Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning you lot

     maths: Really sorry to hear that news

    Thanks for birthday wishes to mrs b and my mum

    Off out now

    Back later

  • Morning cal

    Hope your school inspection goes well.

  • Morning all - 6.5 miles NW 1 cat OR 2. Two very good, and very long days in Vienna, taking 10 people out there was like herding cats, but we returned them all to Heathrow safely last night. MC, what a pain, it's such a hassle getting these things sorted out afterwards and a new car too. Cal, at least it's Friday. Hope the Bs had good birthdays.Gobi, are you sure you can fit a job in?

  • Todays NW: 1 owl, 1 white cat, 2 robin red breasts again on our fence, 1 Kingsmill Van, 1 cyclist, 1 runner in distance 

    kate: 'Herding cats' I like itimage

  • Thanks chaps - yes, hugely relieved that it's Friday! We've had to get in to school earlier and leave later because of the inspectors, so I've been asleep at 9pm every night! Christmas holidays soon!

  • Morning cal

    Sure is Friday.

    When I was a kid, Friday Used to be 'Crackerjack Day' .

    Note of explanation: Crackerjack was a kids TV programme from the 1970s, for the youngsters amongst us !image


  • I'm 47 - I well remember it!

  • Morning again

    Cal: Same age as me, glad I don't have to explain it to youimage

  • I haven't even said how much I have done for all you lot know I have done 100 hours all year. Funny enough though I am training no more than I do when I have a job just doing a little more in daylight.

    Phone is finally ringing a little so hoping to secure a few more interviews in the coming days.

    Maths - glad you are ok, sorry to hear about the car

    Did you get pictures and all her details ?


    Off to play on my bike in daylight image
  • I also watched crackerjack
  • Lazy Gobi. Good luck to the multiple marathoners down at Dymchurch.

  • Gobi: It seems we have some Crackerjack fans on here !

    Just been out walking Geordie and it was briefly snowing .

    Kate: Agreed, all the best to the Dymchurch marathoners.

  • evening all

    nothing for me today - slept badly and because I had to wait for the car people to sort out the hire car didn't need to get up till 7. Was planning a post-work run, but traffic chaos caused by an accident meant my 45 min journey took 3 hoursimage frazzled and just want to go to bed! I got her details and my husband has been doing all the sorting with insurance company etc

    cal - hope the inspection went well

  • Evening

    maths: Sorry to hear about that journey. Hope you get the car insurance etc sorted out.

  • morning!

    well, today is a new day! My mum is taking the kids to the theatre and for lunch so after spinning and swimming I am having lunch out with OH and then a quiet afternoon I think till the kids get back!

    We heard from the garage yesterday and it should only take about a week - they are replacing the 2 passenger side doors and wing and refurbishing the alloy

  • Morning all - 6 miles on a cold but beautiful and crisp winter's morning, then some prancing in the garage with Mr F. Hogs Back race tomorrow, my brother is threatening to enter for a head to head, I feel I will be beaten.

  • A'noon

    kate: It's wet here today. Overcast too, Dreich in fact

    Prancing in the garage with Mr F !imageimage

    Working at Hydro later

  • Went to parkrun and didn't feel ready for a fast one so did some pacing instead. Nice when you help people achieve

    Dry and cold here
  • Morning

    Rest Day, but been out walking Geordie

    NW: 1 owl, 1 full moon, 1 white cat,

  • morning

    having brekki before heading out for a daylight run, although it is very dull out there!

  • It was very dark at 7, for sure. I decided to wait for daylight so I could run off-road (the common I run on only has a couple of hard paths lit during darkness) so I didn't run until 9am even though I'd been awake since around 4. That seems to be a regular waking up time for me now! Was a good run though - faster than I have run in a while.

  • I managed to do a nice slow 8 miles in glorious sunshine, it clouded over again just as I got back image

  • Afternoon all - race done and 2 mins quicker than last year so very pleased. No family smack down on this occasion. 

  • Played on the bike this morning but think I shall go out for a little run after the football.

    We shall see as I may just sit on my arse :??)
  • No more stupid o'clock runs from me for a while. Will need to take a break for a few weeks after my race on 21st. Back in a couple of months. Keep up the good work!

  • A'noon

    Wet one when out earlier. Pouring in fact. Cold and bright now though !

    NW: Lots of puddles...

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    A hard weekend on the Kent coast but managed my triple with the abuse from 5.30 (don't ask him for hotel recommendations thoughimage).

    Good to see everyone is doing well image

    Gobi - don't you have interviews this week? Good luck if they're coming.

    A dry SOC for me but still quite cold. A little sore but managed to get myself moving. A hard week at work this week so might be a little absent this week.

  • LOL... I saw his post about the pub.  Well done you two for what was clearly a tough weekend of running.

    Managed 5 today (miles not marathons).  Jeepus it was cold.  Massage tonight - it will help me feel like an athlete even if I'm not training like one.

    Must write a schedule.

    Good luck Gobi if you do - tricky time of year as nobody is really interviewing for the next few weeks.  Christmas does make a bit of a cock of the diary!

    Well done on your 2 mins Kate - that's pretty significant.  Most people progress in seconds not minutes.

  • tomorrow would you believe

    3hrs on the bike and a 5 mile run for me today. Using the time well

    Still plan to SOC before heading to the venue
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi Gobi.  Glad to see you're still around.  Thought you'd packed up running.

    I stay up until stupid o'clock and sometimes go running at that time, but I always like to be back by 0400.

    I never get up at stupid o'clock, except for races.  Some ultras start at weird times.

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