Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning again

    SMW: 6 snowmen counted when out. NW:1 owl, 4 robin red breasts at different places. 1 cat, 2 dogs.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Another SOC in the dark. Does anyone else notice their night vision improving when doing a lot of SOC runs without street light?

    No SMW for me.. just very cold and dry here.

    NW: Few dogs, some birds.

    How is everyone else getting on?

  • Morning all

    so much for snow, 11.5 easy miles today

    Cal , I would be concerned if I my cycle was race rest worry rest race. Has it been looked at ?

    Week3 in the job, training has changed but still doing about 14hrs a week even did some core today. Oh and a shabby 31 wide arm pressups
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - stupid question - what's the difference of a wide arm press up than a normal one? How far wider are your arms?

  • Wide is probably what you call normal, allow good use of big muscles. I also do narrow which is knuckles and heavy on the triceps
  • Morning emmy and Gobi

    Going to Indoor athletics in Glasgow on Saturday with Miss B. The tickets are part of both our Christmas presents. Looking forward to it.

  • Evening,

    Rest day for me today but spent an hour sat in Costa having coffee with John Gladwin who I'm sure Birkey will remember from the '80s running scene! Nice guy.

    OW swim and run planned for tomorrow. Last swim before the UK Cold Water Champs on Saturday. 

  • evening

    just a short noc for me - really couldn't be bothered this morning! Not enough snow to worry about

    birky - bet you and your daughter have a great time on Saturday

  • Chris - that's at Tooting Bec Lido, right? That's just up the road from me - I run around Tooting Common all the time. You're braver than I am though, I won't swim there even in summer. I'm a right wuss when it comes to cold water.

    Just a walk today for me - rest day. The cold virus seems to be trying hard again to infiltrate my system. Lots of sneezing and a scratchy throat. Gargled with warm sake again this evening. Hopefully I'll see it off.

  • Evening all - 6 mile run and swim with lots of new pool gadgets tonight. Chris, you'll see some of my crowd at Tooting on Sunday, you will fit in amongst the lunatics. Have a good time at the athletics birky. Cal, you should join Chris in the lido, that will scare of any illness.

  • Not a chance! I'm a crap swimmer anyway - I can swim long but, as with my running, I'm rather slow (I blame it on my proportionally short arms).

    Managed a legit SOC this morning - woke at 4.30, did enough mobility stuff to ensure nothing broke and then went out for a lungbuster at 5. 2.59 miles in 24:25. I expected my mile times to be better than they were because I was running at what felt like 5K pace. But I had just woken up, so there's that.

    Saw one cold pedestrian (it was 2 degrees, but I didn't feel cold - I was sweating like a horse by the time I got back) and two foxes. Quite a few cars on the road already, but that's London for you.


  • Morning all - nothing at SOC apart from working, but will try for the holy trinity of run, spin, swim tonight. Cal, it always takes me a bit longer to get into a faster pace in the mornings, and it does feel so much warmer when it's above 0 degrees, acclimatised to the weather already.

  • Morning cal and kate

    Just off out

    Will do another snowman watchimage


  • Morning again

    Still a 'white out' here. 

    Another 35 mins of steadily crunching through snow and ice

    SMW: 8 snowmen, 4 robin red breasts, 1 cat, 2 dogs, 1 fox and 2 cyclists


  • out not much after 0515 today for a 90 min bike ride, it was above freezing which is lovely :??)

    Banned MrsG from visiting me yesterday as she has a cold. image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    A lovely cold morning out there. Managed 10k and managed to scare a few birds along the way!

    NW: 1 heron that almost became breakfast for Boyska...

  • evening

    slow run even for my standard this morning, but it was nice to be out. I think I am a bit knackered from work and life... swimming tonight though

    Cal - yeah, I am always slower in the mornings than if I run later. I swim fairly slowly too but it doesn't stop me, and last year I did the swim in an iron distance triathlon as part of a relay team...

  • Morning you lot

    Just off out now

    Back to catch up later

  • Morning all 7 miles with 1 mile efforts. Coldest it's been for a while. Last night's plans went a little pear shaped as we had a power cut just as I was about to go spinning. So no power at all last night, but thankfully I made good use of my head torch and unpacked most of my kitchen boxes. Not a good night to be without heating though, and it looks like my Friday night will now be spent in the pool. Double marathoning again this weekend Emmy?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Second time this has happened image Post didn't post.

    Another SOC here. Very cold but nice to be out there in the dark. Our river has now frozen on the top so it's a bit of winter.

    Kate - that's the plan but i'm looking at contingency if operation stack continues to play havoc with Eurotunnel image

  • Today was not above freezing but rode for 100minutes before 7am so what do I expect.

    Another solid week of work and play, eating habits are improving slowly as I adjust to the new world.

    Interesting one for you all. Watching a lot of people pushing hard/gray area in training(not in here) and just keep thinking. I can run fast but why when I dont need to and can get the same benefits from a smarter approach?
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Gobi wrote (see)
    Interesting one for you all. Watching a lot of people pushing hard/gray area in training(not in here) and just keep thinking. I can run fast but why when I dont need to and can get the same benefits from a smarter approach?

    That's a good point. I think if you can get the same benefit and don't put as much strain on your body - that's perfect.

  • Morning again you lot

    Raining here and the snow is going.

    Slippy when out with Geordie at about 8.45. Much nicer when out in the snow earlier.

    Saw 6 snowmen when out earlier, no chance of seeing any now !  SMW over for now Kateimage

  • evening all.... been a tad busy of late with lots of travelling around the country so running in various odd places (Peterborough/Coventry/Bolton).  Odd to me anyway (trying not to offend all of the good folk who live there)!

    Good to see everyone is out and busy and TJ hasn't broken himself yetimage

    6 gentle miles done at lunchtime - easy pace.

    Work is mad, but I am going home for the weekend!  Toodle pip.  Off to the pub. image

  • evening all

    PSC - think I might agree with those being odd places to go for a run!

    no running today but spinning and kettlebells this evening

    gobi - interesting comment, not sure which threads you are referring to (if you are referring to threads on the forum), but to be fair I don't have much time lately to browse the threads. Personally I would try to go for the smarter approach, 

  • I woke up at 4 and thought about running but, looking out at the frost, I thought it was a bad idea with my various niggles. I ran yesterday and running on consecutive days tends to cause trouble for me, so just my usual walk this morning and then yoga this evening.

  • Math. On and off the forums.

    PSC. I am working in Hinkley from Feb let me know when you are in the area.
  • Morning

    Just off out now. Snow is all gone.image

    Off to Indoor athletics with Miss B later

    Both looking forward to itimage

    All the best to those racing.

  • morning

    birky - have a great time at the athletics

    emmy - hope you manage to get to your marathons! good luck with the weekend

    gobi- Hinkley in Leicestershire?

    spinning and swimming for me this morning, although I feel like I would rather go back to bed!

  • Morning all - cold and icy but stunning morning, 6.5 miles with intervals, 6 OR, busy, and 5 magpies. Bicycle will get a trip out later. I'm either doing something very right or very wrong with my new swim sets, upper body is howling after an hour in the pool last night. PSC, all the glamorous places. Gobi, are you changing work location every month just to find some new cycle routes? Have a great time at the athletics birky, good luck with the marathons, and getting there Emmy, and with the cold water champs Chris.

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