Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • I hope you are ok Birky, never nice.

    So I am confused today.

    I ran for an hour on the treadmill and it felt very normal

    It is true to say that I used to do a fair amount on the mill including once doing a 50km effort but I have not touched a treadmill for well over a year (Feb 7th 2014 I ran a KM)

    Surely I should have found it a little strange

    Morning image
  • Morning again

    Geordie Nature Watch: 26 cows ! We went into a field only to see it's owners about 200m away image We left quickly image

  • Felt better yesterday, but today (despite being awake with plenty of time to run) I feel awful again. What the hell is this virus? Ugh.

  • Cal: Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks. Just when I think I'm getting better, it comes back. I've never had anything like this before. I mentioned it to my sports masseur on Monday and he said his partner and some of his patients had had the same thing. Some of the other teachers at my school have too.

    It was the school swimming gala yesterday and a few pupils missed that also. It's nasty, whatever it is.

  • Hello from Welsh Wales

    Jogged a parkrun today which was fine but I am concerned that tomorrow when I go full bore will have a coughing fit

    MrsG and I are bored with this now
  • Managed a run today and it wasn't too bad. Didn't push for speed or distance but I ended up running on some really boggy paths so I had to go even slower than normal. 4.65 miles in 48:40 - first three weren't too bad but mile 4, when I was going up a waterlogged hill, trying not to lose my shoes and fall on my arse, was 11:28. Off for some yoga in a bit. It helped a lot yesterday when I was feeling lousy so the heat obviously does me good.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    A really cold run this morning! but lovely weather at the moment.

    Gobi - hope you feel better soon!

    Cal - how are you feeling today?

  • Morning all - just some core this morning, need a token taper week before my marathon on Sunday so will swim and spin tonight. No germs in here please everyone.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kate - which marathon are you running on Sunday?

  • Thanks Emmy - not too bad. Still a bit phlegmy but I did half an hour of weights followed by spin and then Bikram and I got through all that OK. Aiming for a shortish run tomorrow morning so we'll see how that goes.

    Good luck, Kate. A marathon is still on my bucket list but I've got a half next month and I've entered another in May (the Ranelagh Harriers Richmond half - which is the one I did in 2011 and, to date, my only half). I wasn't successful in the Royal Parks ballot but thinking about a charity place. Anyone have any experience with running for charity?

  • Morning all - turbo and weights this morning, track tonight. What a beautiful day out there. Heartbreaker on Sunday Emmy, will I see you at the Thames Meander?

  • Morning you lot

    Morning kate

    Dreich day here with smiry rain. Summer time has arrived early here in the West of Scotland. Oh and its coldimageimage

    Catch up time over coffee.

  • Steady 3.5 miler at an average of 10:07 this morning, although I didn't go out until 8 so it's not really an SOC. Didn't feel brilliant due to a poor night's sleep (well, the sleep was fine - I just woke up too early, as I am prone to do, so it was around 5 hours).

    Not much in the tank due to that, the cold and yesterday's spin class so I didn't push, but I was happy to be out in the sunshine.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,
    Cal - I've run a few races for charity but didn't really get any support. What charity are you looking at? I did Royal Parks in 2012 and was appalled to see so many people cheating on the course. it's the only reason I wont go back.

    Great to hear that you're feeling better!

    Kate - good luck with that! I'm at Hugin in Kent with the blingest medal you've ever seen! I wont be at Thames Meander - it's Ranscombe spring the same day and I do love my mud and trails!

    A lovely run this morning. Despite it being dark I could see fine without the headtorch (thank you light pollution).

  • Now the sun is out !image

    It really is summerimage

    Morning cal and emmy.

  • Cheating - really? How?

    I haven't decided on a charity, Emmy - (or if I'll run at all, actually). I support Blind Veterans so possibly them but my school is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and have chosen Shooting Star CHASE (children's hospice) as its charity for the year, so could go with that. My heart is with the former but if I went with the latter, I could tap up my colleagues and the parents, although they might be donation fatigued after a year of the kids doing sponsored things.

    The thing that worries me is that, as virus and  injury prone as I am, I could go and raise all this money and then find I couldn't run on the day, which is why I tend to steer away from charity events.

  • The other issue with charity stuff is that if you are doing events all the time people expect something super extreme to want to sponsor you. We sponsor quite a lot corporately and I do donate regularly so see this as doing my bit. Track tonight, cold but beautiful starry sky. I'd love to do the events down in Kent Emmy but I'm not as keen on the travel as you! 

  • Evening all from a misty Alp. Incredibly warm for the time of year out here in France but snow conditions ok and in the cross country area its lovely. Bagging blacks and reds to keep away from the busier slopes at the mo. image
  • Morning you lot

    Looks dry here, so far !

    Cue a torrential downpour as I step out the doorimage

    Back later to catch up

  • It's back - the cold that is. It seems to be on the verge of dying out and then comes back with a vengeance each time. I'm at a loss.

    I had another poor night's sleep which was unfortunate as I'd booked myself into a 6.30am yoga class. I did the class but, rather than feeling better, as usually happens, I felt worse again, so I skipped the spin class I'd booked for 10.30. I don't know what I have to do to beat this thing but I guess the crap sleep isn't helping. I can fall asleep fine but then I either wake up too early or I'll wake up in the middle of the night and be wide awake and have to read for a while before I can go back to sleep. Ugh.

    Lovely day too but I didn't go out other than to pick up my service wash.

  • Morning all - just 4 miles this morning, have to report my NW on my NOC last night as I had a very close brush with a deer in the darkness. Beautiful sunrise this morning and light until after 5.30 at night, I am feeling spring like. Cal, worth a trip to the docs if the illness persists? It's plenty cold over here PSC, perhaps we've stolen your Alpine weather.

  • Morning you lot

    Miss B is 15 todayimage

    Cold and a bit windy. NW: 1 owl, 3 dogs, 1 white cat 8 cows, 2 robin red breasts

    Last assignment started. That's 8 !!

    Back later

  • Morning all

    Busy back at work

    Survived Wales, some good and some bad, it was hard to race when feeling less than 100%

    Cheating - nothing worse than watching people cut a course

    Apologies for not reading back
  • Cal, I'm with you.. my cold nearly went and is now back.  I'm snotting like a 5 year old! Yuk.   I don't have the temperature and cough though, just a permanently pouring nose so thankful for small mercies!

    I can see it's cold at home by the photos on FB from various buddies... probably shouldn't say but me and junior have got sunburnt faces!  image  (trouble is with helmets and goggles on it's going to be an odd suntan)!

    Kate, great NW shout out. 

    Can't be doing with cheats - take them round the back and shoot them!  

    Toodle pip - off for a bit (/lot) of apres ski.

  • Morning

    Off to work soon

    Quick catch up over brekkie.

    Back later

  • Morning - taper day so no running, just a swim tonight. Off to Cambridge for some meetings in the rain.

  • taper for what Kate ?

    I have been jogging and doing core

    Actually wanted to run rather than ride today so that is what I did
  • Wednesday and Thursday I just did yoga - today I felt a bit better so did some squats followed by spin. Looking forward to running again - the cold is mostly gone now so I'm hoping it won't come back again. It's the Michael Myers of viruses.


  • Heartbreaker marathon on Sunday Gobi.

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