC - indeed. I tried to run it within myself and take it easy (we'll not mention my aviation experiment of making flying sounds as i ran down one of the seven sisters after getting a little high on the sugar!).

    Maths - Sounds like a good plan. I'm doing the same at the moment as my legs are pretty tired.

    5.30 - Not to worry - you'll get the "joy" of my presence at your next four marathonsimage  Yep, i've spoken with Traviss about the best race to get the most amount of cake and he's suggested a few so i've two dates currently but i'll know more once winter hits.

    Out this morning at SOC and will now be quickly purchasing a new LED vest as well as some more arm bands. Ran with my headtorch last night and really struggled to see in the dark as the battery was running low. A rookie mistake.

  • Freedom means coffee shops

    Ran for 90 mins today still in shorts etc.

    I really should get a job before I enjoy this too much
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Gobi wrote (see)
    Freedom means coffee shops 

    In Holland that means another sort of freedomimage

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