Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Oh, and good luck in Paris Emmy.

  • Good morning all

    3.4 miles lsr this morning through Black Park very enjoyable.

    Nw 2 rabbits and the sound of a woodpecker hard at work.

    Kate, Heads fine ,can't get carried away as I look at my inventory I only have a enough beer to have four pints a day for the next 60 days from 11 different varieties.

    Birky, Super Sunday today hope your not working today and can enjoy the games.

    Maths, Have made the Mrs a Belgium rasperry ale 5.5% and an early sample of the vanilla porter is promising.

    Cal. Hope you get your hamstring and glute sorted.

    Emmy, Good luck

    5.30 Good luck cos you must be doing a marathon somewhere today.    


  • Morning valis

    emmy: 'Aw ra best' in Paris.

    valis: Not working today so hopefully two Blues wins.image Said that quietly, so your sore head recovers from your home brew 'after effects'.

    Catch up time

  • morning all

    Emmy - have fun in Paris

    having a lazy morning, but should do some biking later and swim tonight

    back to work tomorrow so had better finish all the marking I brought home tooimage

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Good luck, Emmy!

    I feel your pain, maths. Fortunately, being at a private school, I have another week off.

    Went out around 7.30am for a test run. Hammy/glute were achey but not painful like last week. I decided I could live with it so ended up doing 7.38 miles, although miles 4 and 5 were quite arduous. I did three faster miles in the middle, too.

    Mile times were 10:01, 9.56.5, 9.27.8, 9:43.6, 9:44.6 (felt slower though but that was probably because things were starting to hurt a lot more), 10:28.7, 10.30.1 and the last little bit was 10:35 pace.

    My next half is only three weeks away so I have some concerns about the aches and pains but I'm also encouraged that I am back running sub-10s.

    Beautiful day here and really enjoyed the blossom, daffs and magnolias I saw on the way (but also passed a man and his dog, the latter of whom had just produced the world's smelliest dog poo. Seriously, I could smell it a good 25m before I reached him. Yuck!)

  • A'noon

    Early shift at work today 6am-1pm

    Walked Geordie before I went though.image

    So was out at 4.40am walking him.

    valis: Two vital Blues wins yesterdayimage

    Our kids are on their second Easyer wek now, We started ours a week later than you lot.


  • back at work and a boring inset day

    rest day in terms of exercise though 

  • Good Morning all

    2 miles this morning , nice and dry here although a little windy.

    Birky Two good wins indeed and another important on for gers on Wednesday.I especially enjoyed our late win given all the venom coming from the home supporters.

    Hope your all out there at the moment working up a sweat.

  • Morning all - just some core this morning, track tonight. Supposed to be summer today, looks promising out there. Valis, you're upping the miles this week. Cal, glad your run went OK. Well done on Brighton 5.30, I think I am going to go for this one next year as I always wish I was doing it when it comes around.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Oof well, a slightly embarrassing and painful run today. I ran 5.5 miles and decided to throw some fast (for me) mile intervals in at miles 3 and 5. Of course, I neglected to notice a tree root while accelerating and went headlong (I actually slid a little!). Got up and finished my interval but found I had skinned my left elbow and grazed my hip once I got home. This was through sleeves, too.


    Anyway, miles were 10:15, 10:29, 9:10 (that was the one where I fell), 10:47 (recovery), 9.02 and the last half at 10:42 pace. Average pace 10:01.

    I can't believe 9 minute miles are a slow jog for some people. I'm going all out at that speed. Eh.

    Oh and hammy and glute still ache but I guess I'm going to have to live with that for the immediate future. I'll take a rest once these two May halves are out of the way.


  • A'noon

    cal: Ouch, looks a sore one. Hope you're okay.

    valis: Yeah very sweet the Blues to score the winner so late on Sunday at Loftus Roadimage

    Back later

  • evening

    lovely day here, bit of a fail this morning, woke thinking it was 4:45, managed to talk myself into getting out of bed, looked at the clock and it was only 3am. Back to bed, but because I had woken myself up I couldn't get back to sleep till about 5, so slept till 6 then up for work.

    off for a run now though image

  • Evening all - Track done, 9 miles in total. Cal, ouch, hurts more if you have an audience too I find. How is it MC that you can be wide awake at 3am then tired 2 hours later, why does the body not work the other way round?

