Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning all. Good luck at Rancomne Emmy.

    No idea what woke me apart from perhaps a raging thirst. Time for a cuppa.
  • hi

    swim and turbo for me today, neither particularly early though image
    planning an early long run for tomorrow, need to make sure I get up!

  • Evening all - Thames Meander done, with 5.30 hot on my heels. Sub 4 not to be,felt good but running through a boat race and picking up another runner who had stacked it saw me with a 4.04. Out for pre birthday dinner tonight, I think it will be an early finish. Good luck with the next few days Emmy.

  • Evening you lot

    Watched the Paris - Nice  stage  on eurosport 2 earlier

    Coffee and catch up.

  • well done kate and 5:30

    kate - your birthday tomorrow? happy birthday if so!

  • kate: well done and Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

    maths: Thanks for pointing that out as I'd missed it


  • Birthday not until Weds but thanks anyway.

  • a few days of pre-birthday drinks left before then!image

    up at 4, set off for a long run, but I had hardly slept all night and was really not enjoying it, or I suspect getting any benefit from it, so gave up after 7 miles, had a shower and got back into bed for a couple of hours! Taking the kids swimming this morning, so hoping to get a decent length swim in, then skip the club swim tonight in favour of an early night!



  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Good job, Kate! I had a crap night's sleep as well maths - I got about 4 hours for reasons I shall go into below  (Warning: long and ranty, but I'd appreciate your opinions on the last bit).

    So, next week is the Runthrough Wimbledon Common half marathon (one of a few races they do there every year) which I thought I was entered into. Seems I am not. Now normally, you enter a race and you get an email saying so, and so forth. The problem is, I was entered in the October 14 race, which I couldn't do due to the torn calf (it had healed by then but I hadn't been able to do the training), so I emailed them and asked if I could defer to March. Someone replied and said, yes, no problem, so I've been training under the assumption that I would be running. Except that he must have forgotten to put my name down, because I am not on the list. (Another runner who got the confirmation email checked for me last night, and my name is not there). I've emailed Runthrough three times in the past week or so and have had no replies at all, so of course I am very pissed off. (Hence the crap sleep).

    Anyway, I've come to terms with it now. I have another half in May (Ranelagh Harriers in Richmond) and to cheer myself up, I have entered the Royal Windsor Trail Half, later that same month. Handily, I have a friend who lives a matter of yards from the park where it starts and he has graciously allowed me to doss on his sofa the night before.

    Anyway, I did run today - a rather sluggish 7.44 miles in the drizzle. Pace was 10:24 average, which is fine if I'm deliberately running slowly, but today I actually felt as though I was going at a reasonable speed. I suppose the four hours of sleep didn't help.

    I have an alternative for next weekend - there is a 15K up the road I could do (they take entries right up to and on the day), which is literally within walking distance. That might go some way to alleviating my disappointment, but I am conscious that a) today's run was a bit crap, so I'm likely to be slow and b) this coming week is hell week at school (parents evening on Wednesday and an open day on Saturday which means I'll have to travel to Ealing and back and referee a netball match while I'm there) so I'm not sure. What do you guys think?

  • 30 odd miles biked and some swimming for me today. Who has hidden Spring? If it's entries on the day Cal why don't you just see what this week brings and make your mind up that morning?

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Lazy start with a 7am alarm and not on the bike before 0915. That said it is bloody cold!!! 2.5hrs on the mtb done and much fun had.

    Cal - have you got the emails ?
  • cal - as Kate said, why not see how you feel at the weekend? Weeks like that can wipe you out at work, but then, you might feel up to it

    I am wondering whether to DNS the manchester marathon, what with the colds etc I have had on and off since xmas I really haven't done the training that I had planned, and am lacking in long runs.Don't think I should make a decision on a day when I have had a crap run though!

    Maybe  I will just see how next weekend's long run goes (and during the week). I think we can cancel the hotel so it wouldn't be too much of a problem

    did a 3k swim with the kids (well, they were mainly playing on the slides etc with OH while I swam) - should I be proud or embarrassed that both of them (aged 10 and 14) are quicker than me?

