Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning you lot

    Just off out

    Back later
  • morning all

    kate - hope you managed to get back last night

    gobi - on the bike in minus 4? You are mad. Or the roads near you are gritted better than mine!

    turbo again for me and I may venture to the gym, but I really need to do some marking image

  • Morning all - back in the swing of it with a 6 miler this morning, cold, but not as cold as the -30 degrees we've been skiing in. 4 hour delay last night MC, but at least we got home.

  • Morning again you lot.

    Kate: Oh dear re delay.

    Maths: Oh dear re marking.
  • What gritted roads?

    Took one look at it today and bailed on the 3hour road ride, got my cross bike out and rode 11 miles to Swinley and played off road. What a great idea that was. Did 90 mins and also ran for 90 mins today so all in all a good day image

    Sadly this has stopped me making 10000 miles on the bike this year but 19 miles tomorrow means I will pass last years total and in reality that is acceptable given how much running I have done.
  • Working 11-7 tomorrow. At least a decent time to start and finish.
  • An hour on the turbo to prepare for the enornous belated Christmas meal ai have just cooked. Mainly veg (apart from the Yorkshire puds) but the sheer volume means I have the incentive to hit the road again in the morning. Gobi, I think you should let yourself off for not quite making the ridiculous total! Plenty of time for an SOC in the morning then birky?

  • Christie I have to get my 12 year old to the pool for a 5am swim on Tuesday mornings so I run then, and Saturday mornings he swims from 0630 till 0900 so I do my long run . It's hard and dark and cold but nothing beats that feeling at 0930 on a Saturday morning that I have already done my long run for the week.  I to find it hard to do evening runs and really struggle some weeks when work is busy to even get a 3rd run in - so NY res is to do a Thurs 0530 run either that or son will have to move up a squad which means weds and Fri am's as well!!!

  • Morning you lot

    Kaye: Just off for a wee 30 min session.

    Cookie: Welcome.

    Back later
  • Morning again

    Dreich day here today.

    Off to work soon.

    Happy Hogmanay.

    NW: 1 owl,1 cat, 1 cyclist. 2 robin red breasts singing on our fence when I got back !
  • Morning all - 7 miles with 3 x 1 mile efforts 2 OR who were as surprised as me to see anyone else out, and 2 huge patches of black ice. 40 min swim afterwards so feeling smug. Off to my mother and stepfather's now for a New Year's Eve spent playing Cluedo and Scrabble. Happy New Year and Happy Hogmanay!

  • After four days sat on my backside, eating, I returned home to find my broadband was out (turns out the modem had given up, so I've just had a BT engineer out to replace it). Anyway, as a result, this is for yesterday's run. After the time off I wasn't going to go fast but the icy pavements at 5.30am gave me no choice. Completed 3.77 miles in 41:15 so I was averaging just under an 11 minute mile. No wildlife save for a lone, plucky wren - I daresay the foxes were snug in their burrows.

    No run today as I am planning a good long run tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be a bit warmer and I won't have to worry about falling on my arse.

  • oooer, fresh blood on the thread - welcome Cookie!

    Afternoon all, hope all's well.  Lunchtime plod done.  Not done much over the Christmas as felt fat and low in energy (due to too much food/booze).  Anyway, back to normal now and back from a decent 6ish miles at lunchtime.  Lots of OR out there - some sporting Brighton T shirts... I wonder if they are training for next years run too?  

    Keep up the training folks and a very Happy New Year!  image

  • Happy New Year you lot.
  • Happy New Year my fellow SOCers. Hopefully I have stared as I mean to go on for 2015, no hangover, albeit last night's Scrabble matches with my mother were long enough to put some red wine away, then 6.5 miles nice and early. Only thing out there were two bemused dog walkers, the cold weather appears to have moved on. Hope 2015 brings you all you wish for.

  • Happy new year to everyone. image
  • Happy New Year everyone

    really warm this morning and all the icy stuff has disappeared overnight image

    running today but taking the kids out for a walk in the forest first I think!

  • Happy New Year all!!

    Started 2015 with an SOC icy swim! Water temp measured at 4.5c!!



  • Nutter! Cold water is just something I don't do. Never ever. *shudder*

    Just (almost) 10 miles of hills and mud this morning - three laps around Streatham Common plus one lap around my local Tooting Common and all the pavements in between. The mud on Streatham Common (well, and the hills, being honest) really slowed me down - it was very slippy slidey in places and I had to be careful, hence a rather slow time of 1:52.

    Having said that, this is the furthest I've run since I did the same course last July, a few days before tearing my calf. This is the first time I've felt confident enough about my injuries to attempt it, so although it knackered me, I'm pleased I got it done. Only a minute slower than July, too, and there was no mud back then, so I was able to bomb down the hills a lot faster.

    Nice Epsom Salts bath afterwards. Happy New Year to you all.

  • still lots of ice in the forest! Both kids managed to fall - one of them several times image

    soup and an afternoon run for me

    Think I need to start easing myself back into early mornings ready for Monday though...

  • A'noon

    Wet again here today.

    Chris: Great photo mate ! Nutter as said above!!
  • Happy new year

    In the end I did 9907 miles on the bike and 1775 miles of running(not bad for a cyclist.

    18 miles less than last year on the bike but 1200 miles more running.

    Started this year with an MTB ride in Wales

    Happy days
  • Morning all - will be NOCing today as back to work, first day back last year I got mugged and as I'm here safely 2015 is already an improvement!

  • Impressive mileage there Gobi.

    Well done Cal, sounds like a decent run.

    Morning all. Just back from an 8 miler. Warm out there today. Must dash as I'm in work today. Toodlepip.
  • 6 @ 6 in the 6 mms - just ticking along as we start 2015

    Have a great day I am going cycling
  • Morning

    Hailstones on at the moment,again !

    Working later.
  • another beautiful day in Kent.  The sun is just setting but it's been shirtsleeve weather today!  image


  • evening all

    a lovely day here today too and I got a run during the sunshine. Pushed myself a bit and did a tempo run. 

    gobi - amazing mileage! 

  • Hill reps and a swim done. PSC, you must have a tropical microclimate, 4 degrees here and chilly hands!

  • hills and rain and 6 miles and an owl.  Fabulous.

    Anyone else signed up to Jantastic this year?

    Kate, it was amazingly balmy yesterday in SE Kent.

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