Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • What a bloody laugh, 6 of us on MTBs in woods at 0500.

    Legs are a little tired after yesterdays entertainment.

    ho ho ho
  • Wet run today, at least for the first half. I wanted to try running faster today so after the first mile (9:55 - felt faster actually, but there you go) I really pushed myself for mile 2 until the point that my breathing sounded like sex noises and I was beginning to get a stitch. Did it in 9:04.6.

    Took the next half mile a bit easier and then started pushing again, so the net mile was 9:35. Last two thirds of a mile were done at 9:43 pace.

    It's a bit said that my flat out is someone else's slow and steady but we can't all be gazelles - some of us have to be rhinos.

    Happy Christmas everyone.

  • Cal - I think gobi's easy pace is still twice as fast as my pace, so don't worry about it! We all come from different backgrounds/levels of fitness/genetics etc. The main thing for me is getting some exercise and enjoyment. So what if some people are faster? There are other people that are slower than me, and other people that don't even bother! Some people literally struggle to run for a bus....

  • in the woods at 0500... wow... what lights are you running?  they must be spectacular.

    Maths, don't run on a chest infection.  There are some nasty lingering bugs around this year.  Better to take a week off and recover properly than have something nagging for 3 weeks.

    Cal, you could get a gopro and make money from your training videosimage  Pace is arbitrary, distance is absolute.  We all run at a different speed.  Sounds like you've had a decent run.  Whoop whoop.  I on the other hand stayed in bed today.  Naughty boy that I am!

    Happy Christmas one and all! x

  • PSC - don't think it is a chest infection, more of a dry throat making me cough. Fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a chest infection. There were loads of kids of school with various bugs last week - I thought enough time had passed for me to have escaped catching any off them! I have a sneaky feeling it is allergy as my eyes have been puffy and itchy too, but am putting off starting to take the anti-histamines as I seem to need them for most of the year. 10 years ago I had never even had a sniff of hayfever type allergies but now it seems to be year round. Someone on another thread suggested it might be leaf mould allergy, which makes sense, but impossible to avoid. Although when we have been on trips to SW USA I have been fine so maybe I should move to a desert!

  • Long time 

    Its good to see everyone still here plus an addition or two keeping tabs on the wild life in the early hours.

    Due to a foot injury all my running came to a halt back in late June and have spent this week cancelling races for next year. After a x-ray ,Mri and several trips to physio's the various doctors and physios seem to think it is the flexor hallucis brevis that is the cause of the problems but despite various exercises it does not seem to be healing. Oh well I''l get there eventually.

    you'll be glad to hear Birky I have made nearly every home game this season with my  youngest Nephew, highlights punching the ball as it came into the crowd from a Schurrle free kick. and seeing Costa's goal against Arsenal hit the back of the net and the Spurs game wasn't bad either.

    With my new found time I have started brewing my own ale first a couple of kits now with grain and hops the results have been very good but along with the amount curries I have been consuming, the lack of running has seen me put on 6 kgs image   being tall and thin has helped hide the fact slightly.

    Maybe back next year  Hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year please feel free to run a few of my missed miles for me. 


  • maths - teacher's curse is getting sick first week of every holiday. Fortunately I've avoided it this time but only because I have been sick twice during the last term! Kids, eh?

    Right, about to head up to Manchester for Christmas. Leaving my running gear here - I'm carrying enough as it is. It'll be an opportunity to let my sore bits settle.

  • Valis, lovely to see you back on here and sorry to hear of your problems - hopefully the diagnosis is accurate and that a fix is on it's way.  Happy Christmas to you and the missus.  Let me know when you start brewing cider and I will invite myself roundimage

    Have a good trip Cal.  And Maths, hopefully you are right.  I've never heard of an allergy to leaf mould, but why not!!


  • PSC - I have some rather nice USE Exposure kit

    Pace is an individual thing for sure as we are all different. My fast is another persons jog as well but it matters and we can all do with being a little quicker it is NOT all about distance. One of the saddest things I have seen has been the rise of the Ultra plodder where all one does is go further and further with no quest to really improve but just to survive for hours on end. People are very scared of speed and it is sad.

    Cal - the only thing I find strange is you never seem to run very slow or very fast. Have you thought of doing 30 second flat out reps or jogging for an hour or 2 at 12 plus MM ?

