Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Grey here. Sitting contemplating a swollen ankle and sore leg before tomorrow's race. I have already carb loaded so have to take the stomach out on the road I suppose.

  • Morning you lot

    Just off out, looks dry image

    Back later.

  • beautiful sun rise this morning in Kentish Kent.  Good luck to the racers this weekend.

  • morning all

    kate - be sensible and don't race on a swollen ankle please!

    emmy - hope the lurgy hasn't got you in its grips

    my lurgy of last week seems to have been followed by a lazy week this week - just one run and one swim. Need to make amends so off swimming shortly. 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Another rest day for me. Yesterday I was lucky I was WFH as I was awful all day. Felt awful. This morning after 10 hrs of sleep im feeling a lot better and my resting heart rate is down to the 60's (yesterday it was 75 and its normally 50).

    Hav a good weekend all!

  • rest is the new training.  It always makes you feel better!  


  • afternoon all - well, I was sensible in that I didn't race, but it did go out and run 26.2 miles on my own, loved it. I sometimes struggle with long runs solo but the thought of a 220 mile round trip for what would be a mediocre race got me out of the door. Rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, multiple rabbits, sheep, horses and dogs, including a 3 legged greyhound, called Turbo. Looks like your year has caught up with you Emmy, recover well. Right, food!

  • Morning all - dusted the bike off and got out on the road for a change, then a little trot to remind the legs about what's to do. Grey and foggy old day out there, and my new cycling glasses, which are the cheap clear glasses you are given when you go clay pigeon shooting, didn't hold up too well. Christmas list has an addition. Yoga and swim later, some work now as next week is going to be a busy one, off to Vienna on a 2 day trip which will be rather manic but good fun. Enjoy your Sunday all.

  • Morning

    12 miles muddy off-road run yesterday and out on the bike this morning. Started off grey and foggy but the sun finally emerged from behind the cloud cover to brighten up the Surrey/Hants countryside.

    NW (yesterday's run) pigs, piglets, sheep, cows, horses, ducks and cows. Like being on the set of Babe!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kate - I'm not sure TBH. I think it's just a particularly nasty virus.... that has now turned into Sinitius. Still managed a 5miler this morning and it helped the pain and didn't feel too bad.

    Have a great time in Vienna!

    Chris - Sounds like you were on the set of babe!

  • Morning all 5.5 miles, turbo and some weights. Chris, you live in a fantasy film land! Are you running XC in the woods next Sunday?

  • Morning

    Couldn't get on earlier !

    NW: 1 owl, 1 white cat, 2 robin red breasts on our fence singing away.

    Need to catch up.

  • Kate, I was planning to run the Bourne Woods XC but have been asked to film a promo for the Grim Challenge so will be creating my own film fantasy land in Aldershot next weekend!

  • emmy - sinusitis is hell, hope it clears up soon, if it doesn't go to a dr

    back at it after a lazy week last week, 5 mile run this morning and a turbo this evening image

  • Emmy, I had a very enthusiastic GP who administered acupuncture for sinusitis once, didn't admit to having it ever again. I'm Hogs Backing on Sunday Chris, shame because I do like a trot round your film set. Back in the game MC. Drinks cancelled tonight so water workshop (swimming and being told what to do) instead.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    I'm feeling a bit better so we'll see how today goes. I'll take some painkillers to work with me in case.

    Kate - that's a very strange prescription to be given! I've considered acupuncture but never done it. Does it hurt?

    Maths - how's the job going? I'm struggling with a GP at the moment as my insurance hasn't come through yet image

  • Morning

    Wet and miserable here today. 

    Track session last night - 800s and 1600s and swim tonight. 

    I read somewhere that acupuncture has been proven not to work any better than a placebo. Never tried it myself though.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    The bum checking in

    Was out at 0500 with the lads and then off to the bank. 50 odd miles done

    Still need a job
  • evening

    4 miles for me this morning image, definitely back in the game

    there is no science behind acupuncture, but the placebo effect can be very strong!

    gobi - jobs are overrated, but it is nice to earn some money!

