Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Not one I know of Kate, good luck

    just been to see Kingsman. Brilliant movie
  • Morning

    Just not long back.

    Off to work soon again

    Cold and frosty morning up here.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 cat, 1 fox,

    Kate: All the best for tomorrow.

  • Went back to Basingstoke parkrun today, we had an old group meetup which was nice. Rolling the clock back I took the win as well

    Up early tomorrow as heading to Wales for a spot of MTB riding ...

    Quiet in here
  • I loved Kingsman, Gobi - awesome film.

    Gym (shoulder stuff, deadlifts, bench) and yoga today. Planning to run tomorrow but I have some DOMS following squatting yesterday. See how it goes.

    Good luck, Kate!

  • Morning all - not sure how well today is going to go, had very poor prep yesterday. Nice SOC run and swim, then out for some coaching on the bike, as I need to get faster. Deraillieur snapped on the way home so I walked a couple of miles in bike shoes whilst Mr F headed off to get the car and rescue me. not the best for feet, or for fuelling so could be a bit of a slow one today. It's looking chilly today too, so wrap up runners and riders.

  • Morning

    Working again today/

    Rest Day but been out walking Geordie

    GNW: 1 owl, 2 robin red breasts sitting on our fence singing away, 1 cat  and 2 cyclists

    Coffee and catch up time.

    Now put to the kettle on

  • Morning kate and all the very best for today.

  • morning all

    hope you have all got over your various illnesses - I am better now. I wasn't exactly in top shape for Barcelona, but did it anyway! I was surprised that a big city half didn't have slower or charity runners, there were all really fast! No crowd either, it was a bit weird. Glad I did it, the weather was lovely and we had a great week out there. It is horribly cold here now we are back. Didn't do much other running while we were there, i was still coughing and sneezing and feeling a bit rough so just had a week of lots of sleep and relaxing with family basically

    Kate - hope today goes well

  • Well Iwas up at 5 this morning and ran a steady 5. Completed it in 41.50. Now I have entered this challenge I will try and push myself. Not enjoying the cold mornings I feel about as flexible as a sticklebrick lol image

  • Glad you had a good time, maths.

    Not up too early (well, I was up early - but I didn't go out to run until just after 8) but I did 8.2 miles. Nice to see crocii coming out, and a thrush, and chased a fox up the road. Slow for me (a smidge under 1:25) - average 10:20. Last mile was just under 11 min/mi but that was probably because I got a poop stitch. Thank god I wasn't far from home. image

  • Evening..

    Managed to get in a longish (14 mile) run today before the weather turned nasty. Loads of dog walkers out plus ramblers and military personnel on exercises.

    NW 3 deer, 2 swans, 1 horse, chickens, sheep, highland cattle.

  • Evening all - marathon done, 2 x 5.30 hugs, and a lot of his grumbling. 4.20 which is fine on a hard, and windy, hailing and raining course. Steve Way, Jez Bragg and Martin Yelling out for a run, I didn't trouble any of them. Cal, sounds like you're back running well. Gobi, more crashes, look after yourself. Nice work on the half MC, and long run Chris. Welcome along Mark, I'd be happy to run that quickly as a sticklebrick.

  • I know Kate, I need to stop but I like the challenge and sometimes you make mistakes.

    I don't think I do anything by half

    Welcome Mark - early training is not about pushing yourself hard it is just about getting that session done
  • Good job, Kate! I was lucky to get sun this morning - it's pissing down now! Should hopefully be dry for my Tuesday run - rain starts midday according to the forecast.

    Spin tomorrow and some weights. I'm still hurting from yesterday - even my forearms.


  • Morning you lot

    Off out with Geordie, back later to catch up.

  • We are firm believers of running first thing as it's a great way of starting the day.  The easiest way we have found is to incorporate a run into your commute to work.  If you get the train/tube/bus maybe get off a few stops before your destination and run the rest of the way.  If you are worried about showing, check local gyms, some will let you use their facilities at a small cost.


  • I wish I could, but the earliest train into London for me is 5.45 so far too late to get in a decent run at the other end, and I'd be a packhorse with the amount of stuff I have to lug around.

  • we moved to a new office and I joined the gym on day 1 as the office had no showers. Spot on but I still train at 0500 as I like my early run before work.

    Like you Kate I could run from my hotel but seems pointless when I can train first and travel relaxed.
  • evening

    no soc for me today but spin and insanity this evening

  • Run and swim tonight, lots of foot cramp but 3K swum. MC, is this the start of the Insanity workout DVDs?

  • kate - no, they do a class at the local leisure centre. It is the same thing, but just a weekly class. I don't really get on with doing dvds at home! 

  • I am now a Soc trainer and a nightowl

    strange times at Gobi towers
  • Morning all - turbo and weights this morning, track tonight, so far so light and sunny, lovely.

  • Squats, spin and yoga yesterday.

    Run today and I am very pleased to report that my mojo has returned! I still have some residual phlegm but I'm otherwise feeling good.

    I was awake at 2.30 this morning but, after a cup of tea and a read, I made myself go back to sleep (this at 4am) so when I woke up again it was the unholy late hour of 6.45am. So no SOC today but a more sane 9.30am run in the lovely spring sunshine.

    As soon as I started running I knew I was in much better shape so I pushed it and did a couple of mile intervals:

    NB Tooting Common is pretty flat, so uphills and downhills are not steep. Went like this:

    1. 9:52.3 (medium effort, uphill followed by flat)

    2. 9:10.3 (hard effort, mostly uphill)

    3: 9:37.6 (medium effort, mostly downhill followed by flat)

    4: 9:23.8 (hard effort, uphill)

    5. 9:47.5 (medium effort, mixture of slight downhill, flat and slight uphill)

    Last half mile was recovery at 10:22 pace.

    Overall time: 5.52 miles in 53:12.4, average pace 9:39. Very pleased with that after the slow slog of Sunday's 8 miler.

    More crocii today - won't be long before I see daffs and blossom. Yay!

  • cal - good to hear you are feeling better - have you got a 2 week half term?

    first soc for a while for me, it was mild and drizzly and I just did a slow 4 miles to stretch my legs out really

  • No, just one, but I'm part time - I work Wed - Fri so Mondays and Tuesdays are off.


  • ooh that must be nice, apart from possibly spending your days off marking!

  • Ah well, the thing about teaching PE is that there's no marking. Reports and planning and arranging sports competitions, yes - but no marking.

  • Sounds like you're doing will Cal. Track tonight, 3 x 1200/400, clear starry sky out there, legs almost complying with instructions.

  • Morning you lot

    Cold and frosty one here today.

    Just off out, back later

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