Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Good job I like training in the early AM as I shall be living near Tamworth during the week.

    Have a lovely day all
  • morning all

    gobi - I have no idea where you live now, but I am guessing it isn't near Tamworth!

    OH was in Milton Keynes last night so I am home with the kids, hopefully I will get to swimming on time, and then tonight we are packing the kids off to the grandparents for the night and going out for a meal image

  • Gobi, fantastic news. Congratulations.

    Morning all.... dry and overcast in Kent image

  • Well done Gobi!

    No run today or yesterday - yesterday I did a spin class and today I did some plyo and kettlebells in the gym and will go to yoga in an hour or so. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a decent length run in, depending on how my most troublesome bodyparts behave.

  • troublesome bodyparts!  Oooeer.  Recommend running slower than normal if you've got some troublesome bits.  

    I'm heading into town for some last minute madness and hoping to find the bratty stand up and running in the Christmas market.  Will run later.  6 at MP today, 10 LDR tomorrow says the schedule.  image

  • going shopping is brave PSC!! I try to avoid it between now and well into the New Year...

  • Evening all - just about survived the Christmas bash last night, just a large bruise on my backside to show for some very enthusiastic dance moves. Worryingly, I was DJing in our office so perhaps should have been quite so excited. 6 miles today, cold but glorious. Congratulations on the job Gobi. Hope you survived the shopping PSC, have fun tonight MC. Taking Mr F out for his birthday meal tonight, it's not his birthday until Tuesday but that clashes with track so tonight it is.

  • Erm, how do you DJ and Dance?  Arnica is good for bruises - even big bruises on bottoms!

    Shopping was hell - Canterbury was rammed with people - mostly errant Europeans - don't they have shops in Germany/France/Belgium?  The Bratty stand had a queue longer than the one outside Madame Tussauds so we abandoned and went to EAT instead - a wise move as it happened and had a cracking spicy Thai soup.  Anyway, successful shopping trip in regards to stuff purchased but it knocked the run out of me so home for a nip of PADDY's and a good film (Message in a bottle).  Run tomorrow.


    MC - have a lovely night out.

  • I did run today, but not until 9.30am. I was waiting for daylight! Did 5.8 miles in 56:28 which I'm very happy with. No major issues with said bodyparts - just the usual Achilles niggle but it wasn't bad.

    I've entered two Runthrough 10Ks in January (Battersea Park and Hyde Park) so hopefully nothing will break before then.

  • image

    Morning peeps... glorious here with bright sunshine.  off out with my camera later to make the most of it.


  • I am indeed nowhere near Tamworth

    National trophy cross today and a high speed crash. Finished the race but admit I Am a little sore. Will make todays MTB ride fun .......

    Ran 40 miles last week (oops)
  • Morning all - 5.5 miles 1 OR, and some turbo action. Must get some pics of the Christmas light shows for you Emmy.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all image

    Gobi - Well done on the job! What will you be doing? (sorry if I've missed that)

    Kate - some pics would be lovely!

    PSC - Loved your pics of the robin!

    It was a horrid run this morning. Wet and windy and very tough but I got it done!

    NW: Nothing!


  • Morning

    Rest day as shattered.

    Really enjoyed working at bbc SPOTY yesterday.

    I was helping Dave Moorcroft who, when realising I was an athletics fan, stood and chatted awayimage

    Lewis Hamilton's dog Roscoe 'stole the show'. I was working in that area


    Catch up time

  • I do Clarity tech support/ PMO work -ie. sit in an office

    Seems I am a little bruised after yesterday. May even not run this evening
  • evening

    gobi - hope you are ok after your crash

    5 miles this morning - much warmer than I had anticipated, didn't really need the tights and base layer!

    the christmas houses are a bit disappointing this year...

  • thanks Emmy - it was fun taking them.  The Robin was so tame/brave!

    I think a cold that was threatening to overwhelm me has been avoided.  The OH is over the worst having had a fairly torrid week of coughing and sneezing.  Up early in the morning.... nite all!


  • Morning all - just a bit of core for me, track tonight. Took my new Swim Smooth waterproof cards to the pool last night, a bit more motivation to do a few sets, I need it when it comes to swimming at the moment. Sounds like a good night at work birky. Hope 5.30 is healing well after his marathon incident at the weekend.

  • Lucky maths

    I have bruising but am ok it is just racing

    on the bike since 5am and now sat in a Maccies with coffee. 5 layers on and minus something when I set off today. Meeting friends at 10am so a funny day but 80 to 100 miles by the time I get home.
  • Morning from a cold West of Scotland.

    Working 2pm-10pm from today to Friday doing Christmas mail, then at Glasgow Warriors rugby on Saturday.

    30 mins Steady earlier just to stretch the legs.

    Catch up (again I know) over coffee

    Back later

  • Gobi: Hope you're okay mate.

  • Just a steady 3.5 miler this morning. Kept it under 10 min/mi pace (I have to push to achieve that because I'm basically a tortoise) - average 9:45. I didn't go out until nearly 8 (not working today - or until Jan 5th for that matter) so had a lovely pink sky and a crescent moon above me. Had to deal with pedestrians and cars on the way up to the common which reminds me why I don't like running at this time. Looking forward to the lighter months!

  • Cal - I would say that is not a steady run if you are working to stay sub 10

    Just saying...
  • Morning Kate, Gobi and Cal.

    NW: From earlier. 1 white cat, 1 dog, 2 robin red breasts

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - hope that you're ok.

    Managed a great easy run this morning. Best 10k for a while!

    NW - 3 large blackbirds I mistook for cats, 4 dogs, 1 tractor, 1 dog sitting in the tractor.

  • Emmy: Sounds a good run today and  great NW too

  • You're probably right, Gobi.

  • evening

    Cal - gobi knows what he is talking about!

    nothing for me today, tired after a long day at school yesterday which included 'senior presentation evening' so rolled over and turned the alarm off! And now I am apparently doing everything apart marking the books in front of me!

    looks like it is going to be ridiculously warm tomorrow so the shorts will be out in the morning image

  • Thanks Maths

    did 82 miles on the bike today but in reality I drank coffee a lot while riding between places. 5hrs 30 riding but out for 12hrs
  • Morning you lot

    Just off out

    Back later.

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