    Emmy - still loving my job! The kids are just brilliant, even the ones that aren't particularly clever, there is overall a much better attitude towards learning, and they come and do extra sessions at lunch if they don't understand something, all kids do their homework, I hardly ever have to tell anyone off...

  • 2k swim tonight including loads of drills.. but why do I have such a problem with my kick drills? Could swear I was going backwards at one point!!

    Maths - must be a real pleasure to teach kids like that.

    Gobi - good luck with the job hunt.


  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Getting bored is the wrong phrase but I need to work soon

    Colder today but we were running so still in shorts, just shy of 13 miles at a very easy pace, the funny thing about only running up to half marathon distance is it never feels like I do any run training yet I am always in half shape.

    Off out on the bike before intervals this evening, also replying to emails and applying for jobs.

    A lottery win would simplify things a little

    I read 2kms of swimming and started shaking :??)
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Gobi - Have you worked out what you want to do yet?

    Maths -it sounds ideal Have you ever had acupuncture done? I've been told to consider it for some issues I've been having (i'll not give more TMI for those sensitive souls out thereimage).

    Chris - 2KM?! Holey moley batman!

    Another gentle plod for me. I'm enjoying my runs at the moment as it's clearing out my head of all of the crap that it seems to accumulate overnight image

    Am very much looking forward to seeing and abusing 5.30 this weekend imageimage

  • Chris - I am rubbish at kicking too - I no longer go backwards though, and sometimes I even move forwards instead of wasting loads of energy just to stay in the same place!

    Emmy - I am intrigued now about what you are considering having acupuncture for! I wouldn't waste your money if I were you, but, if you think it will work, then it probably will....(placebo)

    yes, it is really is lovely teaching kids that are pleasant and want to learn. No-one has sworn at me, no-one has thrown anything at me, I have only raised my voice once or twice, and some of them are pretty clever and keep me on my toes intellectually too, which is great. The amount of marking is horrendous thoughimage they do so much work!!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Thanks for that Mathschick. I'll PM you on Facebook if you're interested?image

  • oh yes, that'll distract me from my marking image

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    E mmy - Coaching for sure but I think I still have some real world goals. Interview next week.

    Cold at 0500 today, 2hrs on the bike done though.

    Today I will in pass my highest ever training total in hours and I still have 27 days left :??)
  • Morning you lot

    Been busy working.

    Need to catch up

    Gobi: Wow ! re training total !

    Mrs B and also my mums birthday today.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - It sounds like you have a great talent for coaching! Good luck for the interview next week. Your training total is AWESOME!

    Birky - Happy Birthday to Mrs B and your mum!

    SOC and bitterly cold. Boyska loved it and enjoyed chasing the kamikaze rabbits :/

    NW: 1 heron, kamikaze rabbits

  • evening

    birky - happy birthday to your wife and mum

    gobi - good luck for the interview and well done on the training

    5 miles for me, then someone crashed into me on the way to workimage I am not hurt but she has made a mess of my car - she crashed into the side of me on a roundabout, was very aggressive, shouting at me, blaming me (it was not my fault, was quite clearly hers) and I am very proud that I remained calm and didn't shout back. After she had gone and I got my car off the roundabout and parked up I rang my husband in tears though! He did the right thing and came and rescued me and spent the day sorting out insurance company etc. My poor car is only 4 months oldimageimage

  • Sorry to hear that, mathschick - at least you are unharmed. That's the main thing eh?

    Easy 3.5 miles at 4am today. Going through hell week at the moment - a school inspection (I'm a PE teacher), parents evening and I had to do a day's cover on Monday which is normally a day off as I'm part-time. I'm pretty exhausted but as I woke naturally before 4 this morning I thought I'd get a run in. I need to build my miles up again as I've been injured quite a bit this year.

    Saw several foxes, but the most alarming sight was a workman with a pneumatic drill digging up a residential road. It wasn't even 5am. I bet he was popular with the locals.


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