Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning you lot

    Morning kate

    Pouring down here.

    Off out now, will catch up later

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Happy New Year to you all as well!

    I've been SOC-ing this week and a few busy days back to work. How is everyone doing?

  • Went out last night and run all the way in fear. I was afraid because my wife had washed my compression stockings and unbelievably, apparently we have lost it so I only used the one.

    So I went even more steadier than usual but it was a great run and I was chuffed I ran for 32 mins.

    I have to say it again there just is not any other form of exercise at least for me that makes me feel so good.

  • That's why I always hand-wash my comps (that and I get service washes at the launderette - so I don't trust them not to lose them!).

    Woke up early enough for a run but I'm still unwell so I went back to sleep for an hour. I may not run again before the 10K. My body's telling me it needs rest.




  • Morning all - back to the tough stuff, 20 x 400s and 8.5 miles total, very wet and still pitch black, longer days are not happening quite yet. Ted, I'm sure somewhere there will be OSMW (one socked man watch). Cal, you're right to listen to your body, some things a training schedule can't tell you. Morning Emmy, so plans for the 100 are announced then! How many have you got to go first? Hour and a half swim with the tri club last night and too late to eat afterwards, so I think today will be an eating day with spin tonight. 

  • Morning you lot

    Soaked in a sudden hail storm when out earlier ! Not chuffed !!

    Working tomorrow and Sat.

    Still haven't caught up, try to do so soon.

  • 1 still flooded underpass...image 

    Council haven't got round to fixing it yet. They will be having a rowing regatta in it if they leave it any longer...

    1 cyclist who would have been caught in the hail shower, 1 white cat, 1 dog, lots of pudles

  • lashing down from the off down here in Kent so wore decent waterproof top and thoroughly enjoyed a warm but dry (top half) 7 miler in driving wet rain and deep puddles.  Emboldened by horrible commuter traffic I went off road for the last mile to shortcut back into the lanes around where I live - great fun but deep muddy puddles on the tracks which was a bit hairy in road trainers!  1 cyclists, no runners, a few school kids running to the bus, no walkers and lots if ignorant drivers.  The drivers were the downside of going out a bit later, the upside being it was light!

    Day off work today to take junior back to uni!  Morning Cal, Birky and Kate - where is everyone else?image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Another SOC and i'm really tired this morning image

    Ted - Well done! That's a shame about your compression tights.

    Cal - Get well soon! image

    Kate - I'm at 82 now and will be at 84 hopefully by the end of this weekend. The weather forecast looks a little breezy though! I'm hoping to see 5.30 whilst he recovers by eating his weight in cake

    Birky - That's an awful long time for a road to be flooded image

    NW: 1 ninja cyclist, 1 heron, 2 ducks, 2 other runners!!!! image (first time ever!).

    Easy 10k this morning as I wasn't feeling the love and it was absolutely awful weather out there.

    Have a great day everyone!




  • emmy: Yeah and it is getting worse. Just missed another shower of hailstones when out walking the dog !

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    oh gosh! More hailstones?! We just had misty rain so it was a little annoying but it wasn't too bad. How is your pooch?

  • New job etc. Socs for 3 days but MrsG came to visit last night so took the morning off. Ran in the sun at lunchtime.

    riding later although I am a little concerned by wind forecast
  • evening

    weather ok here, but still not feeling well, so nothing for me, very fed up about missing tonight's swim


  • Cal sorry to read your still feeling ill and you mathschick.

    KateF Thanks Kate. Guess who found it ( smiles smugly )

    bikemyre I bet you felt great after knowing that you had battled the elements whilst others were sheltering.

    PSC That sounds like a good run to me.

    E mmy Thanks Emmy its been found.

    Gobi Hope you had a good bike ride.

    Well luck was with me today as it just poured down all morning. But just before I set off on my run the rain got less torrential and shortly stopped.

    Had another one leg compression stocking run ( found the other after my run ) so I took it really easy again.

    I ran for 32 mins again and later mapped it out on Mapmyrun and the distance is 2.68 miles so not far and not very fast but that will do me.

    Just near the end of the run my leg that had the compression stocking on gave me a calf muscle twinge so I will need to be careful to make sure I don't damage it on my next run on Saturday. I will probably even run a shorter route to make sure I don't damage it.

    I will also do a bit calf strengthening on the stairs tomorrow as well.

    Be careful out there.




  • Impressive mileage there Gobi.

    Well done Cal, sounds like a decent run.

