Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • 530am530am ✭✭✭

    Good Afternoon L&G

    Gee whizz, it doesn't get any easier. Just like Emmy four marathons in 9 days. That's bloody hard work for me. Emmy is just far too cheerful and fast for my liking....

    A20 marathon this Sunday...no.45 of 2014.




  • Good effort E mmy and 530, your comments don't make me miss it though

    2hrs on the mtb and an hrs running this evening. All just ticking along

    How many in total 530 ?
  • 530am530am ✭✭✭

    Gobi, yesterday was #70, I'm seven behind Emmy and shedloads ahead of Kate! I met Kate at my third when she was a vet of 30 of the darn things....


  • LOL you have passed me now, I think I got to 67 but that took me from 1997 to 2012
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    5.30: Fast and cheerful? did you hear the swearing that I shouted at you on my last lap?image I did enjoy abusing you as you came in for the bell though!

    and dont worry - the pictures of your workout on saturday will stay on facebookimage

    Í'm on a break until dymchurch so you'll have time to regain some positions on me!

  • The holy trinity for me tonight, run, swim and spin. This is the thing 530, I've joined PSC and Chris on the dark side with triathlon so - *whisper it* I've pretty much stopped counting my marathon numbers. Emmy, sounds like you will be fully rested up to abuse 5.30 at Dymchurch. I saw Stefan at cross country yesterday and asked him what he would do when he hit the hundred, he looked a little bit lost, then the cheeky sausage took me down in the finishing chute.

  • Morning you lot

    Off out with Geordie in a minute.

    Back later

  • Morning all - turbo and swim for me, track later. I'm embarking on a running training plan  from a 1986 book by an American Scientist, looks like hard work, and they are amusingly just discovering heart rate monitors, lots of pics of men with big hair looking at big watches.

  • Why triathlon Kate ?

    I considered coming back to duathlon as it suits the training I do out of habit and then I priced a few events. Shall not bother after all. I hate to be tight but Tri/Du prices are ridiculous.

    More riding my bike and a little running for me later.

    Here is a thought, should I be flattered as I think I have my own lurker/stalker on this forum and another one ?
  • Morning

    Tough track session with Farnham Tri Club last night... Yasso 800s which I'd not heard of before! Feeling a bit sore this morning so will bike and swim later.

    Agree about the cost of Triathlons/duathlons.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - ooh - sounds interesting! A good stalker? (a.k.a friendly and not creepy)?

    Kate - Youve done what?!? image 

    Another rest day as my knee is still a little sore. BF turned around this morning and said; you really must be sore if you're not going out this morning!

  • Oh, last post disappeared. Gobi, did an ironman last year and apart from the price loved it, and enjoying the challenge of trying to improve three mediocre sports. One stalker two forums, or two stalkers? Emmy, wow, you are being sensible. Chris, yes, they do hurt a bit don't they.

  • Chris - Yasso 800s - are you sure or was it just 800s ? Principle of the session is if you can do 10 at x speed off the same recovery it should mean you can run a marathon in hours for the reps.

    so 10 x 800 in 2.40 off 2.40 means you should be able to run a 2.40 marathon. Never worked for me as I could always run the reps faster and never needed such a long recovery.

    E mmy - No not good - glad to see you being sensible

    Kate - just one person in 2 places

    Kate - would you believe as a non swimmer I have done 4 70.3 events. Initially I was driven in the hope it would make me swim but in reality my broken body couldn't do the swim training and I just got agitated at not being competitive hence played at duathlon for a while which plays to 2 sports I do quite well.
  • A'noon

    Booked tickets for January's International Indoor athletics in Glasgow for Miss B and myself.

    Kate: All the best with your Tri training.

  • evening all

    Emmy and 530 - well done for the weekend. Emmy - take care of that knee

    gobi - stalkers are not nice, there was a creepy bloke stalking me at one point and occasionally made a nasty comment. Hopefully has disappeared into the ether

    not done much for a couple of days as I have been a bit snowed under with marking, but going out for a run in a bit just to get some air although evening running round the streets is so annoying, all those cars and people!

    I am actually pretty rubbish at swimming biking and running, but I seem to get away with it, enter events, complete them in a ridiculously long time and no-one minds image actually, I have always been within the cutoffs so not a problem, I just wish I could finish quicker so I don't end up with ridiculously sized t-shirtsimage and have more of the day left!


  • Gobi - yes it was Yasso 800s, same as you described.

  • morning you lot

    Off out for a 35 min plod.

    Back later

  • Morning all - turbo again as was track last night, 2 x 800, 1 x 1600, 2 x 800. MC, I know what you mean about having more of your day if I was quicker, I like my marathons to start as early as possible in the morning so I don't miss out on lunch. Happy hump day all.

  • Morning

    Tri club swim swim session last night. 2.6K pyramid - 100m up to 500m and back again. Chucking it down outside now and stormy weather forecast for the next few days.

  • Morning again

    NW from earlier. 1 owl, 1 white cat, 1dog ,1 cyclist

    Good sessions going on at the moment.

  • 11 as flat as I can find here in France - lovely out

    I saw some cars

    So 2hr 10 marathon Chris
  • 3hr 35 marathon if the theory holds true!

  • 30k this morning. So windy, but the sun came out with a couple of miles to go which was awesome. Legs were still battered after last Thursday's marathon, so combined with the wind, it was pretty tough.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all image

    Charles - did you seriously just say 30k in the morning after last thursdays' marathon?.... that's awesome!

    a little stretch of the legs. Just 7k but felt great to be out there.

  • A'noon

    Charles; You ran 30k after a marathon only last Thursday ?!

  • er yeah, pretty daft image Last week got up, had a drink and ran out the door (5:10am) and grabbed a PB (3:14), but was only running at 95% of target pace (no water, 2 gels), so the "Am I able to walk down stairs normally" test suggested I only needed a couple of days off (I took 3). Today's run was very sedate in comparison (140bpm). Aiming for sub3hrs very soon.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Charles - you legend!

  • evening all

    Charles - well done!

    nice slow 4 miles this morning for me - good to be back out at soc

  • Morning gang! Tucking into some buckwheat muesli, lovely jubbly. Seem to be doing my plods after work at the moment!

    Charles, good running.
  • put in another 3hrs 30 mins on the bike today in Autumnal rather than winter weather here in France. Will be sad to come home...

    Last day tomorrow and will run and ride again

    then onto the serious side of life - employment
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