    I may run later as I just cannot help myself image
  • valis - lovely to hear from you! Hope your injury gets sorted quickly!

    gobi - you are right about pace, and I could definitely do with being quicker, I am working on it, but slowly! I do enjoy doing some 30 second reps from time to time because it feels like I am moving so fast (although probably only at your slow speed but fast for me!) I need to start putting some hill reps in as I have definitely ignored that!

  • I have often done hill sprints, Gobi, but have been shy of them since the calf tear in July. However, I did a few sprints a couple of weeks ago so I think I'm safe now. As for plodding, I've been slowly building up my mileage so should be able to start doing longer runs now.

  • Happy Christmas all and good to hear from you Valis. No run today, just eating, dog walk and tv with the family. Out early tomorrow for an icy swim and then a xc race at the Punchbowl.

  • morning all

    hope everyone had a good day yesterday

    I am off for a run to get some peace and quiet!

  • Hello all, checking in from a snowy Tignes. Merry Christmas one and all. Valis, good to hear from you, albeit a real shame you're not running. Have been skiing hard all day, Mr F is getting a little tired, poor visibility today means we might take things a little easier but I have a very large fondue to ski off.

  • morning all

    well, we had a lot of snow yesterday, roads are still looking bad for now so going to skip my normal spin and swim and just turbo

    off to see the Hobbit this afternoon so hopefully the main roads will be ok by then



    parkruns and cycle tts here

    have fun
  • Evening all

    Swam yesterday morning in Frensham Pond but stayed within the buoyed off 'safe' area as it was really cold and didn't think going out of my depth would be a good idea! Then on to the Devil's Punchbowl for a XC race to warm up!

    Nothing today but XC running for the Tri club tomorrow.


  • Chris - you are a nutter!! 

    been to see the Hobbit - my youngest loved it, he is really into the books as well as the films, he is only 10! 

    Think it will be turbo again tomorrow for me, it is just too icy for me to run, I always fall flat on my bum on this kind of weather! It is snowing again and the roads in and out of our town are not treated very well, the journey to Nottingham was a bit too exciting for my liking!

  • morning peeps...

    6 fat busying miles done.  Apart from a little old lady collecting her paper and another lady walking (yes, walking not riding) a horse, not a soul out there.  Lots of NW out in the country including a very cheeky fox that sat in the path just looking at me before scampering off as as I got closer!

    Maths, can you get off road.  Short steps and drop the pace concentrate on form and balance not speed and you will stay upright.

    Gobi, great hoody by the way!

    Cal, you can do intervals between lamposts, fast/recover/fast between alternate lamposts....  don't try to beat the 100m record, just up your pace above threshold (would be how I would do it).

    Off to visit aged parent - wish me luck!

  • morning

    PSC - probably get off road tomorrow during day light, but as we are visiting the in-laws today I only have the dark hours and don't really want to go off road in the dark, and then there is the pavement between me and the fields...Not sure the temperature will lift enough to melt much of it today but tomorrow we are home most of the day



  • fat busting is what I meant earlier!  (#must_wear_my_glasses)!

    Maths, yep, off road in the dark can get interesting unless you've got Gobi's uber lights!

    APs in good form!  Thank the Lord for that...

  • Evening

    Very muddy cross country race this morning in Farnham Tri colours. One of the bigger local events with clubs from all over the south of England attending. Icy cold conditions but blue skies and sunshine.

    Freezing again tonight but swim planned for tomorrow! 

  • morning

    Chris - I don't know how you can!! sometimes the swimming pool feels cold to me...

  • Lots to catch up on.

    Computer been playing up.

    Minus 4 here today !
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all, we've had a lot of snow so I've been trying to get out to the fields and run around there.

    valis - lovely to see you back!

    Hope everyone else is ok image

  • Valid is back.Good to have my Chelsea mate with us again !
  • Oh and freezing fog all fay here.

    A few frozen spiders webs in our garden today.
  • I was out on the bike in minus 4 today !!!!

    Ran 11 this afternoon and it was lovely

    I love my new hoody but really needs Velcro so I can add the right word
  • Another great day of skiing, but now sitting in Geneva waiting for the Gatwick incident to get sorted out to see if we are going anywhere tonight. The free fizzy wine and snacks in the lounge are not helping curb the Christmas excess!

  • Kate: Hope you enjoyed your skiing holiday.
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