Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • yes there is Chris, where to start really

    Cleats set up right

    Correct size bike




  • Not to mention cadence!

    Morning all....
  • Morning Chris and Gobi

    Out with Geordie, looks very wet

    Catch up fully soon.

  • Morning all - 12 miles, quite mild out there NW 1 squirrel and dogs a plenty. We do a lot of form work at track, but there's a lot of people with poor form who hammer past me, legs and arms flailing. Swimming is another matter, so many things to fix I don't know where to start. Nice country walk and birthday lunch with one of my best friends today, brollies at the ready. Have a good weekend all.

  • Chris, the "upright" and "relaxed shoulders" sound like great advice image Not sure what the bell thing is about though. Unless your arms are crossing beyond the vertical centerline, it's tough to do the wrong thing with arms - they are a balanace and will find their own natural place - just make sure you are pumping them enough to keep your core stable to aid strong glute movement.

  • Evening

    Just over 10 miles this morning on the wet and muddy trails around Farnham. Was quicker than last w/end so maybe all the track sessions and form work are making a difference. 

    I think I'll be cycling tomorrow.

  • is it worth doing something like a running technique course then? I was toying with the idea of doing one run by Kiinetic Revolution in Loughborough

  • Chris- why are you racing in training?

    Maths - do research and pick carefully. NOT ALL are good

    At a quuz and eaten too much
  • how do you know which are good???

    Anyway, seem to be having the whole weekend off recuperating. Might swim tonight just to get out though! 

  • not sure about that, I spent 10 hours painting and decorating yesterday and will be again today.  I would rather be running.

    Morning all.

  • Afternoon

    Out on the bike this morning and got soaked!

    Gobi - not racing but just keep a record of my sessions and good to see an improvement in time for roughly the same amount of effort.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Had a weekend "off" running but i seem to be aching more now than if i run!

    10k this morning and ended up being a ninja as my headtorch kept going off image I feel that it's trip through the washing machine may have killed it.

    PSC - Are you available for hire? image

  • Morning all - 5 miles in the freezing cold, stunning starry sky out there. NW 1 fox, and a crazy cyclist in uber short shorts and no gloves. Emmy, a weekend off, 5.30 will give you stick for that you know.

  • Morning..

    Short run through the woods this morning and track session tonight. NW 1 deer, 1 OR


  • Chris - sounds like you are running an unneeded LONG hard effort to test yourself. Just be careful.

    I am off to play on the cycloX bike today as I am racing this weekend and need the practice

    As E mmy says, PSC are you for hire ?
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kate - When was the last time he came on here?image Nah... he's got better people to harass.... although I have ANOTHER weekend off this weekend too...image It's becoming quite a mental struggle at the moment to think about another marathon

  • From this morning..



  • 530am530am ✭✭✭

    Good Morning L&G

    Oi Emmy, I missed you. I had to run with the best available alternative instead......your sister! We have a mutually abusive relationship, it sort of works!

    The mud, the puddles, the rain, the cold, how the novices squirmed....10 DNFs out of 76!

    Saxon Shore double this weekend.... can't wait image

  • Chris Oco wrote (see)

    From this morning..



    Here's one from one of my morning routes

  • means it is a good time for a break E mmy

    Just spend a lovely 2 plus hours on my bike

    Nice out
  • Stevenage was clearly the last straw Emmy. See you on Saturday 5.30, very much a SOC start.

  • evening all

    well, last week being unwell then a weekend off worked for me - felt much better this morning and enjoyed a nice slow plod under a starry sky this morning, very cold and frosty but there is something I love about these kind of mornings

    Emmy - I find the mental struggle is worse than the physical one! Sometimes the thought of going out for a long run knowing I am going to be x number of hours puts me off, but then when I drag myself out I enjoy it

  • Spin and swim tonight, gym is still busy before it tails off in December. Good you're feeling better MC.

  • lol... Should I start a painting and decorating business. image bloody hard work though.

    Loving the photos.
  • Morning

    Great pics.

    Saw first Christmas Tree in house yesterday ! Can we start the SOC Christmas Tree watch now ? Please...image

    Off out now

    Back later

  • Christmas trees already. OMG

    Morning all
  • Morning all - turbo and swim for me, felt I was swimming well and fast this morning but my watch tells me I'm mistaken. Seen my first set of hideous house lights, but am more than happy to stare through a few windows for CTW birky. Track tonight, I think there will be weather.

  • Morning all

    No kidding PSC !!!!!!!

    Just been out for an hours running, well about 2hours ago but you kow what I mean. Off out on the bike shortly, I can only apply for so many jobs.

    When I first stopped the long distance running I was gutted, for a while mentally a real mess. I have no wnot run over 14 miles since Jan 2012(my last ultra) and I have realised I don't miss the long runs that were needed for the ultras.

    Have fun out there
  • Morning

    Track session last night had to be adapted due to the icy conditions and potential for slipping over. So first half hour was 3 min efforts and then 100m sprints (on the tarmac in front of the grandstand) for the rest of the session.

    Hills today and then swim tonight.

  • Morning again you lot

    NW: 1 owl, 1 white cat, 1 fox, I think ,1 runner

    Smiry (light) rain here today.

    Christmas shopping with MrsB later..

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