    Morning all. Just back from an 8 miler. Warm out there today. Must dash as I'm in work today. Toodlepip.
  • Morning all - turbo and weights for me. Being strong and not running today, ironman training is cruel so only 6 days a week until March, then down to 5 days a week before my first one in June. Birky, is it a run/swim this morning? You were right about the wind Gobi, blowing a gale out there. I'm up the Shard to see a client so could be breezy.

  • Morning you lot

    kate: Yeah could well be both if I could swim and both would be wind assisted image

    Really windy up here overnight and today !

  • The council finally got round to looking at the flooded underpass yesterday.

    They put signs up saying 'Flood !'

    Well this morning they are all floating in the flood after the overnight gales !

  • Very windy this morning but rode for 100 mins

    no rain yet

    National CX champs in Wales tomorrow so expect wind and rain
  • rest day today... wanted to run, but following the schedule carefully.  I always get over-enthusiastic in the first 1/3 of the build up of a structured schedule and want to learn from past mistakes!

    Anyone out in today's wind needs a medal.

    Kate, you're being sensible too - good on ya!

  • Can I have a medal please?

  • which one you doing in June Kate?

    Chris - are you still swimming in the lake?

    going to do spinning today but not swimming, think the chlorine will make matters worse. Shame because I love the Saturday swim. 

  • Morning all - 6 miles run, nothing out there but the wind, and two hours on the turbo. Real life bike comes out next weekend. IM Austria is first up in June MC. Have a good weekend all.

  • I can't swim any more because of the chlorine. It makes me feel really awful, which is not the point of exercise, is it?

    Still a bit under the weather. No snots or anything but I feel very tired. I've been resting and going to bed early and did a little upper body stuff in the gym today, plus yoga shortly. Hoping the heat will help.

    10K tomorrow. I think I'll take it steady and just go for the medal (well, it's a cool medal) and then, once I'm better, go for a better time at the Hyde Park 10K in two weeks.


  • Cal - some pools are better than others, there are different chemicals in use I think. And open water swimming is chlorine free image

    did spinning then had a walk in the wind, which was a good idea until there was a hail storm image

    good luck tomorrow Cal

  • Afternoon

    Muddy night run yesterday made harder by failing batteries in my head torch but managed to get back without tripping over or getting lost!

    Open water swim this morning in the clear, chlorine free waters of Frensham Pond. Bit wild and windy though!

    XC tomorrow at Lord Wandsworth. Are you doing that one Kate?

  • My laziness/cautiousness paid off and I went out and got a PB today (actually two PBs because I broke my 5K PB as well). 28:50 for the first 5K and 57.24 for the total. These are Garmin times not chip times - I've got to wait for that.

    Very nice race - clear, bright and sunny. Well organised and fun medal. Fastest mile was 9:16 and slowest was 9:30 so this is good by my standards. I'll have a job to beat that at the Hyde Park race in two weeks.


  • well done Cal! 

    also a well done to Chris for the XC

    I went for a short easy run/walk to ease myself back into. Felt good so will swim tonight too. Sleeping for 10 hours last night must have helped the recuperation image

  • Afternoon all - first bike ride of 2015 for me. Not far, 35 miles, but its a start. Well done Cal and Chris, Emmy for another marathon double and we'll see if Gobi got blown off his bike in the mud. 

  • Afternoon all.

    Chris I never realised you could swim in Frensham Ponds which is a shame because we  had some friends that lived very near them.

    Is everyone aware of Leybourne Lakes in Kent its where I use to train for triathlons.

    Cal well done with the pbs . I remember running the Sunday Times races there for a few years. I also remember my daughter making feel very proud when she was very young running it as well.

    mathschick 10 hours sleep wow you must clearly have needed it

    KateF Not far ! sounds far enough to me.

    Personally I was out at 6am and yet again I was glad that I had made the effort.

    I had taken two days off because unbelievably my right calf muscle was giving me twinges during my last run so I thought I would give it some extra rest.

    Although I only did just over the two miles this morning and this time I was wearing both compression stockings I took it easy but the calf still felt iffy.

    It was only walking back home after the run I realised that I had taken my Footdisc insoles back out of my Ghost trainers as I had read somewhere  that those supplied by Brooks were good enough.

    It appears that for me they aren't so theFootdisc's will be going back in for my run on Tuesday.

    Tuesday also a big day for me as my Consultant will be informing me of why I have

    been suffering from acid reflux for a significant time. Having read some threads on here I am hopeful that he will not be telling me to refrain from running.


    Enjoy your running everyone.

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