Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Afternoon all - 12 very cold and wet miles, a few speed intervals when accelerating past puddles with cars in the vicinity. OR 4, must be Jan, NW 8 moorhen PW 3, unheard of. Was thinking about Jantastic, but always forget to log things, and over motivation might be my problem!

  • as a Strava user my strava account automatically links to jantastic.  I know what you mean though about over motivation.  Last year I had a great Jan and Feb and then burnt out a bit for a few months!  

    LOL about January - lots of motivated newbies about!


  • afternoon

    struggled to get on the internet this morning

    I have been spinning and swimming. Swimming after nearly 3 weeks of no swimming was hard!

  • bad sleep, cough and sore throat, so no run for me today image Shame because it is a beautiful frosty morning

  • stay nice and warm Maths and hot toddy after a healthy lunch! image

    OK, ironing done, kettle descaled, some epic Alpine stuff on telly and juniors package delivered safely to the house (delivery slot was 9am - 5pm, what's that about)!  So now it's run time.  13M scheduled at MP+2, but tired achy legs from yesterdays MP run so will see how it goes and take it nice and easy.  Lucky I have a sports massage tomorrow.

    Laters folks....

  • Gobi wrote (see)
    Happy new year

    In the end I did 9907 miles on the bike and 1775 miles of running(not bad for a cyclist.

    18 miles less than last year on the bike but 1200 miles more running.

    Started this year with an MTB ride in Wales

    Happy days

    Well done Gobi but aren't you frustrated that you got so close to the magic 10,000 on the bike.There are a few on the CTC that did it and you probably know someone is going for the 75000 miles record this year.

    Happy New Year to you as well.

  • 75000?? how many hours does that take? Does that person have a normal job as well?

  • maths - I feel you! I started to come down with something yesterday but I gargled with warm sake (well, I swallowed it too...) and the scratchy soft palate thing has gone. Still feel a bit under the weather but I was able to crank out a 3.5 mile run this morning.

    I really don't need a cold right now - back to school tomorrow and then a 10K on Sunday.

    Do try the warm booze gargle thing though if you have any spirits lying around.

  • yeah, I am back to school tomorrow - and a sore throat is the worst thing! At least I teach nice kids now and they will be quiet if I ask them to! I wonder if OH will mind me gargling with his scotch??

  • Tell me about it - I had laryngitis just after half term. At least, being a PE teacher, I have a whistle to blow.

  • Well done you two. Great choice of profession. I was never clever enough to be  teacher but until recently I was a Chair of Governors at a primary school until I moved which was on a large council estate and apart from the boring meetings I had to attend the reward was meeting the youngsters and getting into their lessons whenever I could.

    I digress I just wanted to say that some time ok I did contribute to this thread and even though its repeating myself I just love getting out for a run at stupid o clock. Whatever the weather as well.

    Its great knowing that you should be in bed and running down streets in which there is no one about as well. The other advantage for me is that being retired I can do it whereas if your working the week end is the only chance of a lay in.

    Because of many things I have gone out early on my bike but no way is it as enjoyable.

    Its a great way of getting through Winter as well.

  • met lots of cyclists this morning - all bonkers and looked very very cold!  Saw one other runner who looked warm and happy and a few dog walkers who were wrapped up for the arctic!  

    Freezing fog all the way (2 hours), brrrr.  But I was layered up and warm and hit the required distance. image  Rest day tomorrow.

    Welcome back Ted!image

    Gargling with warm Sake sounds epic.  Whisky might be a bit too harsh - but lovely with a dash of warm water, a spoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice, although I find that only having one is a challenge!

  • Ted - nope, I train for purpose and this year the focus was improved skills. 2nd year in a row over 9900 proves I don't care.

    Once stopped a ride on 97 miles and a run week finished on 99.97 miles.

    This year I expect to do similar again, I may even get to 10000, to be honest I was more surprised it was so high as the MTB really eats the hours for very little motion.

    New job starts today
  • Good luck!
  • Morning campers, rise and shine!


