Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Evening

    I think there may have been a wee problem with some of my post removed ?!

    I still don't know why !

    Seems that it's been sorted.

    'You know it makes sense !'image

  • Morning you lot

    Just off out and its still really cold here. Snow still on the ground

    Back later to fully catch up.

  • Morning - a balmy 1 degree here, 5 miles NW 2 dogs. Ran and span last night so legs not fully awake after only stopping at 9pm. Our snow is all but gone birky.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all, a chilly -3 today but went a little later.

    Birky - I wondered where you had gone! Glad to see you back!

    I'll be offline until Monday as i'm running the Quad with 5.30. Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Swam yesterday morning. And again this morning, with the FARTs!



  • evening

    Emmy - good luck! Say hi to 5:30

    Chris - do you enjoy it??

    Freezing run this morning, very frosty - crunching underfoot but luckily not slippy. The owls seemed to be going crazy this morning, no idea what was up with them. Love the full moon image simple pleasures in life...


  • Maths - of course!

  • Evening all - swim in a nice, heated 25m pool with the normal people completed, no ice, not sure about the farts, none from my lane anyway. good luck Emmy, tell 5.30 to stay upright. Hope you're feeling better soon Cal. MC, Mr F has a very strange theory about owls, if they were over excited he will think they were surrounded by kittens, it's a long and strange story.

  • I've not managed a proper run yet - I've actually been awake early enough but have felt tired and not all that inclined to go out in the cold at 4.30am! But I did add some jog intervals to my 3 mile commute walk this morning. That was pretty tricky given I was wearing a big padded coat and had a backpack that moved around a lot (the straps on it are as tight as they go). It was just something I did on the spur of the moment as it was sleeting and horrible so I wanted to get to my destination as quickly as possible!

    I'll be able to run Sunday for sure - I may try and get a sneaky SOC in tomorrow if I wake up in time and feel up to it.

  • Yes, I managed to drag myself out at 4.47am for a bitterly cold 2.6 miler. Took it easy as it was my first run post-cold so it was slow (over 27 minutes). The moon was out when I put my gear on and out when I got home but the bugger hid behind a cloud during my run. Silly moon. Also, no animals at all save for a man with a dog waiting at a bus stop.

  • Morning from a very frosty West of Scotland.

    Morning cal a 4.47 am run. Respect

    Just off out now.

    Back later and need to catch up.

  • Morning all - out 10 mins after Cal just for a 4 miler, all I had time for this morning, pool later.

  • More rest here. MrsG had her birthday last night.
  • Chilly run + pool swim yesterday and same today. Kate, are you doing the xc at lord wandsworth on sunday?

  • evening

    cal - well done this morning

    kate - sounds like an odd owl story!

    spinning and kettlebells for me today, happy that it is the weekend!


  • Swim tonight, we must be in different leagues now Chris as our XC is 22nd Feb in Alton.

  • morning

    would like to stay in bed all day, but off to spinning and swimming. Maybe the kids will let me nap after that!

  • Morning - 6 miles run and 2.5K swum. Just about above freezing this morning, what a treat. Have a fun weekend folks.

  • Just wanted to say hello. Since moving to the south west and starting a new job I'm a 6am runner. Running 10k PBs before work is good! 

  • Evening you lot

    Been busy working and doing my assignments the last few days and now need to catch up.

    Here goes.

    photojonny: Welcome.

  • Evening

    Resting and running here but nothing very early
  • Evening all. I've been ill with the horrid cold that everyone has had. 1 run in 13 days. image

    Anyway, back with a bang tomorrow. 20 miler at LDWA Punchbowl mara. I'm not ready for the 30 although I'm tempted.
  • morning

    PSC - good luck today, hope you are fully recovered from the cold!

    having a leisurely breakfast before heading out into the sunshine image

  • God luck PSC - nice day for it.

  • Morning all - 12 miles done now heading for the pool. Did you run across Witley Common PSC, lots of people with maps coming the other way this morning.

  • I thought I was rid of the cold too, PSC, but it started to come back - lots of sneezing on the tube Friday evening (sorry commuters!), then struggled through my yoga class and left knackered rather than invigorated. Ended up asleep at 9pm (too tired even to read). Woke up once (which is normal for me) then went back to sleep and slept until 6.45am! As someone who is usually awake before 5, that seems horrendously late.

    I did bugger all yesterday aside from my one yoga class, and felt a bit better this morning. Still have that scratch-mucus-above-the-soft-palate feeling but I made myself go and run this morning and ended up doing 9.25 miles. I kept the first 7 under 10 min/mi pace but then fatigued hard and the last two miles were slow (10:27 and 10:49). I'm not going to beat myself up about that because I've been ill, but I would like to know how to avoid getting hit by the fatigue stick. I've got six weeks until my half mara so five more weekends to train *if* I don't get sick or injured again!

    Oh and it wasn't too cold (4 degrees, but felt warm compared to Friday) and the sun even came out towards the end. Yoga again in an hour.

  • cal - I would have thought if you are feeling unwell then 9 miles probably wasn't thing to do! You are better off on the start line undertrained but well rather than prolonging your illness by training when you aren't really well enough. If I have been ill I will leave it a couple of days after feeling well to start training again. 

    It is a lovely day though and I did 12 miles - loads of ORs, dog walkers, cyclists, walkers without dogs.... and signs of spring - buds on trees, a mob of starlings on a pylon (I think it should be a murmur of starlings but they are more like a mob!!)

  • Well, I didn't set out to do 9 necessarily - I was going to go with how I felt and once I got running, I felt quite good. It was more muscular fatigue than general fatigue and this tends to happen after a certain point no matter how well I am - I think I have to hit the weights a bit more but it's hard to fit in around everything else. Fortunately, half term is nearly here so I'll have a week to do everything I need to do.

  • Cal, take it easy if you are feeling a bit squiffy!  I felt decidedly undertrained today, but still managed a run a decent pace - it was a cracking day out there and I'm pleased with the 3:50ish (moving time) and 4:21 on the certificate which just shows how much time was spent navigating/eating in the checkpoints!  Kate, yes we did run along the edge of Witley Common.  There was about 150 of us out there with about 2/3rds doing the 30 miler and the rest of us doing the shorter route.  I'm glad I didn't do 30 - my legs are definitely buzzing now.

    Nite all....

  • morning all... definitely a rest day today!  Our camper van goes in for it's MOT today.  Wish it luck! image

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