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    relax everyone is quicker than me
  • it is ok gobi - I am actually happy with my swimming, although I am not particularly quick, I am ok and not the last out of the water at outlaw last year image

    while I expect the 14 year old to be faster than me I was surprised to see how good my youngest boy was!

  • Evening all

    Good to see lots of training going on here.

    Had a busy week running, biking and swimming (with two sessions/day most days) and culminating with Farnham Tri's Sprint Duathlon this morning.

    Also busy from a personal point of view with my mother being found collapsed in her house and taken by ambulance to hospital. Unfortunately she's suffering from dementia - diagnosed last summer - and has been discharged to a care home where I think she'll probably have to spend the rest of her days. Visited her today with Mother's Day gifts but sad to see her in such circumstances. 

    And you're right Kate, what's happened to Spring? Hands were frozen this morning!

  • oh Chris, sorry to hear that. It is sad to see parents/grandparents etc lose their independence. 

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Chris, my thoughts are with you. I lost both my parents in 2013 after dealing with similar. Both had had strokes and my mother's subsequent decline left her, ultimately, unable to speak and bedridden in a home. Dad, meanwhile, was forgetful but was OK to stay at home for a time but he kept falling and ended up breaking his hip, twice. It is really awful to see your parents go downhill, so I sympathise, but the home is probably the best place for her at this stage.

    As for me, I'll see what Tuesday's run brings. (And yes, I do have those original emails and I sent the messages in my last email to Runthrough but still no reply as yet).

  • Sad times Chris, and whilst I do sometimes think of days like today as Clinton's Cards day it does always strike home a little harder. The main thing is you are there, so for those moments of clarity in between the fog it will still be remembered.

  • Morning you lot

    Easy Session before an 11 hour day shift.

    Day shift all this week and next

    NW: 1 owl, 2 robin red breasts, 1 black and white cat 1 Kingsmill Van, 1 cyclist, who to be fair was going at a fair rate.

    Dry, mild, no wind.

    Chris: Sorry to hear your news.


  • Afternoon all - day off today so 40 miles on the bike, including some nasty hill reps. Run, swim and sports massage later.

  • having a rest day today so nothing apart from all the normal rushing about image

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Squats, spin class and yoga for me today. Poor old thighs. image

    Still not heard from Runthrough, useless buggers.

  • Morning you lot

    20 mins steady done. Okay session. dry, cold,

    NW: 1 owl, 1 cat, 1Kingsmill Van image And a loud dawn chorus of the birds singing.

    7am start at work today, so brekkie then off to work. Another long shift.

    Will catch up eventually.

  • Morning Birky, morning to the gang. Grey and murky out there. But grass cutting has clearly been going on in the neighbourhood as I can smell cut grass. That's got to be a good sign.
  • Morning all - early starts for birky and PSC. Just some core stuff this morning, track tonight. Must remind Mr F to start cutting the grass as soon as it dries out.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    A non-work day today so I went out at the relatively sane time of 7:30. I decided I needed to work on my speed a bit so I ran 3.7 miles with the second mile pushing really hard. First mile was moderate (9:42), second mile was hard (9:00 - quite please with that actually) and the last 1.7 miles were more relaxed. Average speed was 9:42 - same as the first mile. Pleasingly symmetrical. image

    I am not going to do the 15K on Sunday. I do have a little niggle inside my right ankle (peroneals, maybe?) so there's no sense stressing it at this point, especially after a heavy work week.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Well damn, now Runthrough have contacted me to let me know they are putting my name down after all. (Unfortunately I'd just cancelled my Monday massage - bugger!)

  • Morning you lot

    25 mins steady. Cold, dry day here.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 fox, 2 robin red breasts

    Off for an 11.5 hour shift soon

    Catch up again soon,

    Have a good one

  • What's happened to my other post? Oh well, 6 miles run, tired legs from track, 1 OR and 2.5K swum. Sun's coming out.

  • Evening

    Today was a busy one with an SOC run for breakfast, 2 hours on the bike for lunch and another late afternoon run for tea! Saw the sunrise and the sunset whilst out running!


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