  • Morning all - first proper week back. 6.5 mile run with 4 x 1 mile efforts, and no other January runners out there, have they all given up already? Core work in the garage and lo and behold Mr F was on the turbo, let's see how long he keeps it up for. Good luck with the new job Gobi, and hope the booze garglers are feeling better. Up nice and early on your rest day PSC.

  • I joined this morning with a 5.45am run of 3 miles, seemed to find this a lot harder than usual...is this normal?
  • Morning you lot

    Becks: Perfectly normal.

    Ted: Good to have you back.

    30 mins in smiry rain earlier.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 cyclist and 2 dogs.

    Catch up time


    Working 2-10pm today.
  • Becks - welcome.  It's the odd numbers.. 5:46 and 3.2 miles would be much easier on the system!image

    Working from home - bliss!  Peaceful bliss.  Must remember to eat lunch...

  • PSC - that's a good trick, I may have to try it next time....or maybe 11.12am!image

  • PSC Thank you

    Cal Hope your feeling better

    mathschick  No I don't think he is working. But I also don't know how he is supporting himself financially.

    Gob Boy you are certainly a focused type of person . I hope the new job went ok today.

    KateF Its somehow even better when your out and there is no one else about isn't it.

    Becks I think it is at first but it definitely gets easier. When I was working I also liked the fact that it somehow set me up for the day.

    bikemyre Thank you, its great to be back and I somehow forgot how so supportive the majority are on this forum.

    As I said earlier I am going to take it slowly and frequently so after not running today tomorrow I will have another run.


    Thanks everyone. Ted

  • New job same Gob

    5 miles Am and 90mins bike this evening.

    went well today image
  • evening all

    Gobi - glad your first day went well image

    back to school for me and it was an inset day so all day sitting in meetings! The afternoon was spent on eating disorders and talking to the mental health nurses - as a girl's grammar school we tend to get a fair few clients for them...

    throat still dodgy but I did spinning and an insanity class at the gym this evening - not sure about the insanity, maybe too much jumping about for my dodgy knees, and some of the other people are a bit annoying....



  • Evening all - another trip to the pool this evening. Welcome along Becks, and yes, it does get easier. Ted, best to ease yourself back in, then you just get back into the habit. Glad it went well Gobi. Early night, busy week at work this week, and lots of training to get underway.

  • Inset day for me too, mathschick - we had a pensions talk and then maths whizz and I was able to skip the latter (not ever having to teach maths, heh) so I got to go home early. I don't feel all that bad - just low grade general crapness. I did a three mile walk this morning as part of my commute but rested in the afternoon.

    Got a yoga class tomorrow and hopefully a run before that. (I work part time so Monday and Tuesday are usually days off, unless there's an inset, as there was today. Normally I do spin on a Monday). Need to get my runs in  with the 10K on Sunday but, on the other hand, I don't want to ruin myself either!

  • Morning all - turbo for me this morning, track tonight. Got through my first day without booze for a while yesterday, very brave. Track tonight, which will be a shock to the system.

  • Not a very early one (day off) - 7.45am, 6.37 miles, very slow (average 10.35 minute miles). Just nothing in the tank today, which I suspect is because I've been trying to eat sensibly and not gorge like a Roman emperor as I did in December. I need to dump some pounds but I don't want to do so at the expense of being able to run effectively. I'll have to add in some carbs again before Sunday's 10K and see if I can squeeze a fast SOC in before then.

  • See I read your run Cal and it says to me you had to work hard for that pace. I would question the need for a fadt run brfore Sunday.

    I have now run 11 miles here in Tamworth all easy. Avg Hr was 117 today and 115 yesterday.

    Might work a little more tomorrow
  • evening all

    nothing for me today, another night of hardly any sleep, tickly throat just made work hard today, trying to explain complicated things when you can't talk for long is hard image

    ah well, early night and hopefully I will sleep better. I don't actually feel ill but I guess I must have a slight virus causing the throat, and the dry air in the classroom doesn't help

  • Morning all - 5 mile recovery run after track last night, shock to the system after missing two weeks and being a little heavier. Nothing to see out there this morning but frost. You'll have to get some signs for class MC. So is Cal the first racer of 2015? 

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