Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning/afternoon all,

    A blustry and wet run this morning. Suprisingly warm though! How is everyone doing?

  • People seem tired in here

    interval last night at home, 8 reps at sub 5mm for 60 seconds, bike ride for me this morning 2hrs then 2hr motorbike ride to work

    take care
  • Hi everyone, just joined the RW forum, seams like a good place to start. To answer the forum title...No. But will be going for 6-8miler this evening.

  • evening

    yeah, last night was a killer, but managed to get up for a slow 4 miler this morning in crazy wind

    this half term is going to be tough, only 4 weeks left, but year 9 parents evening in feb, then for my own children, 2 parents evenings and an options evening to go to. Teaching secondary there are potentially 8 parents evenings a year, plus other evening things like open evenings for 6th form, year 6, year 5, options, prize givings, concerts.....god it is never ending, no wonder I am often shattered

    anyway,, off to swimming soon image


  • You're a better woman than me. I woke up at 4am to howling gales and rain bashing against my window. I went back to sleep. Fortunately it had died down enough that I could do my 3 mile walk (part of my commute on work days) and I tried to make up for the lack of a run with an extra yoga class this evening. Still feeling sore and tight so figured that's what I needed.

  • Morning all. Persisting with one no running day a week, so turbo and weights, now off to the chiropodist to try and mend my broken runner's feet. Al, get involved in the early mornings, you know it makes sense.

  • Finally managed to get to bed early enough to get up for a morning run.  A nice 7 miles at 5am.  

  • Well that yoga class wiped me out. I wasn't home until 8 so I needed to unwind and ended up in bed just after 10 which was too late if I wanted to haul myself out of bed at 4. So again, just a walk and will do yoga again tonight, but that'll be finished by 6.30.

    I'm aware I haven't run since Sunday but, since I trained for a half marathon on one run a week in 2011, I'll be fine.

  • Morning you lot

    Snowing here and just off out with Geordie as he's 'needing out ' !

    Back later

  • Eh re right sided ?

  • Morning

    Nothing for me this morning but cycle and pool swim later. 

    Went OW swimming yesterday morning with a couple of the FARTs and took some video  SWIM  Water temp is now down to 5c and looks like getting colder over the coming week! Warmed up afterwards with a 10k trail run.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    A much nicer run this morning. Not so windy!

    Chris - that sounds like a cold swim!

    I will be having a lie in tomorrow as if my life depends on it. This week is chewing me up!

  • Lol Kate

    I run 4/5 days to avoid over running. Rested last night so I could run today. Second week in a row over 40 miles off 4 days running

  • Oops indeed! Morning all including the newbies to the thread, welcome.

    Great run yesterday, smashed a tempo session. Hadn't thought ahead really as I fancy doing a park run today. There is a new one in canterbury so I'm going to go along and see what it's like. That way I run but limit the miles. Long run tomorrow in the rain (apparently). Whoop whoop.

    What have you done to your feet Kate?
  • morning

    Chris - I don't think I could force myself to get into water that cold!

    yesterday was busy, didn't run but did spin and first ever kettlebells class last night, strangely enjoyed it and I do need some strength work, so that will do!

    normal Saturday spin and swim, then meeting a friend for lunch image

    Emmy - hope you enjoy your lie in

  • Morning all

    Frosty here and still minus something! 

    Off out for 10 miles or so on the trails and maybe a pool swim later.

    Haven't tried this kettlebell thing but seems to be getting popular.

  • Morning all 7 miles with mile intervals, very frosty but beautiful and seemed to get light early. 1 OR, and a Warburtons van in hot pursuit of a Hovis van. Hour on the turbo as I'm not brave enough for the icy roads. Emmy, what's a lie in to you, 6am? PSC, have park run fun. Chris, I'm expecting to see you with Bear Grylls or someone soon in some extreme ice adventure. inches of dust and mess beckon, enjoy the weekend all.

  • Hi All, new on here and really enjoyed reading through this thread, have only been doing evenings but this early morning stuff is starting to sound very appealing..... Especially as i am a terrible sleeper and just lie there most of the night, might as well get up and run eh?

    Only been running a short while (well 78 days to be worryingly accurate!) and bloody love it.... Started very slowly but am now at that point (i never thought i would reach) that i can't wait to get out there again, am averaging about 8 min mile over 5 miles and really starting to feel the difference in my life, wish i started years ago! or kept up the fitness level i was at when i left the Army 20 years ago.

    Anyway, that's me and i look forward to joining in and learning from you more seasoned keeno's..... Cheers for now     

  • Ooops sorry i mean i average about a 10 min mile over 5 miles and my fastest mile during this has been 8 mins....That's On a treadmil so i'm not sure if that's the same? 


