Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning

    went to a venue to ride my mtb today and realised I had raced my Cyclo cross bike there. The woods in Swadlincote were tarmac which was disappointing.
  • Some good training going on . Good to read.

  • evening

    gobi - are you working around swadlincote in Derbyshire? or just travelling around?

    cal - ah, didn't realise you were PE

    nothing for me today, but it has gone very mild this evening image

  • Morning you lot

    Looks a wet and windy one

    Off out now

    Back later

  • Well, I felt worse again yesterday - weak and tired - so I just did the minimum I needed to get through my first day back at school. I didn't even do my morning 3 mile walk - iI just walked one mile which is what it takes to get to the edge of the next tube zone. Lots of teachers are sick as well, ugh.

    Felt a little better this morning after a good night's sleep so I ran-walked the three miles and felt OK. If I do that again, I'll need a change of shirt. I was sweating like a horse. Last time I did it, it was sleeting and cold so I didn't sweat so much. Ah well.


  • Morning all - 6 miles, 5 at a decent pace and 1 uphill, 1 OR, and a swim. T-shirt and shorts, boiling out there.

  • Morning kate

    Wet and windy here.

    I did run to/from work many years ago. I ran to/from the Harriers clubhouse then walked the short distance  to my workplace .

  • Maths- I am in Hinckley working.

    I ran just over 5 miles and none of it was fast

    sore from my crash at the weekend but pushing on as only bruised and battered

  • Do you crash a lot, Gobi?

    I woke up, bright and alert at 4am this morning and was quite excited about getting in a proper early run. After an awful struggle with my compression socks, I managed to get out for just after quarter past (maybe I should skip them for the early runs?).

    My legs then proceeded to act as if they were still asleep. It was like one of those nightmares where you're trying to run from the monster but it feels like wading through treacle. I only ran 2.59 miles but they were all slower than 11 minute mile pace. Ugh. Ah well.

    Saw two foxes and heard a lot of birds, so fairly quiet.

  • Morning you lot

    Morning cal: Early run for you even after your struggles with the socks. Sometimes on a really early run I feel half asleep. Maybe I am !image

    35 mins Steady.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 black and white cat, 2 robin red breasts, 2 dogs,

    Back later

  • Morning all - day off today so lazed in bed until 5.30, then off for a a swim. Car iced over but a beautiful morning now, off for a run session with the chap I had coaching with a couple of years ago, so hard work and a bit of shouting on the agenda. Bike might get a turn out later too. Happy Friday.

  • Kate: 'Lazed in bed until 5.30.' Only on this thread could you say that !image

  • Cal - does the earth rotate around the sun ?

    Life caught up with me last night so I set a late alarm(6am) and took a morning off.

    The double SOC life is good but sometimes you need to sleep one side or the other.
  • evening

    bit of a tough time at school this week as a former pupil (only just left) committed suicide

    swam yesterday, spinning and kettlebells today

    tomorrow soc and doing a 26 mile challenge walk/run. Not sure what to wear...will make the decision when I get up I think!

  • Morning you lot

    Just off out with Geordie. Go ta Saturday when not working todayimage

    maths: All the best with your 28 mile challenge.

    Back later

  • morning

    decided I just haven't got the energy to do the 26 mile thing today - tired, haven't seen the kids all week, and with my knee still being a bit unstable on uneven ground it would mean walking most of it - which I was ok with, but with my recent lack of swimming and cycling I have decided to focus on training for my main events of the year - outlaw swim and outlaw half. And tomorrow will be a proper long run preparing for manchester marathon. Those are my 3 main aims for this year, and today's was only going to be a jolly with a friend from work who can't do it because she has damaged some ligaments

    anyway, excuses I know, but 26 miles is a long way if I don't actually feel like doing it. 

  • Morning

    No reason to get up as not running until parkrun yet I was awake before 5!!!

    I am what I am
  • totally failed to get up early enough for the long run I had planned, so just a short one in a while when my breakfast has gone down!

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Sorry about your pupil, mathschick, how awful. I'm not surprised your energy has gone down. Good plan to concentrate on your goals.

    Gobi - I have the same issues. Although I wasn't awake until just before 6 today because I woke up at 2am and then read for an hour and a bit before going back to sleep.

    I had a long (10 mile) run planned for today and nearly didn't do it as my legs felt heavy and slow, but then I got into a rhythm after the first couple of miles and ended up doing a steady 11.19 mile run. Fastest mile was mile 3 at 10:08; slowest was mile 10 at 11:00.

    Interesting you mention waiting for your breakfast to go down, maths - I really can't eat before exercise because I'm a very slow digester, I once had a whey protein shake THREE hours before doing a 5K and I felt sick the whole way around. So all my runs are in a fasted state, including races.

    Today's run was dry as well. I don't take water with me, although I bought one of those water backpacks from TK Maxx because I happened to see it, so I may use that at some point in the future if my runs start getting longer.





  • Cal - most mornings I don't eat before I run, for a long run I have a banana as I head out, for a race I have porridge at home then a banana before running. I can eat most things while running slowly, if I am doing a hard session though it is safer with nothing!

    Well, booted myself out of the door - very windy! Decided that as I was only doing a short run I would make at least one of the miles faster than normal and I did despite being nearly blown into a field image

    swimming later too

  • Hello all - busy weekend, bike, run, swim. yoga, family entertaining, cooking, eating and trying to avoid the downpours. Beautiful and light at 6.30am, I almost called Spring for the first day of March until nearly drowning in rain this afternoon.

  • Morning you lot

    So much for my Saturday off work. Got a phone call asking me to go in so worked 9 am-7pm at the SECC in Glasgow.

    Snow on Kilpatrick Hills and snow forecast for here today.

    Off out now

    Back later to catch up.

  • Morning - turbo at SOC, swim and run later. You spoke too soon about not working at the weekend birky.

  • I posted here as well

    WTF is going on with RW ?
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    A glitch in the matrix?

    Squats and deadlifts followed by spin followed by sports massage followed by Bikram yoga - so a busy morning. Not sure if I'll be up for running tomorrow - the quads are fried. We'll see.

  • evening

    spinning and insanity for me - it is getting easier! Bizarre sight of the day - someone wearing a denim skirt for spinning!

    and someone had put temporary traffic lights outside my house blocking the access - so my 14 year old very happily moved them along a bit image

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    A denim skirt? Well, that's novel.

  • Morning from a snow covered West of Scotland

    cal: Good for your 14 year oldimage

    Off out

    Back later

  • morning from a drizzly Kent.  I've been off games for too long.  Running today whatever happens.  6 weeks to Brighton - should be enough to get the legs back into shape!


  • Morning again

    NW: 1owl, 1 cat, 2 dogs, 2 robin red breasts,

    Heavy snow now here !

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