Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning Kate: 30 sheep, good callimage

    emmy: Doing okay thanks and you ?

    Dry and cold here today

    NW: 1 owl, 4 dogs, 1 cat 1 cyclist

    psc: 'My legs hate me and have gone on strike !'image Great quote mate.

    Gemma was and obviously still is a very good Ultra runner. Be nice  if she said Hello if she's ever looking in.

  • Pouring down here now.

    Caught in a hail shower when out with Geordie earlier !

    Off to work later.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all image

    A lovely SOC and with the sunrise now a lot earlier - I only need my headtorch for the first half of my run! woohoo!

    Birky - I'm alright. Finally recovered from the flu and trying to get ready for my next quad this weekend.

    A lovely 10k this morning with Boyska. Was really beautiful weather and i'm glad I made myself 10 minutes later but running a little longer. I needed it!

    NW: 4 ducks, 2 heron, 1 kamikaze cat

  • I got up yesterday morning at 3.30am to leave the house for 4am. 17.4 mile run around my town before finishing up at my workplace 2 and a half hours later for a 10 hour shift! Finished the day with 49,000 steps as in my job your on your feet a lot. Sore legs at the end of the day.
  • Morning you lot

    Just off out with Geordie.

    Back later

  • Morning all - hour on the turbo for me, nice day out visiting clients in the Sussex countryside today, I've been spending too much time in London recently. That sounds like a long old day Jonathan, I bet you slept well after that. Another long weekend in Kent Emmy?

  • Morning Kate

    Jonathan: As Kate said that does seem a long day !

    It seems to be getting lighter in the mornings again, noticed it today.

    NW: 1 owl, 4 dogs, 1 white and black cat, 2 robin red breasts.

    Back later

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all!

    Jonathan - that's certainly a long day! How do you manage it?

    Kate - That sounds like a nice change!

    It'll be two days in Kent with Traviss and two days up in MK with Foxy

    Birky - I've noticed the same. It was the first time I wore just a tshirt whilst out running this morning! was heavenly!

  • Hello

    Did 2 hours on the bike this morning, legs still tired but not sore after the weekend. Will run some miles tonight image

    have fun
  • evening all... nice little recovery run this morning on deeply complaining legs!  Quads felt like they had been whacked for hours with a stick, but after a mile or two started to ease off a bit.  

    Emmy, where in Kent are you doubling?

    Jonathan - that's a serious day's training/working!  

    Gobi, you're a machine!

    Kate - always good to visit the country and get out of the big smoke!!

    Time to take a short walk up the wooden hill I think.  Nite all.

  • Morning you lot

    Dawn about to break up here at the moment

    Off out now

    Back later

  • Morning all - morning birky. What a sunrise this morning. Turbo again after a walloping at track last night, 9.5 miles total and a hard old pyramid session.

  • Morning again

    Kate: Yeah it was a cracking dawn and it was great being out. The Eastern sky was full of pinks, white clouds and blues. There was  a half moon and a frost on the ground.

    35mins Steady.

  • A'noon

    Wet and windy here now and has been for the past hour !


  • 530am530am ✭✭✭

    Hi all

    It's been a while....Thames Meander and Ranscombe marathons this weekend. I think I'm losing the will to live with these bloody things...




  • evening

    530 - good luck for the weekend, hope you are well

    Emmy - good luck to you too! The hundredth must be coming up soon?

    Haven't done anything since Saturday because of this cold...

  • Morning

    Cold one here this morning.

    Just in from a  10pm - 6am night shift so will catch up later.

    Have walked Geordie.image

  • No laughing but I just entered the Cotswold classic 70.3!!!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    PSC wrote (see)

    evening all... nice little recovery run this morning on deeply complaining legs!  Quads felt like they had been whacked for hours with a stick, but after a mile or two started to ease off a bit.  

    Emmy, where in Kent are you doubling?


    Ranscombe spring double this weekend for me PSC. Are you around? How are your legs now?

    Gobi - When's that?... it was to be expected right?image

    5.30 - You love it reallyimage

    Maths - next month! image It's the fowlmead challenge in Kent (25. April for those interested and fancy eating their weight in cake..)

  • Excellent! Is that the June or the August one, I hope it's June as I'm doing that one.

  • August 23rd is the only one that fitted for my group

    Expected..... not when they first informed me I think I threw a curve ball when I answered that I was going so may as well enter.

    People are worried image

    So swimming ...........

    So much for retirement
  • evening

    Emmy - wish I could be there but with work the next day Kent is a bit far for me image

    Gobi - good luck, you better get to the pool!

    well, feeling better now if still a bit sneezy, so slow run this morning to remind my legs what running is, and as swimming has been cancelled tonight (heating issues) did a turbo instead

    RIP Terry Pratchett - a great author and interesting person

  • forgot my NW - 1st toad of the spring, and a hedgehog image

  • Nice NW MC. See you on Saturday 5.30.

  • So I have been back in the pool for about a month and will confess that now.

    This morning I may as well have been swimming as I got so wet on the bike but still 100 minutes done so all is good.

    Felt lazy as I didnt go out until 0555 but the daylight I am rewarded with is nice.

    Not for the first time this week I was nearly hit by someone coming out of a junction.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Maths - How are you feeling after the turbo? Nice NW - I haven't seen a toad in years!

    Kate/5.30 - enjoy Thames Meander!

    Gobi - That's a worry about the junction. Is it a known troublespot?

    A NOC (6.45) for me today. Lovely to run in the sun and although it was a bit chilly it was lovely. 10k taper done for the quad. I wont be back online til Wednesday/Thursday so have a great weekend everyone image

    NW - 3 ducks, 1 heron, 1 dog

  • Morning

    Just having a look in between my post office night shifts.

    Will catch up eventually, probably tomorrow.

    Working all next week at the SECC. Then same again the following week.

  • 5.30: Good to have you back.

  • Who knows Emmy I am a tourist :??)

    I would guess not just knobs who don't look
  • evening

    Emmy - I am good. Probably too late to wish you luck for the quad but I think I already did anyway image

    I am finding there are more and more people that drive badly! Monday morning I got a shock as I was driving to school - a nasty accident on the road and as I drove past I saw that it was a young guy from work that had been hit by an idiot, luckily there was a layby so I could stop and stay with him till the ambulance arrived. He is ok, badly bruised and very sore, car written off....all because and idiot came out of a junction straight into him. Good job he was in a car and not on a bike or he probably wouldn't be here

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