  • welcome TJ - a treadmill isn't really the same as outside, and often they aren't accurate at all, so I would take the speed and distance with a pinch of salt, but if you always use the same treadmill, it does allow you to make comparisons over time. Try outside, it is much nicer than indoors anyway

    Chris - to be honest I am not really into group exercise classes, but I did quite enjoy the kettlebells. Managed my swim well too, can feel the muscles in my shoulders but not too bad, and hopefully the swim will prevent me from getting too stiff

  • odd... half way through typing something and the page reset!  Ho hum!

    I was saying... image

    Park run was a bit of an icy squib.  Good call by the organising committee to cancel actually as there was lots of slippery deep blue ice all over the track.  Most of us who turned up (about 30 of us) ran anyway, but very carefully.  Lots of group running and chatting so I guess many of them are regulars - my first time at the Canterbury Parkrun.  Looks like a good course, a bit lumpier than the Whitstable one, but nobody minds a few lumps and bumps in the course! image

    TJ, nothing wrong with a treadie, but I do recommend that you raise it one notch to simulate outdoor running.  Don't obsess about pace/speed - it's a sure route to an injury even for us seasoned types.  Keep it slow and work off time on feet and distance if you need measures of success.  Nothing wrong with the occasional blast, but general training should be done at less than balls to the wall training pace.  I know what you mean about wishing you had retained Army fitness, it took me 10 years from the point of leaving to realise that I had become a breathless overweight slob!  LOL.

    Stay safe on the ice folks... 10ish for me tomorrow - bet it's raining!

  • Evening you lot

    From a snow covered West of Scotland.

    Geordie loved being out today running about daft in itimage

    GNW: 6 snowmen, lots of kids sledging, 2 robin red breasts, 2 runners and 1 cyclist Oh and 3 snow ploughs

    Catch up time

  • I'm always out just after 6a.m....it's the best time of day, especially in winter...being the first footprints in the snow...awesomeness!

  • Gym and yoga for me today. I like kettlebells too and have three of my own - problem is my flat is so tiny I don't have much room to swing them, so I mostly use the ones at the gym.

    Long run planned for tomorrow - hope it's not too icy out.


  • Has been a while but outright win at parkrun today
  • Thanks Mathschick & PSC for the replies... I have done a fair bit of running outdoors but where i live there are only country lanes, busy country lanes too! Which makes it very difficult to just put your gear on and get out the door and crack on....That's how I ended up at the gym on treadmill plus I wanted to add some other stuff to my training.

    I will soon enough start to do a gym workout followed by a run around the park which happens to be right next door to the gym. I am trying to eat all the right foods too but am finding all the do's and dont's a bit confusing and contradictory. Runners world has been a great help though and some of the tips I have got off you lot has been brilliant and priceless.

    When I first Went for a run 78 days ago I hadn't (apart from my physical job) done anything for donkey's years and I hit the road and ran (in some clapped out old Tesco bomber trainers) like a mad man and I completely buggered up the muscle across the top of my left foot and the heel of my right foot and could hardly walk the next day! Ended up injured for three weeks and out of it before I even got into it.

    Blessing in disguise really because off the back of that I thought I better seek advice and thats how I met you mob. I read non stop about how to start running and all I kept getting was the same message which was take it very easy and to 'train not strain' which is what I have been doing. it has really worked too because when I am running I can feel there is tons more in my tank but I resist the urge to smash it......... Until now. I said that at day 80 I am going to pick the pace and distance up. Can't wait for tomorrow's session now and get started on phase two.

    Although none of you know it (as I have only just started posting) there are many of you who's posts and training tips have been invaluable. So thank you for all the help Runners world.

    Ps. I apologise that my posts are longer than my runs!!
  • Long posts are fine as long as you type them slowly! Lol
  • Haha PSC I can type no other way lol.

    Why does raising the treadmill one notch simulate road running?
  • afternoon all - 11.5 miles in the rain, OR 7, 2 squirrels, 2 dogs, then onto the turbo. is and TJ, welcome along. Nice win Gobi, expect the same from you next week PSC.

  • I've come 3rd before, but never a win.  And it was a horrible day so only 14 hardy folks turned out to the PR.  Up against me were a Canterbury harrier and a 14 year old lad on speed, other than that it was folks who were more built for comfort not speed so no really competition!  LOL

    Today, 11.3M done at MP+30s - notable points - 1 OR (young lass, not seen her before), 7 or 8 cyclists, a few walkers and 2 x dog chases (me being the target of their chase - grrrrr).  Lots of NW out in the Kentish countryside.  Lovely, relatively mild and dry (contrary to the forecast).  Up to date on jantastic and 100% so far!  Whoop whoop.

    TJ, raising the dreadmill 1 notch gives you some resistance.  When it's flat it is essentially moving your feet and your muscles just need to make sure they keep up.  When you've got to lift them a bit too your times and speeds (and effort) are closer to what they would be out on a flat road with zero wind.

    Off to see Nils Lofgren tonight....  looking forward to that enormously.  image

    afternoon all...................

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