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    That happens to me sometimes, too. Wide awake at 3am so I'll get up, clean the kitchen sometimes, or have some tea and read, then go back to sleep about 90 minutes later. Apparently humans are geared to bi-phasic sleep - it just doesn't particularly work in modern society.


  • Morning

    Early start today for me

    Back later

    Off to work now, working 5.30am- 3.30pm !

  • Good morning all

    2 miles this morning,the orange cresent moon looked good this morning.

    Birky, Have a good one.

    Cal Hope that arm isn't too sore this morning.

    Kate Upping  the miles very slowly the foot is still work in progress.  

  • No 3am run birky? Turbo for me. Second day with a deafening dawn chorus.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Well, after talking about the dreaded 3am wake-up, that's exactly what happened last night. I woke up too hot, and my body's aches and pains made it really hard to find a comfortable position. I ended up reading until 3.40am (after a little foam rolling!) and I managed to get back to sleep but then woke up too late to make the 6.30 yoga class I'd intended to do.

    So it'll be weights and spin for me in a couple of hours. It's a lovely day and it's very tempting to run but my legs (and particularly my grumpy hamstring) need to recover from yesterday.

  • Evening

    Kate: No 3am run today, slept inimage

    Long lie as it's a 7.30am start tomorrowimage

  • evening

    slow plod for me this morning

    cal - hope you manage to sleep better tonight


  • cal: Hope you sleep better and your grumpy hamstring is in a better mood.

  • Good morning all

    2 miles this morning.rest day tomorrow. Birky enjoy that long lie in. 

  • Morning you lot

    Morning valis

    valis: Enjoyed my 'lie in' . Younger son summed up Gers draw at Livingston (which he went and watched) last night in one word " Rubbish !"image

    Been out for a 30 mins easy session

    NW: 1 owl, 1 snail, 1 dog, 2robin red breasts who were singing away, even at SOC image  1 Kingsmill Van

  • Miss B is just away doing her 'SOC paper round'.image

  • Morning all - 6 miles, NW 1 cat and 4 rabbits who were so close to the road I think they will be featuring in a DW soon. Interesting swim with the club last night, the fire alarm went off twice so it was a mainly, standing round the side of the pool session. Back in there again tonight.

  • Morning

    Have been mostly SOC swimming of late at Frensham  but was out for a run this morning albeit one that was interrupted by several stops to chat to dog walkers. Will be back in the lake this evening for a swim and then again tomorrow morning with the FARTS!

    Good to see you back here valis!

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Not early at all (a bit after 10, actually) but hey ho. I won't have that luxury next week when I go back to school (well, aside from Tuesday, which is my normal day off, being part-time).

    Gorgeous weather - first T-shirt run of the year.


    3.68 miles at what I'd intended would be 10 min/mi pace but I ended up running a negative split, heh. 10:01, 10:02, 9:39 and the last bit at 9:46 pace.

    Hamstring is still an annoyance but once again, isn't getting worse over the run (it actually seems to improve slightly once it's warm). I will have to see how it fares over a long run on Sunday.

    Yoga in a while and then physio this afternoon.

    Kate - I remember training at my local health centre when the fire alarm went off - this when it was snowing outside. I was in the gym but it also happened to be  over-50s aquaerobics in the pool and they had to give all the old dears foil blankets outside. Couldn't have been at a worse time.

  • Cal, being over-50 does that qualify me as an old dear? 

  • haha image


    nothing for me today because I am shattered!

    5k swimathon tomorrow evening - I'll manage somehow but don't know if I will be quicker than last year!

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Heh, I'm nearly 48, so no. But most of these were in their 70s.

    Good luck with the swimathon, maths.


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